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This is a strategy for players that want to complete the game in the minimal amount of time. Note that normal bulleted items have to be completed to advance. Indented bulleted items do not have to be completed, but can be helpful or fun to do.

  • Complete the Personality Quiz at the beginning of the game
  • Choose partner Pokémon based on Pokémon received from Personality Quiz
  • After waking up, complete first rescue mission and rescue Catterpie
  • Receive reward from Butterfree and go back to rescue base
  • Receive rescue team badge from your partner

  • Go to Thunderwave Cave and rescue Magnemite
  • Receive tour of town by your starter

  • Go to Mt. Steel, Defeat Skarmory and rescue Diglett

  • Go to Sinister Woods, Defeat Team Meanies, and rescue Metapod

  • Go to Silent Chasm, find Zapdos and rescue Jumpluff

  • Go to Mt Thunder, Defeat Zapdos and Rescue Shiftry