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Main code syntax (replace the X's with the two hexadecimal digits, otherwise your code won't be valid):

  • Gold/Silver: 01XXEDD0
  • Crystal: 01XX04D2
Pokémon Hexadecimal value Decimal value
Bulbasaur 01
Charmander 04
Squirtle 07
Caterpie 0a
Weedle 0d
Pidgey 10
Rattata 13
Spearow 15
Ekans 17
Pikachu 19
Sandshrew 1b
Sandslash 1c
Nidoran (F) 1d
Nidoran (M 20
Clefairy 23
Vulpix 25
Jigglypuff 27
Zubat 29
Oddish 2b
Paras 2e
Venonat 30
Diglett 32
Meowth 34
Psyduck 36
Mankey 38
Growlithe 3a
Poliwag 3c
Abra 3f
Machop 42
Bellsprout 45
Tentacool 48
Geodude 4a
Ponyta 4d
Slowpoke 4f
Magnemite 51
Farfetch'd 53
Doduo 54
Seel 56
Grimer 58
Shellder 5a
Gastly 5c
Onix 5f
Drowzee 60
Krabby 62
Voltorb 64
Exeggcute 66
Cubone 68
Hitmonlee 6a
Hitmonchan 6b
Lickitung 6c
Koffing 6d
Rhyhorn 6f
Chansey 71
Tangela 72
Kangaskhan 73
Horsea 74
Goldeen 76
Staryu 78
Mr. Mime 7a
Scyther 7b
Jynx 7c
Electabuz 7d
Magmar 7e
Pinsir 7f
Tauros 80
Magicarp 81
Lapras 83
Ditto 84
Eevee 85
Vaporeon 86
Jolteon 87
Flareon 88
Porygon 89
Omanyte 8a
Kabuto 8c
Aerodactyl 8e
Snorlax 8f
Articuno 90
Zapdos 91
Moltres 92
Dratini 93
Mewtwo 96
Mew 97
Chikorita 98
Cynaquil 9b
Totodile 9e
Sentret a1
Hoothoot a3
Ledyba a5
Spinarak a7
Ariados a8
Crobat a9
Chinchou aa
Lanturn ab
Pichu ac
Cleffa ad
Igglybuff ae
Togepi af
Natu b1
Mareep b3
Flaaffy b4
Ampharos b5
Bellossom b6
Marill b7
Azumarill b8
Sudowoodo b9
Politoed ba
Hoppip bb
Aipom be
Sunkern bf
Yanma c1
Wooper c2
Quagsire c3
Espeon c4
Umbreon c5
Murkrow c6
Slowking c7
Misdreavus c8
Unown c9
Wobbuffet ca
Girafarig cb
Pineco cc
Forretress cd
Dunsparce ce
Gligar cf
Steelix d0
Snubbull d1
Qwilfish d3
Scizor d4
Shuckle d5
Heracross d6
Sneasel d7
Teddiursa d8
Ursaring d9
Slugma da
Magcargo db
Swinub dc
Piloswine dd
Corsola de
Remoraid df
Octillery e0
Delibird e1
Mantine e2
Skarmory e3
Houndour e4
Kingdra e6
Phanpy e7
Donphan e8
Porygon2 e9
Stantler ea
Smeargle eb
Tyrogue ec
Hitmontop ed
Smoochum ee
Elekid ef
Magby f0
Miltank f1
Blissey f2
Raikou f3
Entei f4
Suicune f5
Larvitar f6
Pupitar f7
Tyranitar f8
Lugia f9
Ho-oh fa
Celebi fb

Other codes[edit]

Code effect Hexadecimal value
Faster Egg Hatch 0101FADC

Quality Digits[edit]


This uses only the digits 0-9 to store the value.


This uses the digits 0-F to store the value in Hexadecimal


Main code syntax (replace the X's with the two hexadecimal digits, otherwise your code won't be valid):

