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Map of Route 31
Item Location
HGSSPotionSprite.png Potion Left of Dark Cave
HGSSPokeBallSprite.png Poké Ball Near the bug catcher
HGSSBlackApricornSprite.png Blk Apricorn From the tree right next to the man
HGSSTMSprite.png TM 44 (Rest) From the man standing by the
small pond after giving him a
Pokémon from a friend on Route 35

Route Description[edit]

Route 31 is an extremely short east-west route encountered early on in Johto. Essentially it only serves as a connecting route between the northbound Route 30, its easternmost point and the gates of Violet City, its westernmost point. It also provides an entrance to Dark Cave.

This route is the third route that trainers starting in New Bark Town will arrive at. Like the route before it, Route 31 contains more than an even share of ledges that players need to go around to get to Violet City, but may jump over on their way back. A small pond is north of the route, just west of Dark Cave. Featuring few Trainers and a small area, all that a traveling Trainer really has to look out for on this route are the wild Pokémon.

There is a man who seems to be in a sleep-like state that is located next to the pond. He doesn't actually do anything when first encountered, but will be useful later on in the game. At the lookout station on Route 35 leading from Goldenrod, there is a guard who will give the player a Spearow with Mail attached to deliver to this man. After he receives the mail, the man will give the player TM44 (Rest).


Bug Catcher Wade: Pokebuck.png32

Even as the sole trainer on this route, don't underestimate his worth. After you defeat him he will give you his number, and every time he finds a berry, he'll call you and tell you to come pick it up.





Hoenn Sound

Sinnoh Sound

Surfing and Fishing

#69 Bellsprout
Pokemon 069Bellsprout.png
Bellsprout and its evolved forms, Weepinbell, and Victreebel are still among the least useful Grass Pokémon, and their one new move (Sweet Scent) isn't worth much. But if you didn't pick a Chikorita as a starter, you may find Bellsprout to be temporarily useful. They start with Vine Whip, which is good against the Gastly in Sprout Tower and great against Rock-type Pokémon in the upcoming Union Cave.