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If you thought you were the only one improving your Pokémon, you thought wrong. Every gym leader in the game can be challenged again on certain days after you've obtained their phone number.

Johto Gym Leaders[edit]

Falkner: Pokebuck.png6,720

How to obtain number
Go to the Celadon City Department Store on a Monday, must have beaten Janine.
Time of Rematch
Saturday morning


Falkner starts the battle with Staraptor who uses Intimidate to lower the Attack of your first Pokemon. Staraptor uses two very powerful moves, Brave Bird and Close Combat but both of these moves have drawbacks; Brave Bird causes recoil damage and Close Combat lowers Defence and Special Defence. Staraptor also has Attract to use on female Pokemon and U-Turn to cause damage and escape if the battle is going badly for him.

Pelipper is pathetic if you're using an Electric type; almost any Electric Pokemon can knock him out in one hit. He uses Tailwind to increase the Speed of himself and his team for three turns. He also has Surf and Ice Beam. His final move is a Fighting type Hidden Power which isn't really any threat.

Honchkrow has Thunder Wave to cause paralysis. He has no Flying type moves, instead relying on Dark type attacks. These attacks are Night Slash, Dark Pulse and Sucker Punch.

Noctowl is the bulkiest member of Falkner's team but still not particularly resilient although don't expect to knock him out in one hit. He has Shadow Ball and Air Slash to attack. This Noctowl has obviously been bred because he knows Feather Dance which lowers your Pokemon's Attack by two stages. He also has Roost to restore energy.

Swellow is extremely fast and has a Flame Orb which burns him and causes him to activate Guts which increases his Attack power. He will often use Protect to give him a chance to use the Flame Orb and he uses Double Team to become harder to hit. Facade is a dangerous move since Swellow's Guts prevents burning from causing any loss of Attack and Facade becomes twice as powerful. When Swellow is tired he will use Endeavour to bring your Pokemon's HP down to the same amount that he has.

Pidgeot can be a very frustrating opponent since he has Double Team, Roost and Swagger. Swagger causes confusion but it also raises your Pokemon's Attack by two levels so use that to your advantage. Falkner obviously loves his Pidgeot because he has a powerful Return attack.

Bugsy: Pokebuck.png6,240

How to obtain number
Go to the Ilex Forest or Viridian Forest on a Thursday
Time of Rematch
Thursday Afternoon


Bugsey is the lowest levelled gym leader apart from Falkner and despite being male all of his Pokemon are female, apart from Shedinja who doesn't have a gender. He starts with his main Pokemon, Scizor, who can be roasted by a Fire type. However Scizor does have high Attack power and Swords Dance to boost it even higher. She has X-Scissor, which is a powerful move, Bullet Punch to strike first and Superpower which causes her to lose some of her Attack and Defence each time she uses it. She also has a Sitrus Berry.

Yanmega is fast but won't be getting any faster because she has Tinted Lens instead of Speed Boost. This makes her Detect rather pointless and it only delays the inevitable. However Tinted Lens does have its uses; for example if you are using a Steel type, which can resist all of Yanmega's moves, they will all become more powerful. Yanmega's aggressive moves are Air Slash, which can cause flinching, Bug Buzz, which can lower Special Defence, and Ancient Power which can raise five of Yanmega's stats at once. Rock types can crush Yanmega, usually with a single blow unless she uses Detect to avoid it.

Heracross is a very dangerous opponent and although she is extremely vulnerable to Flying types, she has Stone Edge which is powerful and hits Flying and Fire types super effectively. She also has Counter to send Physical Attacks back at your Pokemon with double the power. Her last two moves are Close Combat and Megahorn both of which are very powerful.

Shedinja was a unique ability called Wonder Guard which makes it immune to any move that is not super effective against it, although it can still take indirect damage from moves like Sandstorm, Leech Seed and Stealth Rock. However its immunity to most attacks comes at a price; it only has 1 HP and it is impossible for it to have more than 1 HP. Any move that is super effective or does not cause direct damage will knock it out in one hit. It has Swagger and Toxic to cause annoying status problems and X-Scissor and Shadow Sneak to attack.

Vespiquen is designed to be a defensive Pokemon but she falls short of this due to her massive weakness to Rock types. However she does have Protect to block blows and Defend Order to raise her Defence and Special Defence. She also has Confuse Ray and her signature attacking move, Attack Order. Vespiquen also has Pressure which will make your Pokemon lose two PP instead of one whenever they attack her and this includes when she blocks blows with Protect. Like Scizor, Vespiquen is holding a Sitrus Berry.

