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Poké Balls[edit]

This is a list of all Poké Balls in the game.

Image Name Catch Rate Image Name Catch Rate
HGSSPokeBallSprite.png Poké Ball x1 HGSSLoveBallSprite.png Love Ball 8× if used on a Pokémon of the same species, but opposite gender of the player's Pokémon
HGSSGreatBallSprite.png Great Ball x1.5 HGSSPremierBallSprite.png Premier Ball x1, only used to commemorate special events
HGSSUltraBallSprite.png Ultra Ball x2 HGSSHeavyBallSprite.png Heavy Ball The more the Pokémon weighs, the better your chance.
HGSSMasterBallSprite.png Master Ball x255 HGSSFastBallSprite.png Fast Ball x4 if used on a Pokémon with a speed stat of at least 100
HGSSSafariBallSprite.png Safari Ball x1.5 in Safari Zone HGSSRepeatBallSprite.png Repeat Ball x3 on Pokémon caught before
HGSSLevelBallSprite.png Level Ball 1x if level is even, 2x if it's higher, 3x if it's double, 4x if it's over four times higher. HGSSTimerBallSprite.png Timer Ball x2 if used after turn 10, x3 after 20, x4 after 40
HGSSMoonBallSprite.png Moon Ball 4× if used on a Pokémon belonging to the Nidoran♂, Nidoran♀, Clefairy, Jigglypuff or Skitty families HGSSNestBallSprite.png Nest Ball x3 if used on a Pokémon with a level below 19, x2 if it's between 20 and 29
HGSSLureBallSprite.png Lure Ball x3 if used on a Pokémon caught by a rod. HGSSNetBallSprite.png Net Ball x3 if used on water or bug-type Pokémon
HGSSDiveBallSprite.png Dive Ball x3.5 if used on water-dwelling Pokémon HGSSQuickBallSprite.png Quick Ball x4 if used on first turn
HGSSFriendBallSprite.png Friend Ball x1, makes captured Pokémon more friendly. HGSSHealBallSprite.png Heal Ball x1, brings captured Pokémon to full health
HGSSLuxuryBallSprite.png Luxury Ball x1, increases the rate that friendliness is acquired HGSSDuskBallSprite.png Dusk Ball x3.5 in cave or at night
HGSSCherishBallSprite.png Cherish Ball x1, only comes with event Pokémon HGSSParkBallSprite.png Park Ball x255 in Pal Park