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Mr. Pokémon's house is on this route.
Item Location
HGSSPotionSprite.png Potion Near the entrance to the route, on the eastern side
HGSSExpShareSprite.png Exp. Share Given by Mr. Pokémon when player gives him
the Red Scale from the Lake of Rage
HGSSApricornBoxSprite.png Apricorn Box Given by a man in the house near the branch in the path
HGSSGreenApricornSprite.png Grn Apricorn Obtained from a tree outside the house near the branch in the path
HGSSPinkApricornSprite.png Pnk Apricorn West of Mr. Pokémon's house
HGSSPotionSprite.png Antidote North of the home you received the Apricorn Box at.

Route Description[edit]

Route 30 is the second route encountered by trainers in Johto. From its southern terminus at Cherrygrove, the route turns northeast to avoid a ledge on the route that overlooks a patch of grass. Heading south, this ledge can be used to avoid the grass altogether.

The route emerges in an open area just north of the ledge. In the center of the area is a house owned by a man who is a collector of Apricorns. To the left of his house is, incidentally, an Apricorn tree. West of the tree is a southbound-only path containing a ledge preventing northbound access. East of the house is a two-way path that runs along a small pond and through another area of grass.

North of the grass patch, the route comes to another open area. Here, Route 30 splits into two segments, a western path that leads to Route 31 and an eastern path that leads to the house of Mr. Pokémon. Initially, the player must take the east path north through a series of grassy areas to Mr. Pokémon's house, located in the northeast corner of the route, to meet Professor Oak and receive the Pokédex. Mr. Pokémon also gives the player an egg to take to Professor Elm, which the player will receive once again in Violet City.

The western branch of the route is impassable until after the player has defeated his/her rival on the way back to New Bark Town. Once this is complete, the player may continue northward, weaving around ledges and trainers and passing through grassy areas towards Dark Cave and Route 31.

There is a small Cut-able tree near Mr. Pokémon's house that allows for passage between the two halves of the route, which is separated by a dense forest for most of the route.

The trainer Youngster Joey will give you his number, to call back for rematches, if you'd like.


Youngster Joey: Pokebuck.png64
Youngster Mikey: Pokebuck.png64
Bug Catcher Don: Pokebuck.png48





Hoenn Sound

Sinnoh Sound

Surfing and Fishing

#10 Caterpie #13 Weedle
Pokemon 010Caterpie.png
This Bug Pokémon reaches its highest form, Bug/Flying Butterfree, at level 10. The speedy evolution is nice, and Butterfree is useful for a while after it learns Confusion at level 10. Unfortunately, its awkward mix of types and lack of other good early moves makes it a poor long-term choice. It's first evolution, Metapod is also available for capture on this route.
Pokemon 013Weedle.png
Like Caterpie, Weedle evolves into its final form at level 10. That Pokémon, Beedril, actually gets a handful of strong moves: Fury Attack at level 10, and Twineedle, Pursuit, and Pin Missile later on. Beedrill is hardly the game's best Bug Pokémon, but it will hold you over until you get a Scyther. It's first evolution, Kakuna is also available for capture on this route.
#167 Spinarak #165 Ledyba
Pokemon 167Spinarak.png
Spinarak is a nocturnal Pokémon with a good variety of Poison, Normal, Bug, Ghost, and Psychic attacks. One move exclusive to this Pokémon and its evolved form (Ariados at level 22) is Spider Web, a useful technique that prevents a Pokémon from running away.
Pokemon 165Ledyba.png
You'll have to wake up early to catch a Ledyba. Bug/Flying type Ledyba and its evolved form Ledian are primarily defensive Pokémon, learning moves like Reflect, Safeguard, and Light Screen. They do learn a few early attacks like Comet Punch, but their Attack is too low to put them to good use.