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You have defeated Chuck for the Storm Badge since you were required to visit Cianwood City before you could earn the Mineral Badge, but now that you've obtained the Special Medicine (and Fly), don't forget to head back to Olivine City, and help the sick Ampharos in the Lighthouse, in order to challenge Jasmine.

Gym Battle 6: JASMINE[edit]

Olivine Gym

No puzzles, no tricks, no Junior Trainers... Just Jasmine, two Magnemites and a big angry Steelix. Steel is vulnerable to Fire, Fighting, and Ground. A pure Ground Pokémon would be especially great here, since it would also be protected from Magnemite's electricity. But if you don't have a good one at this point, try using your best Fire Pokémon, a Machop, and any Water Pokémon. Water is weak against Magnemite, but great against part-Ground Steelix, who is the real threat here. Speed is even more critical in Crystal, since Jasmine may use hyper potions.

Pokemon GSC Leader Jasmine.png
Leader Jasmine: Pokebuck.png3500

After you defeat Jasmine, you'll receive the Mineral Badge and Iron Tail (TM 23).

Johto Side Quests[edit]

Now that you have Surf, Strength, and Fly, it's a good time to do some backtracking and pick up a few items and Pokémon that we couldn't get to before. Remember that all of the items in the list below are optional.

  • New Bark Town: Use Surf to the East of the town then enter Tohjo Falls, Surf inside to the West and find Moonstone.
  • Cherrygrove City: Use Surf to the south and collect Mystic Water.
  • Violet City: Use Surf to collect stray items.
  • Union Cave: Use Surf to explore the lowest level of the Cave and catch a Lapras (only on Fridays).
  • Union Cave: Go down the ladder near the trainer and use Surf to access more of the cave, which will lead you to the two other Alph Ruin Puzzles, and a chance to catch a Natu and a Smeargle.
  • Slowpoke Well: Use Strength and Surf and get to the bottom level to obtain King's Rock and TM18.
  • Ilex Forest: Use Surf to catch a Psyduck.
  • Route 34: Defeat the Elite Trio for Soft Sand.
  • Burned Tower: Use Strength to collect TM 20.