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Head south from Cerulean City on Route 5 to reach the house in the center of the route. The old woman in the house will give you a Cleanse Tag, which will help keep wild Pokémon away from you.

Pokemon GSC map Route 5.png

Get the old woman's Cleanse Tag[edit]

You'll have to drop down from the top to get to this house. The old woman will give you a Cleanse Tag which, when equipped, will reduce the number of wild Pokémon encounters you face. After Route 5, cut west through Saffron City and Route 7 to get to Celadon City.

Pokémon Found[edit]

Morning Day Night
Pokemon 163Hoothoot.pngHoothoot
Pokemon 164Noctowl.pngNocltowl
Pokemon 063Abra.pngAbra