Pinsir has the OHKO move Guillotine but the chances of this move hitting are slim. She also has X-Scissor and uses Earthquake and Rock Tomb to stand up to Rock, Steel, Fire and Flying types. Rock Tomb lowers Speed when it hits, but it might miss.

Whitney: Pokebuck.png6,940

How to obtain number
Go to the Goldenrod City Department Store Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Time of Rematch
Saturday afternoon


Whitney starts the battle with Girafarig who has a unique type combination, being a Normal and Psychic type. This makes it the only Psychic type that is immune to Ghost type moves. Speaking of Ghost type moves, Girafarig has Shadow Ball. She also has Psychic and uses Calm Mind to increase her Special Attack and Special Defence. She also has Baton Pass to send her raised stats to another member of Whitney's team.

Delcatty also has the Calm Mind and Baton Pass combination. She starts the battle with Fake Out, unless your using a Pokemon that resists or is immune to it. Delcatty has Assist which allows her to randomly use any move known by the other members of Whitney's team. She sometimes ends up with Calm Mind or Baton Pass despite already knowing those moves herself. Delcatty has got a terrible Ability called Normalize which turns any attack she uses into a Normal type move. This means that if she uses Assist to use Girafarig's Shadow Ball, it will be a Normal type move and therefore won't affect Ghost types despite normally being super effective against them.

Lickilicky is a joke since she has lame Special Attack and all of her moves are Special. She uses Flamethrower, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam. Against Pokemon with high HP she can use Wring Out which causes more damage when your Pokemon has a lot of HP.

Clefable uses Calm Mind to increase the power of her powerful but inaccurate attacks, Fire Blast, Blizzard and Thunder. She also has the Magic Guard ability which means that you cannot cause any damage with moves that don't hurt her directly; for example, Sandstorm, Toxic, Leech Seed and Spikes won't bother her at all, although she can still hurt herself if you cause confusion.

Bibarel has Double Team which can be extremely annoying and she has Charge Beam which will often raise her Special Attack if it hits. She also has Surf and Ice Beam. Since she is part Water type you can use Grass or Electric types here.

Miltank still has Attract to infatuate male Pokemon. Her only attacking move is Body Slam, but before you start thinking you can walk all over her with a Ghost type, you need to know that she has the Scrappy ability, which allows her to hit Ghosts with moves they would normally be immune to. She also has the Rest and Sleep Talk combination.

Morty: Pokebuck.png6,840

How to obtain number
Go to the Bellchime Trail on Mondays and Tuesdays
Time of Rematch
Tuesday night


Morty is the only gym leader who uses two members of the same species, having two Gengar. He starts the battle with Drifblim who uses Substitute to hide behind a shield at the cost of some of his own HP, and Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt to attack. Drifblim also has Destiny Bond to take your Pokemon down with him. His special ability is Unburden which increases his Speed as soon as he eats the Sitrus Berry he is holding.

Dusknoir also has Substitute in addition to Will-O-Wisp and can therefore be extremely frustrating. He also has Pain Split which shares the HP of the user with the HP of its opponent; in other words, when Dusknoir is tired he can restore HP and cause damage. However if your Pokemon has less HP and Dusknoir uses Pain Split, you will restore energy and Dusknoir will lose it. Dusknoir also has Payback.

Sableye has no type weaknesses but can't take a great deal of damage. He usually starts with Fake Out which strikes first and causes flinching. He also has Brick Break, Ice Punch and Sucker Punch. Sableye has a unique ability called Stall which means that, unless he is using Fake Out or Sucker Punch, you will always hit him first.

Mismagius has Mean Look to trap your Pokemon, Confuse Ray to cause confusion and Perish Song to knock out your Pokemon after three turns. However Perish Song also puts Mismagius in danger. Morty will recall him on the last turn of the Perish Song, unless Mismagius is his last Pokemon, but you can prevent this by using Mean Look, Block or other trapping moves such as Fire Spin. You can rescue your Pokémon from the Perish Song by switching it out on the last turn; Morty will be too slow to do the same if you've trapped Mismagius so it will faint. Mismagius's only directly damaging move is Astonish which is weak but can cause flinching.

Morty's first Gengar has exactly the same moveset as Drifblim so there is no point in going into further detail. His second Gengar has Shadow Ball which is powerful and Focus Blast to deal with Dark and Normal types. He also has Confuse Ray and Hypnosis. Despite having legs, Gengar are immune to Ground type moves because of Levitate.

