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The controls on Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver are very similar to its predecessors, with the added touch screen to make it a little easier.


Control Function Notes
Neutral dpad Walk around In combination with B button, run (after getting Running Shoes from the Old Man in Cherrygrove City.)
A button Talk with people, Examine objects,approve of actions,continue talk.
B button Run, cancel actions, disapprove of actions, continue chat. You can run after receiving Running Shoes from the Old Man in Cherrygrove City, and in used in combination with Neutral dpad. For most disapprovals, say "No".
Y button Use a selected Key Item To select a Key Item, go to the Key Item Section in your Bag, Select it with A button and press Select.
X button Open the Menu Equivalent to Start button in older Pokémon games.
Stylus button Use the Menu Several items can be assigned to be usable from the menu too, similar to Y button.


Control Function Notes
Neutral dpad Navigate through menus.
A button Select item in a menu.
B button Exit menu.
Select button Rearrange items in a menu. Works with items and Pokémon moves.


Control Function Notes
Stylus button Use the menus. All battle actions are possible with the stylus, but if you are uncomfortable with the stylus, read on.
Neutral dpad Navigate through objects in the menu.
A button Select object in a menu.
B button Exit a menu. Can't exit the main battle menu.