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Welcome to Two Island, the next stop on your tour of the Sevii Islands. There's not much to do here as on One Island, so take a look around and get ready to head out.

Two Island[edit]

Two Island.
Market Available
Great Ball Pokebuck.png600 Default
Fresh Water Pokebuck.png200 Default
Ultra Ball Pokebuck.png1200 Save Lostelle
Soda Pop Pokebuck.png300 Save Lostelle
Lemonade Pokebuck.png350 Beat Elite Four
Moomoo Milk Pokebuck.png500 Beat Elite Four
Repeat Ball Pokebuck.png1000 Find Sapphire
Timer Ball Pokebuck.png1000 Find Sapphire
Lava Cookie Pokebuck.png200 Find Sapphire

Two Island contains a Pokémon Center, a few houses, and a small market. As the vendor just moved from Kanto, his inventory is quite limited, carrying only Great Balls and Fresh Water for now.

His market has a lot of potential, though. As you advance further in the game, the vendor will expand his inventory, including certain items that are not usually available in Kanto.

If you head north, you'll hit Cape Brink, but that section is covered later. Unfortunately, unlike One Island, the seas here are too rough to Surf or fish in, so there are no Pokemon to catch here.

Move Maniac[edit]

To the right of the Game Corner is a Move Relearner, who in exchange for two Tiny Mushrooms or one Big Mushroom, will teach a Pokémon a move it learned at a lower level. This can allow Pokémon to learn (or relearn) moves that would have been attained at lower levels, (Such as Charizard learning Heat Wave at Level 1). You can obtain these mushrooms from caught Paras or Parasect.

Air or Sea
Now that you've visited two Pokémon Centers in the Sevii Islands, you can Fly between them instead of taking the boat.

Trouble afoot[edit]

Head over to the Game Corner on the southeast side. A Biker will enter who mentions he's looking for his friends, and heads off. The owner, Celio's friend, will beg you to find his daughter Lostelle, who is late with his lunch. Head over to Three Island to find out what's happened.

Game Corner[edit]

After you return from Three Island, you'll be able to access the Game Corner games. You can play with other Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green players, and even Pokemon Emerald players as well. The games are:

  • Pokemon Jump: You and another player must choose a small Pokemon capable to jump. Both Pokemon will then jump a Venusaur's Vine Whip and try to keep up with the other. The Pokemon with most points wins.
  • Dodrio Berry Picking: You must have a Dodrio with you to play this game. Three to five players will use their Dodrios to catch as many Purple Berries as possible, while avoiding the Green ones. The winning player may be awarded rare Berries, depending on his/her score.


  • Revive: Use Cut on the path below the Pokemon Center.