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New Pokémon
Gold Silver Crystal


The port town of Olivine City has a couple of interesting attractions—the Lighthouse and the port for the highspeed watercraft, the S.S. Aqua. There's a problem at the Lighthouse that you need to attend to before you can even attempt to battle the city's Gym Leader.

Olivine City

City features[edit]

The Olivine City Gym Leader[edit]

When you arrive in Olivine, you'll find your rival lurking near the Gym, but he isn't interested in you. He's looking for Jasmine, the Olivine Gym Leader. The word around town is that she's gone to the Lighthouse to help a sick Pokémon. If you want to win Olivine City's Gym Badge, you'll have to head over to there. The Lighthouse is full of Trainers trying to prove their worth, so be prepared for quite a few battles.

Get the Good Rod[edit]

Another generous fisherman, found in the small house next to the Mart, will give you the Good Rod here, so now you can finally catch some decent Water Pokémon. In fact, there are a bunch of good things to fish for right here in Olivine City, and its small harbor.

There are no ships sailing today, but the harbor is still worth a visit for the great fishing opportunities. A Chinchou, in particular, will be a big help in getting through Route 40-41.

Pick up HM 04 (Strength)[edit]

The Sailor in the Café building next to the Poké Center gives you a new Hidden Machine. Teach HM 04 to a Pokémon and not only will it learn a powerful Normal attack, it will also be able to push aside the rounded stones that you see in caves and the upcoming Gym. Pair this with HM02 (Fly), which you acquire soon, you'll be ready to do some item hunting and some backtracking.

Swap a Krabby for a Voltorb[edit]

This isn't a particularly exciting trade, since you'll have opportunities to catch wild Voltorb, but you might as well go for it. After all, you can just step outside this guy's front door, use the Good Rod and fish up an extra Krabby right here and now.

Pokémon found[edit]

Olivine City Fishing
Old Rod Good Rod Super Rod
Magikarp 85% 35% N/A
Krabby 15% 55% 60%
Corsola N/A 10%* 30%*
Staryu N/A 10%* 30%*
Kingler N/A N/A 10%

*Corsola can only be found in the morning and daytime, while Staryu can only be found at night.

Olivine City Harbor Fishing
Old Rod Good Rod Super Rod
Magikarp 85% 35% N/A
Tentacool 15% 35% N/A
Tentacruel N/A N/A 20%
Shellder N/A 10% 30%
Chinchou N/A 20% 40%
Lanturn N/A N/A 10%

Poké Mart[edit]

Poké Mart
Poké Mart
Great Ball 600
Super Potion 700
Hyper Potion 1200
Antidote 100
Parlyz Heal 200
Awakening 250
Ice Heal 250
Super Repel 500
Surf Mail 50
#222 Corsola #120 Staryu
They've mixed Water with almost every type imaginable in Gold, Silver and Crystal, and Corsola is the token Water/Rock Pokémon. It's not an effective combination, and Corsola doesn't have much to show for it; just a bunch of primarily defensive skills and fairly bad stats. Its attacks include Bubble Beam at level 25, Spike Cannon at 31, and last move, Rock-type Ancient Power at 43.
Staryu are nocturnal now, but it's worth setting up a night time fishing trip to catch one. Staryu and Starmie have solid stats, learn new moves like Rapid Spin (at level 13), and get old moves like Recover much earlier. Stick with Staryu until level 50 before you evolve it, to ensure it learns Hydro Pump. Starmie can't learn any moves other than Ghost-type Confuse Ray at level 37. Both evolutions can learn 4 HM moves: Surf, Flash, Whirlpool and Waterfall.
#170 Chinchou #90 Shellder
Water/Electric is a great mix because you can use Chinchou to Surf water areas and fry every other Pokémon you encounter. Better yet, Water Pokémon are even resistant to other Water Pokémon! Too bad Chinchou doesn't learn its first Electric-type attack Spark until level 25. This odd looking Pokémon can also learn 4 HM moves: Surf, Flash, Whirlpool and Waterfall. It can be caught on the Good Rod in the Harbor side of the City.
Shellder's evolved form, Cloyster, was a favorite of some RBY players, but now that Special has been split into two stats, you may find its low Special Defense a problem. To make up for it, it learns Ice attack Aurora Beam at level 17.

It can be caught on the Good Rod in the Harbor side of the City.

#100 Voltorb
Even though it looks just as Steel as Magnemite, Voltorb is still pure Electric. This is good, because it means it gets to keep its incredible Speed. Use a TM to teach Thunder to its evolved form, Electrode, and you'll have a first turn K.O.'ing machine.