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New Bark Town

Your hometown of New Bark Town may be small, but it's packed with places, people and items that are extremely important to you. Your adventure begins with an errand that your neighbor, Professor Elm, asks you to run for him. He gives you a wonderful gift for helping him!

Choosing your first Pokémon.

Setting up the Menu[edit]

You'll begin in your room. Head down the stairs and talk with your mother. She'll say that your friend Ethan, if you're a girl, or Lyra, if you're a boy, was playing hide-and-seek with his/her Marill, and to visit Professor Elm, who is looking for you. You then receive the menus for saving, Settings, your Pack and your Trainer Card.


After you walk outside of your house, a Marill will come running into you. You will see your friend Ethan/Lyra walking down the stairs from the second story of Professor Elm's Lab, which then reunites with his Marill and walks away. Time to continue with the story, so head over to the lab, which is right next door to you're home. Hmm, I wonder who that red-haired kid next to the lab is ..?

Professor Elm's Lab[edit]

Visiting Professor Elm.

Once you enter the lab, walk forward to talk to Professor Elm, who will ask you to help him with one of his studies. He wants you to raise a Pokémon outside of its Pokéball to compare the effects against those who are raised inside Pokéballs. Right before he gives you your first Pokémon, he receives an email from Mr. Pokémon saying that he has an egg he would like Professor Elm to research. Professor Elm asks you to go in his place to pick up the egg since his lab is too busy; then, he allows you to take your choice of the three Johto starters: the grass-type, Chikorita; the fire-type, Cyndaquil; and the water-type, Totodile. Along with your first Pokémon, you receive the menu to view your current party, also titled, "POKéMON." After you choose, he informs you that you can use the PC behind him to heal your Pokémon and sends you on your way. Before you exit, Elm's assistant stops you and gives you five potions to aid you on your task.

Before You Leave[edit]

Obtaining your Pokégear

After you exit the lab, your friend will be waiting for you outside with his/her Marill. He/She will comment on how cute your new Pokémon looks and will suggest for you to show it to your mom. Stop by your house and tell your mother you're leaving, and she'll inform you that your Pokégear is back from the shop. The Pokégear allows you to do numerous things depending on what cards you have for it. You start with the background and phone cards, but will acquire more as you progress through your journey. Your mother will give you a tutorial on how to use the phone if you so desire. It's time to leave your home city and complete Elm's task. As you go to leave the city, Professor Elm will stop you and give you his number, in case something comes up. Now it's time to go to Mr. Pokémon's house.

#152 Chikorita #155 Cyndaquil
Pokemon 152Chikorita.png
Like Bulbasaur before it, Chikorita is a Grass-type that is strong against Rock-, Ground-, and Water-types, and it is weak against Fire-, Bug-, Poison-, and Flying-types. Chikorita learns the powerful Razor Leaf attack at level 6, making it a very strong Pokémon in the early game. But Chikorita doesn't learn any other powerful moves until very high levels, and being a Grass-type, it will have big trouble with the first gym.
Pokemon 155Cyndaquil.png
Charmander's successor is also a Fire-type, and it is strong when fighting against Ice-, Grass-, or Bug-types and is weak when fighting against Water-, Rock-, or Ground-types. While Chikorita excels in Defense, Cyndaquil is the quickest and has the best Special Attack score. Its Fire moves are a little weak in the early game, though, so it's hard to take advantage of its strengths at first.
#158 Totodile
Pokemon 158Totodile.png
Totodile is a Water-type like Squirtle, and it is strong against Fire-, Ground-, and Rock-types. It is weak when it faces Grass- or Electric-type Pokémon. Totodile learns a variety of strong attacks but only a few Water ones. That's just as well, since its Attack is higher than its Special Attack. Totodile is probably the strongest starter, but Water-type Pokémon are much more common than Grass or Fire Pokémon.