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Route 5

Route 5 is a short route that connects Cerulean City to Saffron City. It has a building which leads to an underground path to Route 6 and a Pokémon Day Care which helps raising weak Pokémon. If you want one, you can catch a Meowth in the Tall Grass behind the Day Care, but then move on.

Day Care[edit]

Pokémon can be left here to evolve over time, at a cost of 100 per level gained. Every step traveled outside of the building gives the Pokémon 1 experience point. This may be useful to obtain powerful Pokemon whose earlier evolutions may be too weak and troublesome to deal with, such as Magikarp.

Pokémon found[edit]

FireRed Level Encounter Rate LeafGreen Level Encounter Rate
Pokemon 016Pidgey.pngPidgey 13-16 40% Pokemon 016Pidgey.pngPidgey 13-16 40%
Pokemon 052Meowth.pngMeowth 10-16 35% Pokemon 052Meowth.pngMeowth 10-16 35%
Pokemon 043Oddish.pngOddish 13-16 25% Pokemon 069Bellsprout.pngBellsprout 13-16 25%

New Pokémon[edit]

#52 Meowth
Pokemon 052Meowth.png
Meowth is a Normal-type Pokémon that has the Pickup ability. This passive ability allows you to receive free items after each battle. After a battle, if Meowth isn't holding an item, there is a 10% chance of picking up an item, even if Meowth wasn't used in battle.

You'll receive mostly berries, but occasionally you might receive a Nugget or a PP Up. This ability is also the only way to obtain TM10 Hidden Power in Fire Red or Leaf Green.

Meowth also has a signature move, Pay Day, which causes the player to receive extra money every time it is used in battle. Meowth evolves into Persian at level 28. Meowth is a rather weak Pokémon and it loses its Pickup ability after evolving.

Underground Path[edit]

The building to the right leads to an underground path that skips Saffron City and reaches route 6. This route has a lot of items. However, most of the items only appear after obtaining it from the Pokémon Center in Vermilion City.

Trade For
Pokemon 032Nidoran♂.pngNidoran♂ Pokemon 029Nidoran♀.pngNidoran♀ or
Pokemon 029Nidoran♀.pngNidoran♀ Pokemon 032Nidoran♂.pngNidoran♂

Also, the little girl in this building will trade Nidoran♂ for a Nidoran♀ in FireRed and Nidoran♀ in exchange for a Nidoran♂ in LeafGreen. The Pokémon received will be at the same level as the Pokémon given. The Nidoran♀ she gives you in FireRed is named Ms. Nido and the Nidoran♂ she gives you in LeafGreen is named Mr. Nido, so if you're not a fan of named Pokémon, consider this prior warning.

Underground Path's Items[edit]

  • Ether (middle of the red area)
  • Antidote (north, near the steps)
  • Paralyze Heal (near the north part of the blue part)
  • Awakening (in the middle of the blue area)
  • Potion (near the north part of the red area)
  • Ice Heal (in the middle of the area between red area and southern steps)
  • Burn Heal (near the southern steps)