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Item Description Location
Pearl A beautiful pearl (Sell low) Wild Shellder, Cloyster
Big Pearl Can be sold for more than pearl Wild Cloyster
Moomoo Milk Recover 100Hp Wild Miltank
Tinymushroom Can be sold (Low) Wild Paras
Mushroom Can be sold Wild Paras
Big Mushroom Can be sold for more than a Mushroom Wild Paras
Silver Leaf A strange silver-colored leaf
Sacred Ash Fully Revives all fainted Pokémon From Ho-oh
Light Ball An odd, electrical orb (doubles Pikachu's Special Attack) From Pikachu
Lucky Punch Ups Critical hit ratio of Chansey From Chansey
Berry Juice Restores Pokémon HP by 20 From Shuckle holding Berry
Star Piece A hunk of red gem (Sell very high)
Stardust Pretty red sand (sell high) From wild Staryu
Bone Club Doubles the attack of Cubone or Marowak From Cubone or Marowak
Metal Coat Used to evolve Onix and Scyther into Steelix and Scizor respectively. Also increases steel-type moves power by 10% From wild Magnemite or Magneton
Hard Stone Increases the power of rock-type moves by 10% From wild Larvitar
Poison Barb Increases the power of poison-type moves by 10% From wild Beedrill