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The S.S. Aqua takes Pokémon Trainers from Olivine City in Johto to Vermilion City in Kanto. The boat ride is relatively short, but you'll still have time for a little adventure at sea. Pop into all the rooms—you can gain experience with Pokémon battles, and you'll find some good items, too.

Olivine City Dock[edit]

When the credits finish rolling, you'll find yourself outside your home in New Bark Town. Unlike the first time you visited the town, as soon as you head inside, you'll get a call from Professor Elm. He has another reward for you, the S.S. Ticket. Fly to Olivine City, visit the dock and talk to the people there. The last person will ask to see your ticket and show you to the boat. Hop on board for a short voyage to Vermilion City in the new region of Kanto. After your first boat trip, the boat will only operate on certain days.

On Board[edit]

Check into your room[edit]

The Professor has you traveling in style—a private room! Located in the upper-left corner, it has a PC, and you can heal here too. This ship is full of trainers, but they're much easier than the opponents you just faced in the Indigo Plateau, so you may want to take the opportunity to break in some new Pokémon.

A lost child & a shirking sailor[edit]

After you board, you'll be approached by a man looking for his lost granddaughter. It seems she went downstairs, but there's a guy blocking the way, and he won't let you wander around the lower deck until you've rounded up his buddy. You'll find the sailor in the room to the right of yours. After the lazy sailor mutters an excuse for sleeping on the job, he'll get back to work and his less lazy buddy will let you pass.

Lower deck[edit]

Retrieve the missing child[edit]

With the sailor's friend gone, you can head up to the Captain's room. The old man's granddaughter is in the room harassing the Captain. Escort her back to her father, and he'll reward you with a Metal Coat, an item that powers up Steel attacks and is required for evolving Onix and Scyther. After you've completed the search for the girl, you'll see an announcement that the boat has arrived at Vermilion City.


Upper Deck Trainers
Hiker Noland: 1056 (3rd cabin on top)
Pokéfan Colin: 2560 (3rd cabin on bottom)
Twins Meg & Peg: 620 (3rd cabin on bottom)
Firebreather Lyle: 1344 (1st cabin on bottom)
Sailor Stanly: 1040 (2nd cabin on top after talking to sailor)
Lower Deck Trainers
Juggler Fritz: 1160 (Right room, looking at bin)
Sailor Jeff: 1280 (Left room)
Picnicker Debra: 660 (In corridor)

Subsequent voyages[edit]

After your initial voyage to Vermilion City, the boat will only set sail from one port to the other on certain days. You can travel from Olivine City to Vermilion City on Mondays and Fridays, and you can do the trip in the opposite direction on Wednesday and Sundays. Depending on the direction of the trip, you will encounter a different set of Trainers on board the ship.

Trainers - Olivine City to Vermilion City
Cooltrainer Sean: 1680 (1st cabin on top)
Cooltrainer Carol: 1680 (1st cabin on top)
Gentleman Edward: 2376 (3rd cabin on top)
Beauty Cassie: 2992 (3rd cabin on bottom)
Psychic Rodney: 1056 (2nd cabin on bottom)
Super Nerd Shawn: 992 (1st cabin on bottom)
Fisherman Jonah: 1160 (Lower deck right room)
Sailor Garrett: 1360 (Lower deck Corridor)
Blackbelt Wai: 816 (Lower deck left room)
Trainers - Vermillion City to Olivine City
Pokemaniac Ethan: 1860 (1st cabin on top)
Burglar Corey: 2640 (3rd cabin on top)
Bug Catcher Ken: 512 (4th cabin on bottom)
Guitarist Clyde: 1088 (3rd cabin on bottom)
Pokefan Jeremy: 2240 (2nd cabin on bottom)
Pokefan Georgia: 1840 (2nd cabin on bottom)
Sailor Kenneth: 1120 (Lower deck corridor)
Teacher Shirley: 2520 (Lower deck left room)
Schoolboy Nate: 1024 (Lower deck left room)
Schoolboy Ricky: 1024 (Lower deck left room)
  • Aipom (lvl. 32, 627 EXP)
  • Ditto (lvl. 32, 414 EXP)