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Home of the ninja!
Poké Mart
HGSSTinyMushroomSprite.png TinyMushroom* Pokebuck.png500
HGSSPokeBallSprite.png Poké Ball* Pokebuck.png200
HGSSPotionSprite.png Potion* Pokebuck.png300
HGSSGreatBallSprite.png Great Ball Pokebuck.png600
HGSSSuperPotionSprite.png Super Potion Pokebuck.png700
HGSSHyperPotionSprite.png Hyper Potion Pokebuck.png1200
HGSSAntidoteSprite.png Antidote Pokebuck.png100
HGSSParlyzHealSprite.png Parlyz Heal Pokebuck.png200
HGSSSuperRepelSprite.png Super Repel Pokebuck.png500
HGSSReviveSprite.png Revive Pokebuck.png1500
HGSSAirMailSprite.png Air Mail Pokebuck.png50
*Only available before you've
beaten Team Rocket's Hideout

Lake Rage[edit]

Team Rocket's Hideout[edit]

Mahogany Gym