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Route #29 is a long and winding road that will eventually drop you off in Cherrygrove City. You have to walk through tall grass to make it to your next destination, so be ready to battle with some Pokémon! Unfortunately, you can't catch them without some Poké Balls.

Route #29
New Pokémon
Gold Silver Crystal
Not capable of
catching Pokémon yet.

The adventure begins[edit]

A potion in the top right corner of the map.

To get to Mr. Pokémon and complete your errand, first head west out of New Bark Town. Take the long way through Route #29 (through the grass near the center of the map), pass through Cherrygrove City, and take a short walk north to Mr. Pokémon's home on Route #30. But with only one Pokémon to protect you, it won't be an easy journey.

You can only be attacked in overworld Routes when crossing through the tall green grass. Unfortunately, there's a lot of that grass between New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City, so run from strong opponents when you're weak and use Berries and Potions to heal when necessary. If your Pokémon gets hurt too badly, return to New Bark Town and heal at Professor Elm's lab.

There's a wide variety of Pokémon on Route #29, and you'll note that the Pokémon you encounter change based on the time of day. But without any Poké Balls to capture them in, your only choices are to fight or run. However, consider battling wild Pokemon for experience, as getting to at least Level 10 is quite possible. It may seem boring, but it will make battling trainers a little easier down the road.

Don't miss the Potion found on the ground in the top right corner of the map.

Calendar Event #1: Tuesday's Child[edit]

Tuscany, the Tuesday sibling.

There are seven siblings who are located at various points in Johto. After you defeat Violet City's Gym leader, they will appear.

On the ledge in the very center of the route (above the white path leading north), you'll find the first of seven siblings who each appear at one spot in Johto, on one specific day of the week.

Tuscany, the Tuesday sibling, appears on Route #29 every Tuesday. It can be a pain to remember to come back, but it's worth it: Tuscany of Tuesday will give you the Pink Bow when you find her. This item powers up all of one Pokémon's Normal type attacks when equipped as a held Item.

Some Normal type moves are Tackle, Scratch, Rage, Quick Attack and Fury Swipes.

Pick your first Daily Berry[edit]

Finding a berry

The bulbous trees like the one found in the northwest corner of Route #29 (to the left of the Route #46 gate house) contain one of a variety of berries that can be used or equipped by your Pokémon (select a Pokémon in your party and choose Item). The Berry found in this tree will recover 10HP to a wounded Pokémon.

They grow back every day, so if you come back tomorrow, a fresh berry will be waiting.

Hint: Save every regular "Berry" you encounter. You will need about 7 later in the game.

Pokémon found[edit]

Route #29 encounters
Gold Silver Crystal
Morn Day Night Morn Day Night Morn Day Night
Pokemon 187Hoppip.pngHoppip N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 5% 5% N/A
Pokemon 161Sentret.pngSentret 40% 40% N/A 40% 40% N/A 40% 40% N/A
Pokemon 016Pidgey.pngPidgey 55% 55% N/A 55% 55% N/A 50% 50% N/A
Pokemon 019Rattata.pngRattata 5% 5% 15% 5% 5% 15% 5% 5% 45%
Pokemon 163Hoothoot.pngHoothoot N/A N/A 85% N/A N/A 85% N/A N/A 55%
#161 Sentret #163 Hoothoot
Pokemon 161Sentret.png
Sentret is a good Normal type Pokémon for the early game. Its main stats are Attack and Special Defense. Has low HP.

Similar to Rattata being early and easy leveling up fodder. Its moves are Tackle, Defense Curl, Quick Attack at level 11, Fury Attack at level 19 and Slam at level 25 if you prevent evolution. Sentret can learn HM 01 (Cut), HM 03 (Surf), and once it evolves into Furret, HM 04 (Strength).

Evolves into at Furret level 15 and gains a lot of Speed Stat as well as Attack and HP. Sentret is a Swiss Army knife of a Pokémon that can handle a variety of obstacles and put up a good fight on the battlefield.

Pokemon 163Hoothoot.png
This Normal and Flying-type Owl only appears at night. This is a helpful Pokémon for the early game and learns its first Flying type attack Peck at level 11. In later levels it starts to get a bunch of defensive Psychic attacks and then finally Confusion at level 34 if you prevent evolution.

Its best stat is Special Defense and also has some ok HP as well as being mildly quick. Hoothoot and its evolved form Noctowl, can at high levels learn both parts of the life draining Hypnosis/Dream Eater combo. a hard hitting move which also recovers the users HP. Most other Pokémon have to use TMs to get this combo.

Can also learn both HM 02 (Fly) and HM 05 (Flash)

#16 Pidgey #19 Rattata
Pokemon 016Pidgey.png
Normal and Flying type Pidgey is generally viewed as the weaker of the Flying bird types but has some good Speed and has has more Physical Attack than Special but stats are very average.

Compared to Gen 1 its moves have been tweaked a bit in Gold, Silver, and Crystal: It now starts with Normal type move Tackle but doesn't learn its first Flying type move Gust until level 9. Quick attack at level 15 and the powerful Wing Attack at level 29 if you prevent evolution.

One of the most annoying things when facing Pidgey is the Ground type move Sand-Attack it likes to use which reduces opponents accuracy. This is learnt at level 5. In the upcoming Gym you can receive a TM which is similar to this attack but also does Damage.

Pidgey evolves into Pidgeotto at level 18, getting much better HP, Attack and Speed stat and Pidgeot at level 36. This final evolution is actually pretty decent with some good stats.

Pokemon 019Rattata.png
The fast Normal type Rattata is back and better than it was in Gen 1.

Its a strong Normal type attacker, easily the quickest and deadliest of the early Pokémon. It has very high Speed stat overall and a solid Physical Attack stat also. You should probably pick between Sentret or Rattata as they are similar both being a Normal type with Physical attacks.

It learns its moves a bit earlier than it did in Red/Blue/Yellow. First move is Quick Attack at level 7 and then the truly awesome Hyper Fang at level 13 which packs a punch doing 80 damage and has one new late-game change, learning the new Dark type move, Pursuit. Of course, Rattata will likely have outlived its usefulness by then.

Evolves into Raticate at level 20 gaining even more Speed stat as well as good increases in all other stats. Its HP is average to low.

#187 Hoppip
Pokemon 187Hoppip.png
The new to Gen 2 Hoppip is the youngest of a new family of Grass/Flying Pokémon.

Has a few evolutions but is overall pretty useless. Avoid wasting one of your six Pokémon party spaces, one to safely miss and not battle with.

They're Flying-type, but can't learn Flying techniques (even HM 02 Fly!). It starts with the powerful healing move Synthesis, and Splash, that useless attack Magikarp is known to use. It doesn't learn many Physical Attacks— just Tackle at level 10 and Mega Drain at level 30. If you want to use this Pokémon offensively, you'll probably need to use some TM's.