Chuck: Pokebuck.png7,200

How to obtain number
Get it from Chuck's wife
Time of Rematch
Wednesday night


Unlike Bruno, whose team is almost entirely made of pure Fighting types, Chuck uses three half Fighting types. He starts with Medicham who likes to flirt with the ladies by using Attract and then hit them with Thunder Punch, Psycho Cut and Hi Jump Kick (clearly he's not much of a gentleman). Hi Jump Kick is strong but if it misses, Medicham will hurt himself although he has a Sitrus Berry to prepare himself for this possibility.

Breloom has Stone Edge which puts Flying types in danger although if they are fast enough they will probably knock him out with one hit. He has Substitute to hurt himself and then hide behind a shield. Breloom also has Focus Punch, which only works if you don't attack him or if he's hiding behind a Substitute and Drain Punch which causes damage and restores energy. The most notable thing about Breloom is his unique ability. He is holding a Toxic Orb but instead of loosing energy when the Toxic Orb activates he regains energy thanks to his Poison Heal ability.

Hitmonchan cannot hurt a Ghost type directly but he can cause them to hurt themselves with Swagger. He also has Double Team to avoid attacks in order to give him time to charge up and use Focus Punch. He also has Mach Punch.

Hitmonlee is more dangerous than his punching counterpart, partly because he is at a higher level. He has Fake Out to strike and cause flinching on the first turn and Bulk Up to increase his Attack and Defence. Hitmonlee also has the powerful but risky Hi Jump Kick and unlike Hitmonchan he can cause direct damage to Ghost types with Blaze Kick.

Primeape has Swagger to confuse your Pokemon and raise their Attack by two levels. He also has Payback to deal with Psychic and Ghost types and Thunder Punch to knock out Flying types, covering all of his weaknesses well. Close Combat is his most powerful move but it causes him to lower his Defence and Special Defence. Primeape has the Anger Point ability so if you inflict a Critical Hit and Primeape endures it, then you are almost certainly doomed since Primeape's already high Attack stat will reach maximum strength.

Poliwrath has Focus Punch and uses Substitute and Double Team to help him use it. He also has Waterfall and holds a Sitrus Berry to restore energy he loses either from your Pokemon or from Substitute. Shock Wave or Aerial Ace can be lifesavers against Poliwrath.

Pokemon HGSS Jasmine.gif
Jasmine: Pokebuck.png7440

How to obtain number
Go to the Olivine City diner every day between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM
Time of Rematch
Wednesday afternoon


Jasmine starts with the Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon, Metagross who is fairly strong, using its signature move, Meteor Mash to cause a lot of damage and sometimes raise its already high Attack power. Meteor Mash sometimes misses but Gravity lowers your Pokemon's evasiveness by two levels in addition to pulling Flying or Levitating Pokemon to the ground. Metagross has Bullet Punch to strike first and when it is exhausted it can knock itself out, and probably your Pokemon too, by using Explosion. Metagross' Special Ability is Clear Body which prevent you from lowering any of its stats

Bronzong has the same type combination as Metagross, Steel and Psychic, and also has Gravity but the similarities end there. It has Heatproof which can allow it to resist Fire type moves making Ground types its greatest weakness. Bronzong also has the Hypnosis and Dream Eater combination, allowing it to happily eat your Pokemon's energy while they are snoozing. It is very slow but this gives more power to its Gyro Ball.

Magnezone is Jasmine's second highest level Pokemon but it is helpless against Ground types, unless they are using a Special Attack such as Earth Power in which case Magnezone can send it back with Mirror Coat. It has Zap Cannon which is very powerful and always causes paralysis but misses half of the time. To make up for this, Magnezone will use Lock On to make sure Zap Cannon hits. It also has Metal Sound to lower your Pokemon's Special Defence.

Empoleon doesn't really look like a Steel type and he doesn't know any Steel type moves either, but he is half Steel. He has Hydro Pump and Blizzard which are both powerful but sometimes miss. He can also use Roar to scare off your Pokemon if he is at a disadvantage and force you to use another one. Empoleon is slow but he has Aqua Jet to allow him to strike first. Electric types can deal with him and Fighting types are also an option.

Skarmory likes to set up a trap using Spikes although there are a variety of ways to avoid Spikes or you can just get rid of them with Rapid Spin, although of course Skarmory would hardly feel such a pathetic move. Skarmory has Air Slash but low Special Attack although it can cause flinching. She also has Steel Wing, which sometimes raises her already extremely high Defence, and Night Slash. An Electric or Fire type can deal with her.

