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The player will wake up on that beach, then the partner, then Grovyle. Grovyle will remind the partner that the citizens of Treasure Town still don't know the truth about time, so he's still considered an outlaw. So you three stay at a little place called Sharpedo Bluff. Then he explains the player's Dimensional Scream ability.

The next dawn...

Grovyle wakes up and notices the partner isn't there. So he checks outside. The partner is seen looking out towards the ocean. They talk for a while. (partner) shows the Relic Fragment, Grovyle mentions the player. Sunrise comes up. They tell each others truths.


The team figures out how to get things sorted out. They start by making way to Treeshroud Forest.

Treeshroud Forest[edit]

Treeshroud Forest was mentioned early in the game. It hides the first Time Gear and Pokémon can't be recruited here until after the credits roll. A canceled special Wonder Mail allowed the team to get a Mystery Part there. It has 20 floors and an interior. It has no boss.

  • Kadabra Floors 1F-9F
  • Ralts Floors 1F-9F
  • Cherrim Floors 1F-9F
  • Houndoom Floors 1F-10F
  • Ninetales Floors 10F-20F
  • Alakazam Floors 10F-20F
  • Kirlia Floors 10F-20F
  • Vespiquen Floors 10F-20F

Upon arrival at the interior, your partner will notice that time is frozen—however the Time Gear is there. Grovyle points out that this is a sign of the time freeze and takes the Time Gear. Then they leave.

A while later Partner comes back with more information about what's happening: Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf returned the Time Gears, however time stayed frozen, and even worse, it's spreading, and no one knows what's the problem. Grovyle states that Temporal Tower is starting to collapse. Grovyle splits from the team to gather the other four Time Gears, leaving the starters to find the Hidden Land themselves. They start by trying to figure out a way to cross the sea. They go back to the beach, except they still can't think of anything! The player realizes that their only chance of saving the world is by telling everyone. The starters agree to tell the Guild.