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Indigo Plateau[edit]

Indigo Plateau
Great Ball Pokebuck.png600
Ultra Ball Pokebuck.png1200
Revive Pokebuck.png1500
Max Potion Pokebuck.png2500
Full Restore Pokebuck.png3000
Full Heal Pokebuck.png250
Max Repel Pokebuck.png250

The Elite Four are, technically, the last bosses of the game. Defeat them and you'll become the champion. However, you need to prepare well if you want to win.

It is heavily recommended that your Pokémon be at least Level 45+ each. Anything lower than that and you will not succeed. The simplest possible team that can win the tournament comprises four Pokémon: one Fire, one Water, one Ice and one Electric type. A Water-Ice dual Pokémon such as Lapras will decisively reduce your workload.

Make sure to bring Revives, Full Restores and Full Heals, the store inside the Indigo Plateau carries them. Consider also making a trip to Celadon City and bringing drinks such as Fresh Water, Soda Pop and Lemonade as they are quite cheap. Finally, if your Pokemon's moves are short on PP, consider bringing along some of those Ethers or Elixirs you've found along your path. Sadly, these are not sold, so I hope you saved some!

When you are ready, SAVE your game and walk through the door. Lorelei awaits you!


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Money
Pokemon FRLG Lorelei.png Lorelei Pokemon 087Dewgong.pngDewgong (lvl. 52) Pokemon 080Slowbro.pngSlowbro (lvl. 52) Pokemon 131Lapras.pngLapras (lvl. 54) Pokemon 124Jynx.pngJynx (lvl. 54) Pokemon 091Cloyster.pngCloyster (lvl. 51) Pokebuck.png5400

Lorelei shouldn't give you much trouble as most of her Pokémon are Water types and can be battled comfortably with your Electric Pokémon. She begins with Dewgong who will use Safeguard to block status problems for five turns and Hail to pelt your team with hail for five turns. Dewgong also knows Ice Beam and Surf which are both powerful moves and Ice Beam can freeze your Pokémon, although this is very unlikely as the chances are only ten percent. An Electric type is the best choice here, although a Grass type can work as long as it's strong enough to take an Ice Beam.

Cloyster is the most defensive of Lorelei's Pokémon, using Protect to block attacks whilst slowly weakening your Pokémon with Hail. It also has Spikes so switching Pokémon will result in any Pokémon that cannot Fly or Levitate, getting hurt by the trap. Cloyster also knows Dive to dodge attacks and strike on the next turn. Due to its high Defense, Special Attacks are best used against it.

Slowbro is the only member of Lorelei's team that is not an Ice type but it does have Ice Beam nevertheless. Slowbro also knows Surf and has Yawn, which will put your Pokémon to sleep on the turn after it is used. Slowbro has high Defense, although not as high as Cloyster, and also has Amnesia to raise its Special Defense by two levels each time per use.

Jynx is the only member of Lorelei's team that is not a Water type. Since Ice Punch is, in this generation, a Special Attack, Jynx can hit quite hard with that move, but its preferred strategy is to cause Sleep with Lovely Kiss or, against male Pokémon, infatuation with its Attract. Double Slap is hardly worth mentioning because it's such a weak move.

Lapras is Lorelei's strongest Pokémon and is not only bulky but is also holding a Sitrus Berry to restore health. Lapras has a brilliant moveset consisting of Confuse Ray, Body Slam, Ice Beam and Surf. Confuse Ray is especially annoying because there is a 50% chance that your Pokémon will hurt themselves, and Body Slam has a 30% chance of paralysis to make things even harder.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Money
Pokemon FRLG Bruno.png Bruno Pokemon 095Onix.pngOnix (lvl. 51) Pokemon 107Hitmonchan.pngHitmonchan (lvl. 53) Pokemon 106Hitmonlee.pngHitmonlee (lvl. 53) Pokemon 095Onix.pngOnix (lvl. 54) Pokemon 068Machamp.pngMachamp (lvl. 56) Pokebuck.png5600

Bruno's main type is Fighting, so bring in your strongest Flying or Psychic types for him. On the other hand, he has two Onix to counter any Flying type, so bring in your best Water or Grass type for them. He begins with the lower-leveled Onix, who uses Rock Tomb to hurt your Pokémon and lower their Speed; Earthquake is still a powerful move as ever; and Iron Tail, which might also lower your Pokémon's Defense. This Onix also has Roar to scare off your Pokémon, but if you are using a Water or Grass type, it is unlikely that he will get a chance to use it.

The second Onix is slightly stronger and can actually make use of its Rock Head ability through Double-Edge, a very strong Normal attack which would normally cause recoil damage. While Bruno's first Onix might scare off your Pokémon, his second might trap them with Sand Tomb, meaning you can't recall your Pokemon until the move wears off. Like the weaker Onix, it also has Earthquake and Iron Tail.

