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This Chapter is only exploring two dungeons, and meeting two Legendary Pokémon. Also, Bidoof dispatches from your team, so you don't have to baby him anymore. Before entering the next dungeon, though, (partner's name here) will notice a shiny red gem on the ground. It's got to be worth a lot of money. Now you'll head into Foggy Forest!

  • Foggy Forest
  • Difficulty: 4
  • Boss: None
  • Floors: 11
  • Notes: Can explore Forest Path on first visit.

You better train a bit before going to the next dungeon. Just keep traversing the dungeon, which isn't too hard. It's too easy, actually. Eventually, you'll hit the end.

(partner's name here) will find a big statue in the ground ahead of you. You'll examine it, and (partner's name here) will tell you it's a Groudon, the legendary Pokémon of the land. You'll remember the shiny red gem you found earlier, and you and Pikachu will put the gem in a hollow in the statue. That's a lot of money down the drain. Oh, well, it will open up a new dungeon for you to explore! Who needs money when you have a new dungeon to explore anyway!

  • Steam Cave
  • Difficulty: 5
  • Boss: Uxie (Hologram Groudon on first visit)
  • Floors: 8+ 7+ Interior
  • Notes: Fight Hologram Groudon on first visit; Uxie appears as a boss after the credits.

This dungeon is pretty challenging, considering there's no real theme to this dungeon type-wise, it's almost like random. Just keep going through, using the save point midway, and eventually you'll reach a Groudon.

  • Hologram Groudon
  • HP: ?
  • Ground
  • Average Damage: 10+

This boss fight can get pretty intense, so you have 4 options:

  • Lower it's Attack
  • Increase your Defense
  • Send it into Whiffer status with Smokescreen
  • Paralyze it with Thunder Wave or Static ability

After you choose your course of action, utilize it. Sometimes, it tends to try to attack and jump away, so attack it with Geo Pebbles or something when it does that. Also, try to use Water or Grass attacks on it. After a few dozen hits, it will go down.

The Groudon will disappear, and Uxie will take your starters to the lake and tell you about its secrets. During this period the whole guild will show up. The Groudon will disappear, and he'll take your starters to the lake and tell you about its secrets. During this period the whole guild will show up. Eventually "he" will stop mentioning it, and the guild will promise not to tell anyone. The expedition will end, the expansion will allow you to play part of a certain special feature, and Chapter Ten will begin. Wa-ha!