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This page is about Pokémon eggs, not Lucky Eggs.

You can get Pokémon eggs by visiting PokéStops or opening gifts from friends. By placing them in an Egg Incubator and traveling around a certain distance, they will eventually hatch into a Pokémon. Travel must be done below 10 km/h or it won't count, so walking and biking is required. The distance requirement is specific to each egg, at either 2.0 km, 5.0 km, 7.0 or 10.0 km. Pokémon available from each class of egg varies with events, but each individual egg's contents are decided as soon as you receive the egg. The level of the hatched Pokémon will be equal to your trainer level when you acquired the egg, up to a maximum of level 20.

The Stardust and Candy reward from hatching an egg varies with each egg type. Candy received is based on the amount of stardust given, and rounded down.

Egg Stardust Candy XP
2 km 400-800 Stardust 5 to 10 Candy = 200 XP
5 km 800-1600 Stardust 10 to 21 Candy = 500 XP
7 km 800-1600 Stardust 10 to 21 Candy = 500 XP
10 km 1600-3200 Stardust 16 to 32 Candy = 1000 XP

Egg Incubators[edit]

There are two types of incubators available in the game. You get one Egg Incubator ∞ at the beginning of the game, and a limited-use Egg Incubator at various levels. Limited use incubators can also be bought from the Shop. The limited-use incubator will break after hatching 3 eggs. To maximize their use, it's best to only place 10.0 km eggs in them, providing 30.0 km of egg incubation, though they can be used for any of the three eggs.