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After you've made it to Cinnabar Island and talked to Blue, he will head back to Viridian City Gym so you can fight him. He is a formidable opponent—make sure your Pokémon are battle-ready before you challenge him.

Back to Viridian[edit]

Blue is the final Gym leader, and he's definitely the toughest of the bunch. His Pokémon don't follow any easy theme (they're the same ones he had in Red/Blue, minus the starter), so you'll need a strong and varied party to beat him, including Electric, Fire, Water and Dark Pokémon. It's the same team you'll want for the final battle, so get them some EXP here!


Blue has a terrific team of Pokémon covering many different types. Bring along a team with several Pokémon at or above Level 50, or you might not make it through the battle. Use basic type matching to defeat Blue's team.


Return to the Professor's lab after you've collected all eight Kanto Badges. Professor Oak will grant you permission to enter Mt. Silver through the Pokémon League reception gate on Route 26. That's just what you need—a new area to explore!