Steelix is six levels higher than Magnezone, which is Jasmine's second highest levelled Pokemon. She has Stealth Rock which works similar to Spikes except it is much harder to avoid when a Pokemon switches in; only Clefairy or Clefable can be completely immune to Stealth Rock because of Magic Guard. In order to abuse the danger of Stealth Rock, Steelix is fond of forcing you to switch Pokemon by using Roar. She also has Stone Edge to hit Fire types super effectively and the powerful but inaccurate Iron Tail which has a chance of lowering your Pokemon's Defence. Steelix has tremendously high Defence but her Special Defence is much lower.

Pryce: Pokebuck.png7200

How to obtain number
Go to the Lake of Rage on Saturdays between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM
Time of Rematch
Monday morning


Pryce's Abomasnow has a massive weakness to Fire types but he can hit them super effectively with Earthquake. He will summon a hailstorm as soon as he is brought into battle by using Snow Warning. Abomasnow has Wood Hammer which hurts both his opponent and himself, Blizzard which will never miss as long as it's hailing and Ice Shard to allow him to strike first.

Dewgond has the dangerous Sheer Cold which will knock out any Pokemon it hits unless they have Sturdy or are a Shedinja. Fortunately Sheer Cold misses most of the time. He has Dive to hide underwater (although there is no water in the Fighting Dojo) and then strike on the next turn. Although he is holding a Lum Berry to wake himself up when he uses Rest, he can use Sleep Talk to attack while he's sleeping.

Froslass is the only female member of Pryce's team and likes to use her feminine charm to render male opponents helpless by using Attract. She also has Confuse Ray to make the chances of male Pokemon fighting back even less likely and will then hit them with Blizzard and Ice Shard. Froslass' Snow Cloak makes her harder to hit when it is hailing.

Glalie also has Attract to infatuate female Pokemon and he has Torment to make sure your Pokemon can't use the same move twice in a row. He also has Payback and Blizzard.

If you took out Abomasnow's Snow Warning with a weather changing move, Walrein will use Hail to start another hailstorm although this one will only last for five turns. Because of Ice Body, Walrein will be constantly restoring a little HP while it is hailing and Blizzard becomes 100% accurate. Walrein also knows Swagger to cause confusion and an increase in Attack power, and Body Slam which is quite strong and sometimes causes paralysis.

Mamoswine can be very frustrating; not only does he have Snow Cloak but he can make himself evasive even without a hailstorm by using Double Team. He can also deal with Fire types using Stone Edge and Earthquake. His final move is Avalanche but you can take advantage of the fact that it always strikes second.

Clair: Pokebuck.png7200

How to obtain number
Go to the Dragon's Den any morning between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM, must have beaten Lance and her in a double battle.
Time of Rematch
Friday night


Clair's Pokemon are all based on Dragons but only half of them are actually Dragon types, although Gyarados should be a Dragon type. Speaking of Gyarados, Clair's is actually more dangerous than Lance's Gyarados since she has Earthquake to deal with Electric types and a Wacan Berry to give her some resistance to Electric type moves. Also Intimidate lowers the power of Physical Attacks. Gyarados has Dragon Dance which increases her Speed and Attack at the same time, and she also knows Waterfall which is powerful and can cause flinching. Fortunately Gyarados has low Special Attack so her Dragon Pulse shouldn't hurt too much.

Dragonair is the weakest member of Clair's team but still powerful in her own right. She has Flamethrower to deal with Ice types and even if they are part Water type she can still hit them super effectively with Thunderbolt. Dragon Rush is powerful but inaccurate although if it does hit there is a chance that it could cause flinching. Dragonair also knows Thunder Wave to cause paralysis and can heal her own status conditions with Shed Skin.

Clair's Charizard is exactly the same as Lance's Charizard when you challenged him for the first time, except for his level. In case you've forgotten the moveset Lance's Charizard had in your first battle with him, Clair's Charizard knows Fire Fang, Air Slash, Dragon Claw and Shadow Claw. Blaze increases the power of Fire Fang when Charizard is tired. His greatest weakness is Rock type moves.

It has been speculated that Lance might have given Clair is Aerodactyle since he no longer uses one and Clair's Aerodactyle knows Thunder Fang just like Lance's did. Aerodactyle also has Earthquake and Rock Slide allowing him to hit almost all Pokemon with type advantage super effectively. For some reason he also knows Roar, although this is pointless since very few Pokemon are safe against him anyway.

Kingdra is probably Clair's most dangerous Pokemon since only Dragon type moves can hit her super effectively and of course this means she can also hit other Dragon types super effectively. She has Dragonbreath which is not very powerful but can cause paralysis and she also knows Ice Beam. Kingdra has Yawn which will cause your Pokemon to fall asleep on the turn after it is used, and her final move is the powerful Hydro Pump.