Bruno's Hitmonchan can hit a Pokémon that uses Fly with Sky Uppercut. It also uses Counter to send Physical Attacks back at the opponent with twice the power, making Psychic types the safest option against it. Hitmonchan also has Rock Tomb, and Mach Punch, which will always strike first.

Hitmonlee has Foresight, to make up for the fact that none of its attacks can hurt Ghost types. Its other attacks are Facade, which doubles in power if the user is under a status affliction, Mega Kick and Brick Break, which breaks any barriers.

Machamp is slow but has two moves to make up for this: Rock Tomb and Scary Face, to slow down your Pokemon. Machamp also has Bulk Up to increase its already-sky-high Attack power and a reasonable Defense. Its final move is the powerful but fairly inaccurate Cross Chop. Machamp also holds a Sitrus Berry to restore health.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Money
Pokemon FRLG Agatha.png Agatha Pokemon 094Gengar.pngGengar (lvl. 54) Pokemon 042Golbat.pngGolbat (lvl. 54) Pokemon 093Haunter.pngHaunter (lvl. 53) Pokemon 024Arbok.pngArbok (lvl. 56) Pokemon 094Gengar.pngGengar (lvl. 58) Pokebuck.png5800

Bring in your strongest Psychic type. All of Agatha's Pokémon are weak to the Psychic-type. However three of them are Ghost types which sort of counters that weakness. Her first Gengar is arguably the more powerful one, despite being at a lower level, although her strategy is to frustrate you rather than use raw power. Using Double Team, Confuse Ray and Toxic is a very irritating combination and the near-unavoidable Shadow Punch makes it even more annoying. A Pokémon with Safeguard can be a life saver against this Gengar.

Haunter has a fairly good moveset. Curse injures Haunter by 1/2 of its HP, but curses your Pokemon so it loses 1/4 of its HP per turn, and cannot be dispelled until the battle is over. Haunter also has the Hypnosis and Dream Eater combo, which aside being a strong attack, the HP your Pokemon loses will heal Haunter. Finally Haunter also has Mean Look, to stop you from switching Pokémon, which makes Curse rather lethal. Fortunately, Haunter is the weakest of Agatha's Pokemon, and a strong special attack should bring it down quickly.

Golbat has Confuse Ray, Bite, Poison Fang and Air Cutter. You'll need to watch out for Poison Fang's side effect as it deals a severe poison damage similar to Toxic.

Arbok is quite powerful and it knows Screech to lower your Pokémon's Defense by two levels, Bite to deal with Psychic types and Iron Tail and Sludge Bomb to hit most other Pokémon hard, with Iron Tail having a chance of decreasing Defense even further and Sludge Bomb being able to cause poisoning.

Agatha's second Gengar is not as annoying as the first, but it does have more powerful attacks consisting of Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb. This Gengar also knows Hypnosis and Nightmare. One might think that Dream Eater would be a better choice of move, but this Gengar has a Sitrus Berry to restore energy.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Money
Pokemon FRLG Lance.png Lance Pokemon 130Gyarados.pngGyarados (lvl. 56) Pokemon 148Dragonair.pngDragonair (lvl. 54) Pokemon 148Dragonair.pngDragonair (lvl. 54) Pokemon 142Aerodactyl.pngAerodactyl (lvl. 58) Pokemon 149Dragonite.pngDragonite (lvl. 60) Pokebuck.png6000

Lance starts with Gyarados, a very strong Pokemon that nevertheless has a massive weakness to Electric types due to its Water/Flying type. Hyper Beam is its deadliest move, although it requires recharging after it's used. Gyarados also knows Dragon Rage which always takes away 40 HP. Twister and Bite are weak but can cause flinching.

Lance's two Dragonair are identical in every way except one of them knows Dragon Rage and the other knows Thunder Wave. Their other moves are Hyper Beam, Outrage and Safeguard. Safeguard is fairly pointless as they both have the Shed Skin ability to dispel status afflictions, and it can't protect them from Outrage's confusing side effect.

Aerodactyl is very fast and can use Scary Face, just in case you use a Pokémon that's faster. It also has Ancient Power, which has a decent chance to raise its Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack and Special Defense all at the same time, and if it does Aerodactyl will be much more of a threat. Its remaining moves are Wing Attack and Hyper Beam.

Dragonite has a massive weakness to Ice types due to its Dragon/Flying type but is still very powerful. Its moveset consists of Outrage, Hyper Beam and Safeguard, like Lance's two Dragonair, and Wing Attack like Aerodactyle. He also has a Sitrus Berry to restore health.


