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Pokemon FRLG Route16.png

Also known as "Cycling Road," Routes #16, #17, and #18 are a favorite hangout for bicyclists and motorcyclists alike. It just so happens that many of these two-wheeling enthusiasts are Pokémon trainers as well, and you must fight your way down the long slope to Fuchsia City. Once there, you will have a chance to visit the Safari Zone.

Before you head past the guard post, dig your Cut-trained Pokémon out of the computer in Celadon City and use him to snip away at the tree blocking the norther part of Route #16. It's here that you'll find the patch of wild grass that is your first chance to catch a Doduo, as well as a secret house containing HM02 Fly. This ability grants you the ability to teleport to any city you've visited. In battle this is a two-turn Flying-type attack that is similar to Dig. If you want to use Doduo be sure to teach him to Fly.

If you haven't been working on your Pokedex, catch some Pokemon here. If you own at least 40 Pokemon, the aid upstairs will give you the Amulet Coin, a held item that doubles your winnings for a fight if the Pokemon holding the item has participated in the battle.

Pokemon Found[edit]

FireRed Level Encounter Rate LeafGreen Level Encounter Rate
Pokemon 084Doduo.pngDoduo 18-25 35% Pokemon 084Doduo.pngDoduo 18-25 35%
Pokemon 019Rattata.pngRattata 18-22 30% Pokemon 019Rattata.pngRattata 18-22 30%
Pokemon 021Spearow.pngSpearow 20-22 30% Pokemon 021Spearow.pngSpearow 20-22 30%
Pokemon 020Raticate.pngRaticate 23-25 5% Pokemon 020Raticate.pngRaticate 23-25 5%
Special Pokemon
Pokemon 143Snorlax.pngSnorlax 30 One Pokemon 143Snorlax.pngSnorlax 30 One
Note: Only two Snorlax are found in game. One here on Route 16 and one on Route 12.


Name 1st 2nd 3rd Money
Pokemon FRLG Young Couple.png
Lea & Jed
Pokemon 078Rapidash.pngRapidash 29 Pokemon 038Ninetales.pngNinetales 29
Pokemon FRLG Biker.png
Pokemon 088Grimer.pngGrimer 29 Pokemon 109Koffing.pngKoffing 29

Pokemon FRLG Cue Ball.png
Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop 28 Pokemon 056Mankey.pngMankey 28 Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop 28
Pokemon FRLG Cue Ball.png
Pokemon 056Mankey.pngMankey 28 Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop 28
Pokemon FRLG Biker.png
Pokemon 110Weezing.pngWeezing 33
Pokemon FRLG Biker.png
Pokemon 110Weezing.pngWeezing 28 Pokemon 109Koffing.pngKoffing 28 Pokemon 110Weezing.pngWeezing 28
Pokemon FRLG Cue Ball.png
Pokemon 056Mankey.pngMankey 29 Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop 29

New Pokemon[edit]

#143 Snorlax #84 Doduo
Pokemon 143Snorlax.png
You won't get far in Route 16 without defeating the giant, sleeping Snorlax blocking your path. To wake him up, use your Poke Flute, and then defend yourself against his grumpy level 30 Snorlax rage.

There's only one more Snorlax in the game (at Route #12), so it's best to capture him now! He'll learn some decent attacks at level 35 and beyond, but for now he's mainly defensive. He has a ton of hit points, comes with Rest, and wakes from it quickly.

Don't let the fact that Snorlax is a Normal type from not considering it a part of your team, as it grows to be very strong, and with the addition of some TM's, it will become a force to be reckoned with. After you defeat him, use the Item Finder in the exact place where he was to find the held item Leftovers.

Pokemon 084Doduo.png
Doduo, which can be caught in any version, is arguably the best Flying/Normal Pokemon you'll encounter in the wild. Doduo learns mostly Flying and Normal attacks, so most of his attacks will get the STAB advantage.

At level 21, Doduo learns Tri Attack, a great Normal Move that has a 20% chance of Burning, Freezing, or Paralyzing the opponent!!! In addition, Doduo can also (strangely enough) learn Fly by HM as well, increasing its usefulness many times more!

Its evolved form, Dodrio, is fairly speedy and a strong attacker, so it remains a good choice for your Elite Four team, especially if you don't want the hassle of raising other more powerful Flying Pokemon, such as Aerodactyl or Dragonite.

As a final note, Doduo learns Drill Peck, a very strong Flying attack that can mow down any Fighting, Grass and Bug Pokemon, at level 37. It might be worthwhile not to let Doduo evolve until after it learns this great move, as Dodrio has to wait until level 47 to learn the same.