Clair's Dragonite is a lot like two of Lance's Dragonite, knowing Hyper Beam and Safeguard, which are both used by Lance's highest levelled Dragonite, and Thunder which is used by one of his lower levelled ones. Apart from her gender and level there is only one thing that sets Dragonite apart from the ones Lance uses and that is her knowledge of Dragonbreath. An Ice type should be able to deal with Dragonite but if they are Articuno or a part Water type they need to watch out for Thunder.

Kanto Gym Leaders[edit]

Brock: Pokebuck.png6,840

How to obtain number
Go to Diglett's Cave every day between 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM, must have beaten Blue
Time of Rematch
Saturday night


Brock can be easily defeated with a single Grass type. He starts with Golem who can increase his Speed by two levels with Rock Polish and use Sandstorm to slowly cause damage and raise the Special Defence of himself and his team. He also knows Rock Slide and Earthquake.

Rampardos can fight back against Grass types with Avalanche but even after he uses Rock Polish, Avalanche always strikes second. He also knows Stone Edge and Earthquake.

Kabutops has Rock Slide and Aqua Jet in addition to Giga Drain although the last move is not much of a threat since Kabutops has low Special Attack. For some reason, Brock decided to teach Kabutop's Endure a move that always leaves him with 1 HP if you are attempting to land the finishing blow, even if you are using a OHKO move. Endure just delays the inevitable.

Omastar has Sandstorm and can block blows with Protect while Sandstorm causes damage. He also knows Ancient Power, which has a very small chance of raising five of his stats at once, and Brine which gets more powerful when your Pokemon has half of their maximum HP.

Relicanth has Rock Head which makes him immune to the recoil damage that Head Smash would usually cause. He also knows Aqua Tail and Earthquake. He has Rest to restore all his energy and a Lum Berry to wake himself up the first time he uses it, unless you get rid of the Lum Berry or cause another status condition first.

Onix's only move that causes direct damage is Rock Slide, but he can cause indirect damage with Sandstorm and Stealth Rock. He also knows Rock Polish and Rock Slide sometimes causes flinching if Onix strikes first. He is holding a Sitrus Berry but is still useless against a strong Grass or Water type.

Misty: Pokebuck.png7,200

How to obtain number
Go to Route 25 unless Suicune is present, every day between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM, must have beaten Blue
Time of Rematch
Wednesday morning


Misty starts with her Starmie who is extremely dangerous due to its high Special Attack and wide variety of moves. It knows Surf, Psychic, Ice Beam and Thunderbolt allowing it to hit many Pokemon super effectively. It also has a Colbur Berry to weaken the power of one Dark type move, and if you cause a status condition Misty will recall it so that it can heal the problem with Natural Cure.

Quagsire has exactly the same moveset she had when you first challenged Misty which is Water Pulse, Earthquake, Yawn and Amnesia. Use a Grass type to take her out.

Lapras has Blizzard which is a powerful but inaccurate move. She also knows Rain Dance to increase the power of her Surf attack for five turns. Lapras knows Perish Song but she can't force your Pokemon to stay in battle until the countdown finishes so just recall your Pokemon if she uses it. Misty will recall Lapras on the third turn of the Perish Song.

Floatzel is fast but has Agility to increase her Speed even further and she can pass stat changes to other Pokemon with Baton Pass although she almost never uses this move. She also knows Waterfall and Ice Fang.

Lanturn's only weakness is Grass types and fortunately her two attacking moves, Thunderbolt and Surf, won't bother most Grass types much. Confuse Ray and Thunder Wave can be annoying however.

Milotic is probably Misty's most powerful Pokemon; as far as level is concerned only Starmie is her equal. She has high Special Defence and can increase her Physical Defence by activating her Marvel Scale ability with Rest. She can also attack while she's asleep by using Sleep Talk. Milotic has two powerful attacking moves, Hydro Pump and Ice Beam.

Lt. Surge: Pokebuck.png6,720

How to obtain number
Go to the Power Plant after Zapdos is captured or defeated, but only between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM, and only if the player is walking with a Pikachu
Time of Rematch
Friday morning


Lt. Surge starts with his signature Raichu who has Grass Knot to deal with Ground types and very heavy Pokemon. He also has Quick Attack which always strikes first. Raichu has three ways of paralyzing your Pokemon. He could hit them with Thunder Wave, he might get lucky with Thunderbolt and if you hit him physically he might activate Static.

