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Pokémon square is directly right of your rescue team's headquarters. There are always a few Pokémon here to talk to for information or hints on how to advance through the story. It is always a good idea to go to the shops in Pokémon square between missions.

Kecleon Shop[edit]

  • This shared shop is where items can be bought and sold. Even though they have a relatively small stock, the inventory resets and changes every day (after sleeping/saving). It is a good idea to take a look at their inventory every day for a desirable TM or a big apple.
  • The Green Kecleon sells normal items like apples, berries, and gravelrocks.
  • The Purple Kecleon sells expensive items like orbs and TMs.

Felicity Bank[edit]

  • The Persian that runs this bank will watch over your poké.
  • If your team fails a mission and dies in the dungeon all of your poké will be gone. Only Poké in the Felicity Bank is safe from this. If there is any chance you will be dying in a dungeon it is best to leave all of your poké with Persian before leaving.

Gulpin Link Shop[edit]

  • For 150 poké Gulpin will happily link 2 or more of your moves with each other. This will cause them to be used at the same time. If you want to learn more about linking, read the Battle Concepts.

Kangaskhan Storage[edit]

  • Kangaskhan will let you drop off your items here for safe keeping. This not only keeps an item safe for use later but it frees up your relatively small inventory space for items found in dungeons.
  • Good things to always have a couple saved: When you have surplus apples and berries it is best to save at least a few of them. Many future dungeons are incredibly long and filled with Pokémon that cause status effects. TMs and Gummies are good to hold onto for improving your Pokémon team mates and yourself. Reviver seeds are important so make sure to save any you don't plan to use.

Pelliper Post Office[edit]

The Pelliper post office and its bulletin board are located to the far right of Pokémon Square.

  • This is where Pokémon come to get help by sending letters to rescue teams.
  • Use their bulletin board outside to sign up for more missions for additional Poké, items, and rank.
  • Often after a mission the thankful Pokémon will leave a tip of good items or Poké.

The Bulletin Board[edit]

  • This is where new non-story related missions can be found. Like the Kecleon shop the things here are randomly different each day. Common rewards are Poké or items. On rare occasions there are rewards like friend areas.
  • Every day after sleeping/saving a few more missions are normally added to the bulletin board.
  • If there are multiple missions for the same location on the bulletin board you can accept all of them and do them all in one outing.