  • Crystal: 91XXF1D0


Item name Hexadecimal value Decimal value
Amulet Coin 5B
Antidote 09
Awakening 0C
Basement Key 85
Berry AD
Berry Juice 8B
Berserk Gene 98
Bicycle 07
Big Mushroom 57
Big Pearl 6F
Bitter Berry 53
Black Belt 62
Black Glasses 66
Black Apricorn 63
Blue Apricorn 59
Bluesky Mail BB
Bright Powder 03
Burn Heal 0A
Burnt Berry 4F
Calcium 1F
Carbos 1D
Card Key 7F
Charcoal 8A
Coin Case 36
Dire Hit 2C
Dragon Fang 90
Dragon Scale 97
Elixer 41
Energy Powder 79
Energy Root 7A
Eon Mail B9
Escape Rope 13
Ether 3F
Everstone 70
Experience Share 39
Fast Ball A1
Fire Stone 16
Flower Mail 9E
Focus Bend 77
Fresh Water 77
Friend Ball A4
Full Heal 26
Full Restore 0E
Gold Berry AE
Gold Leaf 4B
Good Rod 4D
Gorgeous Box A8
Great Ball 04
Green Apricorn 5D
Guard Special 29
Hard Stone 7D
Heal Powder 7B
HP Up 1A
Hyper Potion 10
Ice Berry 50
Ice Heal 0B
Iron 1C
Item Finder 37
Leaf Stone 22
Lemonade 30
Level Ball 9F
Light Ball A3
Liteblue Mail B6
Lost Item 82
Lovely Mail B8
Lucky Egg 7E
Lucky Punch 1E
Lure Ball A0
Machine Part 80
Magnet 6C
Master Ball 01
Max Elixer 15
Max Ether 40
Max Potion 0F
Max Repel 2B
Max Revive 28
Metal Coat 8F
Metal Powder 23
Mint Berry 6D
Miracle Seed 75
Mirage Mail BD
Moomoo Milk 48
Moon Ball A5
Moon Stone 08
Morph Mail BA
Music Mail BC
Mystery Berry 96
Mystery Egg 45
Mystic Water 5F
Nevermelt Ice 6B
Normal Box A7
Nugget 24
Old Rod 3A
Paralyze Cure Berry 4E
Paralyze Heal 0D
Park Ball B1
Pass 86
Pearl 6E
Pink Bow 68
Pink Apricorn 65
Poison Barb 51
Poison Cure Berry 4A
Poké Ball 05
Poké Doll 25
Polkadot Bow AA
Portrait Mail B7
Potion 12
PP Up 3E
Protein 1B
Quick Claw 49
Rage Candy Bar 72
Rare Candy 20
Repel 14
Revival Herb 7C
Revive 27
S.S. Ticket 44
Sacred Ash 9C
Scope Lens 8C
Secret Potion 43
Silver Leaf 3C
Silver Powder 58
Silver Wing 47
Slowpoke Tail 67
Smoke Ball 6A
Soda Pop 2F
Soft Sand 4C
Spell Tag 71
Squirt Bottle AF
Star Piece 84
Stardust 83
Stick 69
Sun Stone A9
Super Potion 11
Super Repel 2A
Super Rod 3D
Surf Mail B5
Thick Club 76
Thunder Stone 17
Tiny Mushroom 56
Town Map 05
Twisted Spoon 60
Ultra Ball 02
Up-Grade AC
Water Stone 18
X Accuracy 21
X Attack 31
X Defend 33
X Special 35
X Speed 34
Yellow Apricorn 5C
TM01-Dynamic Punch BF
TM02-Headbutt C0
TM03-Curse C1
TM04-Rollout C2
TM05-Roar C4
TM06-Toxic C5
TM07-Zap Cannon C6
TM08-Rock Smash C7
TM09-Psych Up C8
TM10-Hidden Power C9
TM11-Sunny Day CA
TM12-Sweet Scent CB
TM13-Snore CC
TM14-Blizzard CD
TM15-Hyper Beam CE
TM16-Icy Wind CF
TM17-Protect D0
TM18-Rain Dance D1
TM19-Giga Drain D2
TM20-Endure D3
TM21-Frustration D4
TM22-Solarbeam D5
TM23-Iron Tail D6
TM24-Dragonbreath D7
TM25-Thunder D8
TM26-Earthquake D9
TM27-Return DA
TM28-Dig DB
TM29-Psychic DD
TM30-Shadow Ball DE
TM31-Mud Slap DF
TM32-Double Team E0
TM33-Ice Punch E1
TM34-Swagger E2
TM35-Sleep Talk E3
TM36-Sludge Bomb E4
TM37-Sandstorm E5
TM38-Fire Blast E6
TM39-Swift E7
TM40-Defense Curl E8
TM41-Thunder Punch E9
TM42-Dream Eater EA
TM43-Detect EB
TM44-Rest EC
TM45-Attract ED
TM46-Thief EE
TM47-Iron Wing EF
TM48-Fire Punch F0
TM49-Fury Cutter F1
TM50-Nitemare F2
HM01-Cut F3
HM02-Fly F4
HM03-Surf F5
HM04-Strength F6
HM05-Flash F7
HM04-Strength F8
HM05-Flash F9
End of List FF


This section is a stub. Help us expand it, and you get a cookie.


This section is a stub. Help us expand it, and you get a cookie.


The following table contains the hexidecimal values that make up the viewable characters available within the games. All string values must end with the EOL character found at the start of this table.

Letter Hexadecimal value Decimal value
End of line character (EOL) 50
Space character 7F
A 80
B 81
C 82
D 83
E 84
F 85
G 86
H 87
I 88
J 89
K 8A
L 8B
M 8C
N 8D
O 8E
P 8F
Q 90
R 91
S 92
T 93
U 94
V 95
W 96
X 97
Y 98
Z 99
( {left parenthesis} 9A
) {right parenthesis} 9B
: {colon} 9C
; {semi-colon} 9D
[ {left bracket} 9E
] {right bracket} 9F
a A0
b A1
c A2
d A3
e A4
f A5
g A6
h A7
i A8
j A9
k AA
l AB
m AC
n AD
o AE
p AF
q B0
r B1
s B2
t B3
u B4
v B5
w B6
x B7
y B8
z B9
é BA
'd BB
'l BC
's BD
't BE
'v BF
- {dash} E2
'r E3
'm E4
? E5
! E6
? {male} EF
Pokebuck.png F0
× F1
. {period} F2
/ {slash} F3
, {comma} F4
? {female} F5
0 F6
1 F7
2 F8
3 F9
4 FA
5 FB
6 FC
7 FD
8 FE
9 FF