Pachirisu is Surge's second highest levelled Pokemon which is strange considering his species is considered to be rather weak. Despite his species' reputation, Surge's Pachirisu is actually quite dangerous since he can wipe out half of your Pokemon's health with Super Fang, and is also capable of causing confusion with Sweet Kiss, although both of these moves sometimes miss. He also has Discharge and Quick Attack.

Electivire can hold his own well against Ground types thanks to Ice Punch and he can also hit Pokemon that like using Dig with Earthquake. His other two moves are Cross Chop and Thunderbolt and he is holding a Sitrus Berry. His Special Ability, Motor Drive increases his Speed if you hit him with any Electric type move and also prevents him from taking damage or being paralyzed in Thunder Wave's case, although you probably won't bother with an Electric type move anyway.

Surge's Magnezone is far more powerful than Jasmine's Magnezone and can actually provide a huge challenge to Ground types thanks to Magnet Rise, which makes it immune to Ground type moves. Not only that but it can use Double Team. Mirror Shot sometimes misses but is fairly powerful and has a chance of lowering your Pokemon's Accuracy. Magnezone also knows Thunderbolt.

Manectric is a Special Attacker but has two massive flaws in his fighting style. The first is the fact that he can only use Natural Gift once; however he can knock out Ground types with this move since his Pinap Berry makes it a Grass type move. The second flaw is that whenever he uses Overheat he will lower his Special Attack power by two levels. Like Raichu, Manectric can cause paralysis three different ways. The first is by using Thunder Wave, the second is by activating Static and the third is if he gets lucky with Discharge.

Electrode can only hurt Ground types by blowing itself up with Explosion. It can use Double Team but if it is going to blow itself up anyway, this is just a waste of time. Its other moves are Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave and like Raichu and Manectric it has three ways of causing paralysis since its ability is Static.

Erika: Pokebuck.png6,600

How to obtain number
Go to the Celadon City fountain on Saturdays and Sundays between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM
Time of Rematch
Sunday morning


Erika starts with Shiftry who has a massive weakness to Bug types and you can also turn her Sunny Day against her with a Fire type. Sunny Day activates Chlorophyll which increases Shiftry's Speed. She also knows Leaf Storm, which lowers her Special Attack by two stages, Sucker Punch, which always strikes first but only works if you are using a move that causes direct damage, and Explosion which will really hurt any Pokemon that is not a Ghost, Rock or Steel type but will knock out Shiftry at the same time.

Five out of six of Erika's Pokemon have the Chlorophyll ability and Bellossom also has Sunny Day in order to activate it, in addition to allowing her to instantly fire a Solarbeam. She also has Attract to infatuate male Pokemon and can cause damage and restore health with Giga Drain.

Although two of Jumpluff's moves rely on her having other members of Erika's team still conscious, she is usually the last Pokemon Erika uses which is a massive strategic error on the Gym Leaders part. She has U-Turn which can allow her to escape but only if other members of her team are still conscious. Jumpluff also has Memento which knocks her out but lowers your Pokemon's Attack and Special Attack by two stages. She also knows Sleep Powder and Giga Drain.

Victreebel is holding a Kelpsey Berry which gives her a Fighting type Natural Gift and is her only defence against Steel types. Natural Gift only works once. She has Leaf Storm and Sludge Bomb. Victreebel also knows the Physical Attack Leaf Blade to make up for the fact that she will harshly lower her Special Attack whenever she hits you with Leaf Storm.

Tangrowth is designed to take on Fire, Flying and Bug types, knowing Earthquake and Rock Slide to hit them super effectively and can make these moves more powerful with Swords Dance. She also knows Power Whip. However she has low Special Defence although her Physical Defence is very high.

Roserade is the only member of Erika's team that does not have Chlorophyll as her ability, instead having Natural Cure which allows her to heal status problems whenever she is recalled. Although she cannot increase her Speed, she can decrease your Pokemons Speed by using Stun Spore and the possibility of it rendering your Pokemon unable to fight back is not pleasant either. Roserade also knows Weather Ball, which is a Fire type move if Sunny Day is still in effect. Her other moves are Energy Ball and Sludge Bomb.

Sabrina: Pokebuck.png6,360

How to obtain number
Go to the Olivine City harbor on Fridays at any time. Must have S.S. Ticket.
Time of Rematch
Sunday afternoon


Sabrina starts the battle with her Alakazam who can use Gravity to make his Focus Blast more accurate. He also knows Psychic and Energy Ball. His Special Ability is Synchronize, allowing him to turn poison, paralysis and burning against you. However his Defence is weak.

