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The trainer information screen provides an overview of your progress. Your trainer and Buddy's avatar and names are displayed. Your Trainer level is displayed below, with a progress bar showing how much experience you need to reach the next level.

You current collection of PokéCoins is displayed, and will link to the Shop, along with your start date and selected Team. All of your Medals are displayed as icons at the bottom.

Clicking the context menu at the bottom right brings up three options: Journal, Buddy, and Customize.


This shows all the notable events that have happened to your trainer, with the time at which they occurred.

  • Pokémon caught, with a picture of the Pokémon and their CP.
  • PokéStop collected, along with the items collected.


You can also access the Buddy screen by clicking on the image of your Buddy. At the top of the screen is a counter of how far you have walked with your buddy. It also shows a progress bar with details on how close you are to your Buddy finding a candy. Clicking the candy icon will take you to its detailed page. Buddy distance requirements are listed in the Pokédex.


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You can modify your avatar.