If your starter was Bulbasaur

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Money
Pokemon FRLG Rival.pngRival Pokemon 018Pidgeot.pngPidgeot (lvl. 59) Pokemon 065Alakazam.pngAlakazam (lvl. 57) Pokemon 112Rhydon.pngRhydon (lvl. 59) Pokemon 130Gyarados.pngGyarados (lvl. 61) Pokemon 103Exeggutor.pngExeggutor (lvl. 59) Pokemon 006Charizard.pngCharizard (lvl. 63) Pokebuck.png6300

If your starter was Charmander

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Money
Pokemon FRLG Rival.pngRival Pokemon 018Pidgeot.pngPidgeot (lvl. 59) Pokemon 065Alakazam.pngAlakazam (lvl. 57) Pokemon 112Rhydon.pngRhydon (lvl. 59) Pokemon 059Arcanine.pngArcanine (lvl. 59) Pokemon 103Exeggutor.pngExeggutor (lvl. 61) Pokemon 009Blastoise.pngBlastoise (lvl. 63) Pokebuck.png6300

If your starter was Squirtle

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Money
Pokemon FRLG Rival.pngRival Pokemon 018Pidgeot.pngPidgeot (lvl. 59) Pokemon 065Alakazam.pngAlakazam (lvl. 57) Pokemon 112Rhydon.pngRhydon (lvl. 59) Pokemon 130Gyarados.pngGyarados (lvl. 61) Pokemon 059Arcanine.pngArcanine (lvl. 59) Pokemon 003Venusaur.pngVenusaur (lvl. 63) Pokebuck.png6300

No matter which Pokémon you started with, Blue will always use Pidgeot, Rhydon and Alakazam. Pidgeot is first and prefers to stall and weaken your Pokemon's stats rather than attack with its only damaging move: Aerial Ace. It has Sand Attack to lower Accuracy by one level, Feather Dance to lower Attack by two, and Whirlwind to blow away Pokémon it doesn't want to fight. Use Electric, Rock, or Ice moves to exploit its weakness.

Rhydon is probably the weakest of Blue's Pokémon and any strong Water or Grass attack (such as Surf) can wipe it out easily. It attempts to make up for an appalling Speed with Rock Tomb, Scary Face and Earthquake. Rydon's Rock Head ability nullifies the damage that Take Down would usually inflict.

Alakazam is Blue's lowest leveled Pokémon but by no means the weakest. Alakazam is very fast and its techniques are quite deadly. Psychic can decimate almost any opponent at this point in the game since you can't get Dark types until after you've beaten the Elite 4. It also has Future Sight which will strike two turns later, Recover to restore half of its energy, and Reflect to make up for its appalling Defense.

Gyarados (present if Blue did not choose Squirtle), unlike Lance's, doesn't have Hyper Beam but it doesn't need it. He has Hydro Pump, Bite as well as Dragon Rage, but its deadliest move is Thrash. Fortunately for you Thrash will confuse it after two or three turns.

Arcanine (present if Blue did not choose Charmander) likes to use Flamethrower and also has Extreme Speed to deal with faster opponents. Bite is not much of a threat although it will hurt Ghost and Psychic types and can cause flinching. It also has Roar to scare away Pokémon it doesn't like.

Exeggutor (present if Blue did not choose Bulbasaur) will have a massive weakness to Bug types. It knows Light Screen to increase its Special Defenses. It will also use Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, and its signature move Egg Bomb.

Blue's Starter Pokémon will always hold a Sitrus Berry. Venusaur may be the weakest one as it is virtually helpless against Fire types, especially since Venusaur will probably use Sunny Day, increasing the power of Fire attacks. However Sunny Day will allow it to use Solarbeam instantly and restore three quarters of its HP through Synthesis. It will also use Growth to increase its Special Attack by one level.

Charizard manifests a massive weakness to Rock types and an inability to hit them hard. It has Fire Spin to trap and damage your Pokémon, Aerial Ace which is almost impossible to avoid, Slash which has a good chance of causing a critical hit, and Fire Blast which will really hurt any Pokémon that doesn't resist it.

Blastoise has enough bulk to hold its own against Electric and Grass types. It has Rain Dance to increase the already considerable power of Hydro Pump and can also use Bite. It is also fond of raising its Defense and then striking hard on the next turn with Skull Bash.

Victory !!![edit]

After defeating Blue, Professor Oak comes over to congratulate you and scold his grandson, as he has failed to understand why you triumphed over him.

Professor Oak will then take you to the Hall of Fame where you and your Pokemon are honored for their victory. The Professor will then award you the title of "LEAGUE CHAMPION."

Congratulations!! You beat the game!!!

Or did you? You reappear back home at Pallet Town. Go speak to Professor Oak, as it is time for your next adventure in the Sevii Islands!