Jynx's Defence is possibly even worse than Alakazams; however like Alakazam she has a very high Special Attack stat. She knows Blizzard, Psychic and Focus Blast. Her final move is Perish Song.

Wobbuffet has Counter and Mirror Coat, like all members of her Species allowing her to send Physical and Special Attacks back at your Pokemon with double the power. Shedinja, Sableye and Spiritomb are immune to both of these moves, but Wobbuffet knows Destiny Bond which allows her to take your Pokemon down with her. Although she almost never uses it, Wobbuffet can use Encore which forces your Pokemon to use the same move for several turns in a row. You can't recall your Pokemon when fighting Wobbuffet because of Shadow Tag.

Gallade is the only Physical Attacker on Sabrina's team and also the only one who has a partial resistance to Dark type moves since he is part Fighting type. He knows Stone Edge which can take out Flying and Bug types. His other moves are Psycho Cut, Night Slash and Close Combat. Close Combat will lower his Defence and Special Defence whenever it is used. If you cause Gallade to flinch his Speed will increase because of Steadfast.

Espeon is a strong Special Attacker, being able to use Psychic and Shadow Ball although Dark types are immune to Psychic and most of them resist Shadow Ball. Although he can't really fight Dark types, he can escape from them with Baton Pass and this also allows him to pass raises stats on to another member of Sabrina's team. He can raise his Special Attack and Special Defence with Calm Mind. Like Alakazam he has the Synchronize Ability.

Despite the name of her species, Sabrina's Mr Mime is female. She knows Reflect which weakens the power of Physical Attacks for five turns. She can also cause a lot of damage with Psychic and Thunder. Mr Mime also has Skill Swap which allows her to give her Special Ability, Filter, to one of your Pokemon in exchange for their Special Ability.

Janine: Pokebuck.png6600

How to obtain number
Go to the Pokémon League Reception Gate every evening between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM
Time of Rematch
Monday afternoon


Although not as powerful as her father, Janine is still a dangerous opponent. She starts with the extremely fast Crobat who can confuse your Pokemon with Confuse Ray and escape wih U-Turn. Crobal also knows Heat Wave which allows her to hit Steel types super effectively. Her final move is Cross Poison. She is immune to flinching because of Inner Focus.

Weezing can blow herself up, and probably your Pokemon too, by using Explosion. She can also cause severe poison with Toxic or normal poison if she gets lucky with Sludge Bomb. Weezing also knows Thunderbolt which can cause paralysis. She is immune to Ground type moves because of Levitate.

Toxicroak can be easily defeated by a Psychic type. She attempts to defend herself with Substitute or prevent male Pokemon from fighting back with Attract. She also knows Poison Jab and Cross Chop.

Despite knowing Swagger and Toxic, Ariados does not have Spider Web in order to trap your Pokemon. Instead she has Bounce which allows her to avoid attacks and strike on the next turn. Bounce also has a chance of causing paralysis. Ariados also knows Night Shade which will always take away 58 HP from your Pokemon, unless they have less than that amount of HP or are a Normal type.

Venomoth has Sleep Powder and can make herself harder to hit with Double Team. She also knows Bug Buzz and Psychic which both have a chance of lowering your Pokemon's Special Defence. Despite having wings, Venomoth is not a Flying type and her Ability is Tinted Lens instead of Levitate so she can be hit by a Ground type move. Tinted Lens makes any move that your Pokemon resists more powerful.

Drapion may not be Janine's highest levelled Pokemon but she is a dangerous opponent and the only member of Janine's team who is immune to Psychic type moves. This Drapion has obviously been bred since she knows Confuse Ray. She can also increase the power of her Cross Poison and Crunch attacks by two stages by using Swords Dance. Ground types can hit her super effectively while Steel types resist Crunch and are immune to Cross Poison.

Blaine: Pokebuck.png7440

How to obtain number
Go to Cinnabar Island on Tuesdays at any time, must have beaten Blue
Time of Rematch
Tuesday afternoon


Blaine's Torkoal has been bred since he knows Yawn. Yawn doesn't put your Pokemon to sleep until the turn after it is used. Torkoal can use Sunny Day to increase the power of Fire type moves and decrease the power of Water type moves. He also has Overheat but this move gets weaker each time it's used, although it will still seriously hurt if Sunny Day is in effect. His final move is Body Slam which can sometimes cause paralysis.

