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Pokemon FRLG VermilionCity.png
Poké Mart
Poké Ball Pokebuck.png200
Super Potion Pokebuck.png700
Ice Heal Pokebuck.png250
Awakening Pokebuck.png200
Parlyz Heal Pokebuck.png200
Repel Pokebuck.png350

Vermilion City is a bustling coastal city full of things to see and do. Moored on the dock a large Luxury Liner, the S.S. Anne. On board you'll receive the HM for Cut, which will grant you access to previously inaccessible areas.

Once you have Cut you'll be able to enter the city gym, where you'll fight a variety of trainers with Electric Pokemon. Out of the right exit is Diglett's Cave, which will take you back to Route 2 where you can pick up HM05 - Flash, which you'll need to have before you enter the Rock Tunnel.

Vermilion City Gym[edit]

You will fight Lt. Surge in this gym. You must have HM01 Cut in order to get in the gym. Furthermore, Lt. Surge is standing behind an electric field, and you must activate two electric switches (they look like trashcans) to open the field. Stand next to a switch and press A to activate it. The second switch is always next to the first switch. Finding the right combination is trial and error.

Name 1st 2nd 3rd Money
1 Pokemon FRLG Sailor.pngDwayne Pokemon 025Pikachu.pngPikachu 21 Pokemon 025Pikachu.pngPikachu 21 Pokebuck.png672
2 Pokemon FRLG Engineer.pngBaily Pokemon 100Voltorb.pngVoltorb 21 Pokemon 081Magnemite.pngMagnemite 21 Pokebuck.png1,008
3 Pokemon FRLG Gentleman.pngTucker Pokemon 025Pikachu.pngPikachu 23 Pokebuck.png1,656
GL Pokemon FRLG Surge.pngLt. Surge Pokemon 100Voltorb.pngVoltorb 21 Pokemon 025Pikachu.pngPikachu 18 Pokemon 026Raichu.pngRaichu 24 Pokebuck.png2,400

In this gym, trainers and the leader use Electric-type Pokémon. They are weak against Ground-type attacks and Electric-type attacks don't affect to Ground-type Pokémon, so using a Ground-type Pokémon isn't a bad idea.

Lt. Surge's Pokémon aren't anything special save for Raichu. It's fast and at somewhat high level. It also uses Double Team, which causes your attacks to miss more often.

  • If you own a Geodude, use it to beat the gym. Lt. Surge's Pokémon do laughable damage thanks to Geodude's immunity to Electric, resist to Normal and high Defense stat. Use Magnitude to defeat them.
  • Diglett is also very useful for beating the gym. It's fast and learns Magnitude too. Digletts can be found nearby in Diglett's Cave. It is highly recommended to use either of these two Pokémon.

Lt. Surge will award you the Thunder Badge upon defeat. This badge will slightly increase the Speed of your Pokemon, and allow you to use Fly outside of battle. Lt. Surge will also award you TM34 Shock Wave, a decent Electric move that is unaffected by any Accuracy loss.

Points of Interest[edit]

S.S Anne[edit]

There is a deck that leads to the S.S Anne ship, and you can get HM01 Cut there. However, you must have the S.S ticket in order to get on it (you can get it in Route 25 if you haven't gotten it yet).

The dock may seem useless after the S.S Anne has sailed away, but it won't be. You will be able to get to the Sevii Islands from there, and if you get the special event tickets like the Aurora Ticket, you can use them in here as well.

Special Items[edit]

  • The Vs. Seeker can be found in Vermilion's Pokémon Center. It is highly recommended you pick it up, since it allows you to train your Pokémon by battling trainers you have fought before. Fighting Trainers usually results in greater XP rewards than fighting wild Pokemon. Moreover, trainer battles earn you money, whereas fighting a wild Pokémon does not.
  • With the Old Rod you can finally start fishing. You can get the Old Rod from the house next to the Pokémon Center, just talk to the fisherman there. Old Rod mostly catches low level Magikarps.
  • In the green roofed house above the gym there is a Pokemon Fan Club. Talk to the Chairman there and he will give you a Bike Voucher. You may take this item back to the Cerulean City bike store and the clerk will give you a Bicycle in exchange for the Bike Voucher.

Pokémon found[edit]

FireRed Level Encounter Rate LeafGreen Level Encounter Rate
Pokemon 072Tentacool.pngTentacool 5-40 100% Pokemon 072Tentacool.pngTentacool 5-40 100%
Old Rod
Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 5-10 100% Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 5-10 100%
Good Rod
Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 5-15 20% Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 5-15 20%
Pokemon 116Horsea.pngHorsea 5-15 60% Pokemon 116Horsea.pngHorsea 5-15 20%
Pokemon 098Krabby.pngKrabby 5-15 20% Pokemon 098Krabby.pngKrabby 5-15 60%
Super Rod
Pokemon 130Gyarados.pngGyarados 15-25 15% Pokemon 130Gyarados.pngGyarados 15-25 15%
Pokemon 116Horsea.pngHorsea 15-35 44% Pokemon 098Krabby.pngKrabby 15-35 44%
Pokemon 090Shellder.pngShellder 15-25 40% Pokemon 120Staryu.pngStaryu 15-25 40%
Pokemon 054Psyduck.pngPsyduck 25-35 1% Pokemon 079Slowpoke.pngSlowpoke 25-35 1%


This trade can be found in the house with the orange roof, north of the Gym.

Trade For
Pokemon 021Spearow.pngSpearow Pokemon 083Farfetch'd.pngFarfetch'd
#83 Farfetch'd
Pokemon 083Farfetch'd.png
Farfetch'd, a ninja duck that beats enemies with a giant leek, is a solid fighter, and capable of learning Cut. Because it was traded, this particular Farfetch'd goes up levels 50% faster than normal Pokémon. But since it doesn't evolve, it really won't get much better than it is right now, so using for the long term isn't recommended.


  • Max Ether (Hidden in the corner south of the Pokémon Center)
  • Vs. Seeker (Given to you by the purple haired girl in the Pokémon Center)
  • Old Rod (Given to you by the fisherman in the house next to the Pokémon center)
  • Bike Voucher (Given to you by the old man in the green roofed house)
  • TM 34 Shock Wave (Given to you by Lt. Surge after you beat him)