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This page needs images of controls from the controller buttons category to make learning the controls easier. If a set of controller button images is available for this system, please add them. If a set of controller images isn't available, it might need to be brought up on StrategyWiki:Staff lounge.

For tips on mastering the mini-games go to Walkthrough. This section will be covering how to use and navigate the Pokémon mini while playing Pokémon Party mini.

Each game will have 3 options on the main menu: play, ranking, and how to play.

  • Play: Start the game.
  • Ranking: The 3 highest scores will be displayed.
  • How to play: Will supply the controls for the game and an overall summary of how to play (including a visual demo).


  • Rumble: Let’s you choose if rumble should be on or off. Left for off and right for on.
  • Sound: Will raise or lower the volume of the game’s BG music.
  • S E: Abbreviated for sound effects. Will raise or lower the volume of the game’s sound effects.
  • Contrast: Will allow you to adjust the screen’s contrast to make viewing the game easier.

Celebi’s clock[edit]

The last option is not a game. Celebi’s clock has multiple helpful functions. It not only will display the time and date (which can be reset in the menu) but it also has a stop watch and alarm function.

The most effective way to use the alarm clock is to set it for the desired time and then push the POWER button. The Pokémon mini will instantly turn back on when the alarm goes off.