Camerupt has a huge weakness to Water type moves but he has Solid Rock and Sunny Day to decrease their power. Sunny Day allows him to fire a Solarbeam instantly. Camerupt has Eruption, which is more powerful when he is at full HP but due to his lack of Speed, you will probably hit him before he can use it. His final move is Earthquake

Like Camerupt, Magcargo has a massive weakness to Water types and unlike Camerupt he has no moves or abilities that give him any resistance to their attacks. He also has a huge weakness to Ground type moves. He can use Curse to increase his Attack and Defence whilst decreasing his Speed. This increases the power of his Stone Edge and is especially good for his Gyro Ball. He also knows Overheat.

Rapidash has Flare Blitz which will really hurt any Pokemon that doesn't have high Defence or doesn't resist it, although it also hurts Rapidash. He also knows Overheat to hit Pokemon that have enough Defence to take Flare Blitz. He has Megahorn which is powerful but inaccurate and although he is already fast he knows Quick Attack in case you are using a Pokemon faster than he is.

Houndoom knows Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch and Shadow Ball. Like Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse and Sucker Punch can hit Ghost and Psychic types super effectively and they are stronger than Shadow Ball when used by Houndoom because he is part Dark type. However Gallade and Medicham have some resistance to his Dark type moves since they are part Fighting type which is presumably the reason that Houndoom knows Shadow Ball. His Special Attack is high but his Defence is low.

Magmortar does not have very good Defence but hitting him with Physical Attacks is risky because he can cause burning with Flame Body. He has Thunderbolt to hit Water types and Low Kick to hit heavy Pokemon. He also knows Flamethrower and Confuse Ray.

Blue: Pokebuck.png1560

How to obtain number
Get it from Daisy Oak after having at least seven massages and showing her a Pokémon with full happiness.
Time of Rematch
Sunday night


Blue is by far the strongest Gym Leader and is the third strongest trainer in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, exceeded only by Red and possibly Lance. Unlike all the other Gym Leaders, Blue does not specialize in any one type, instead using a variety. He starts the battle with Exeggutor who has a massive weakness to Bug types. Exeggutor is slow but he can use Trick Room, allowing him to switch his Speed stat with the Speed stat of your Pokemon. In other words, if Exeggutor is facing a really fast Pokemon, that Pokemon will become very slow and Exeggutor will become very fast. If you're using a Pokemon that is slower than Exeggutor, he won't bother with Trick Room. In addition to the unique Trick Room, Exeggutor also knows Leaf Storm, Psychic and Explosion.

Blue's Arcanine has a moveset that is very common for his species; Flare Blitz, Crunch, Thunder Fang and ExtremeSpeed. He also has Flash Fire which makes him immune to Fire type moves and increases Flare Blitz's power if he is hit by one.

Machamp is holding an Iron Ball which he can hurl at your Pokemon by using Fling, although he can only use it once. He also has Dynamic Punch and Stone Edge. This Machamp is obviously rather vain, since he uses Attract to infatuate female Pokemon. Machamp's Special Ability is No Guard which means he will always hit you, even with the normally frustratingly inaccurate Dynamic Punch. However this also means that you will always hit him.

Tyranitar is a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon and he will summon a sandstorm as soon as he is brought into battle by using Sand Stream. This sandstorm will continue until the battle is over, unless you change the weather. It also increases the Special Defence of Tyranitar and Rhyperior. Tyranitar has Low Kick to deal with heavy Pokemon and Fire Fang to cause serious damage to Grass types. He also has Rock Slide and Earthquake. Tyranitar does not have any moves that cover his huge weakness to Fighting types, so a tough Fighting Pokemon can win easily.

Rhyperior is the only member of Blue's team that is not from Generation I or Generation II and is also the only one that is immune to Tyranitar's Sand Stream, except for Tyranitar himself of course. This Rhyperior has been bred, because he knows Thunder Fang which he uses to attempt to fight back against Water types. Megahorn is super effective on Grass types. Rhyperior also knows Stone Edge and Earthquake. His Special Ability is Solid Rock which decreases the power of moves that are super effective against him, meaning there is a chance that he might endure a Grass or Water type move. Also the Special Defence boost he can get from Tyranitar's Sand Stream and his naturally high Defence, increase the chances of Solid Rock working successfully.

Like Falkner, Blue's main Pokemon is Pidgeot. This Pidgeot is not as irritating as Falkner's since he cannot use Swagger or Roost, although he has a Sitrus Berry to restore energy. Although he's not as annoying he does have more raw power in addition to a much higher level and is therefore, arguably, more of a challenge than Falkner's Pidgeot. Like Falkner's Pidgeot he has Double Team and Return. He also has Air Slash and Steel Wing. Air Slash can cause flinching and Steel Wing sometimes raises the users Defence. Pidgeot's Special Ability is Tangled Feet which raises his evasiveness if you cause confusion.