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There are two tables in the game, red and blue. Each table has its own details and gameplay elements.

Each table has different "locations" that you play, which determine the Pokémon that are available for capture. Pressing A will select your starting location and launch the first ball into play. After that, each table has its own mechanism for advancing to the next location.

"Catch Mode," when activated, starts a 2 minute play where you can attempt to capture a Pokémon. Once you activate "catch mode," you must hit the pop bumpers 6 times. Each hit unlocks 1/6 of an image of the Pokémon currently up for capture. Once the image is complete, the Pokémon appears on the table, where it must be hit 4 times with the ball to capture it.

"Evolution Mode," when activated, starts a 2 minute window of opportunity where you select a captured Pokémon (from the current game in progress only) and attempt to evolve it. This is the only way to add the evolved form to your Pokédex. Once you select a Pokémon, you must hit targets on the playfield. There are 5 targets in all, but only 3 of them have items in them that you need to evolve a Pokémon. The other two create a time-wasting sequence before you can hit targets again. If you hit a target with an item, the item appears on the playfield and must be collected with the ball. Once you've collected all 3 items, the hole in the center of the board opens up. Sinking the ball in the hole finally evolves the Pokémon.