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Item Location
HGSSBigMushroomSprite.png Big Mushroom
HGSSNuggetSprite.png Nugget
HGSSRareCandySprite.png Rare Candy Rock Smash Required

The Ruins of Alph are located in Johto, with entrances to the south and west of Violet City. The ruins are filled with Unown once slide puzzles have been activated. Their name may come from the first four letters of "alphabet", which the Unown inside can represent.

If a Trainer listens to the Pokégear radio while inside the ruins, they will hear strange noises generated on every channel. Some of those noises are actually Ho-Oh's distorted cries.

If you received the TRU or Azure Flute Arceus' during their Nintendo events and traded one to either HeartGold or SoulSilver, then there is an event when you bring it to the scientists building as your lead Pokémon. Doing so will allow you to obtain a Giratina, Palkia, or Dialga at level 1, holding their power-up orbs. This event can be done over with a different Arceus. The complete article is on the Nintendo Events page.

Ruins Info[edit]

There are several scientists in the area listening and studying the ruins to discover more about them. They say it is more than it seems and that the puzzles in the caves must have something to do with the mystery of the past of the Ruins of Alph. In the area there are several small caves with puzzles; solving the puzzles cause Unown to appear in the main ruins.


Hidden Rooms[edit]

Patterns appear on the walls of the puzzle chambers. When the patterns' directions are followed, doorways to hidden rooms appear, and the player can learn some of the history of the Unown.

First Chamber[edit]

HGSSOranBerrySprite.png Oran Berry
HGSSPechaBerrySprite.png Pecha Berry
HGSSEnergyPowderSprite.png Energy Powder
HGSSHealPowderSprite.png Heal Powder

In the northernmost chamber, the far wall reads escape upon inspection. Using an Escape Rope there opens a secret room upon re-entering. Inside this room are four items.

Second Chamber[edit]

HGSSHealPowderSprite.png Heal Powder
HGSSEnergyRootSprite.png Energy Root
HGSSSitrusBerrySprite.png Sitrus Berry
HGSSMoonStoneSprite.png Moon Stone

In the chamber to the south across a small lake and to the right, the far wall reads flash. Getting a Pokémon to use the field move Flash will open the secret room containing more items.

Third Chamber[edit]

HGSSStarDustSprite.png Star Dust
HGSSStarPieceSprite.png Star Piece
HGSSLeppaBerrySprite.png Leppa Berry
HGSSMysticWaterSprite.png Mystic Water

The third chamber is accessed through Union Cave but requires a boulder to be moved. The far wall reads water this time. The secret chamber will open if the player has a Water Stone in their inventory (the player is required to select "use" in order for the chamber to open).

Fourth Chamber[edit]

HGSSRevivalHerbSprite.png Revival Herb
HGSSCharcoalSprite.png Charcoal
HGSSLifeOrbSprite.png Life Orb
HGSSLeppaBerrySprite.png Leppa Berry

The final chamber is also accessed through Union Cave. It is the cave just left of the third chamber. The far wall reads Ho-Oh. If Ho-Oh is in the player's party, the secret chamber opens containing more items.


Inside the caves, you'll fight various Unown, but only them, outside is treated like any other area.




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