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Here is the list of Pokémon you will encounter on each Pinball table.

Red Table[edit]

  • Pallet Town: Charmander, Rattata, Nidoran♂, and Poliwag
  • Viridan Forest: Weedle, Pidgey, and Pikachu
  • Pewter City: Spearow, Jigglypuff, Ekans, and Magikarp
  • Cerulean City: Oddish, Mankey, Jynx, and Abra
  • Vermilion City: Shellder, Krabby, Ekans, and Farfetch'D
  • Rock Mountain: Voltorb, Diglett, and Mr. Mime
  • Lavender Town: Gastly, Magnemite, Cubone, Electabuzz, and Zapdos
  • Cycling Road: Spearow, Doduo, Lickitung, and Snorlax
  • Safari Zone: Paras, Rhyhorn, and Chansey
  • Seafoam Islands: Horsea, Staryu, Seel, and Articuno
  • Cinnabar Island: Ponyta, Growlithe, Omanyte, and Kabuto
  • Indigo Plateau: Machop, Onix, and Ditto

Blue Table[edit]

  • Viridan City: Squirtle, Nidoran♂, and Bulbasaur
  • Viridian Forest: Caterpie, Rattata, and Pikachu
  • Mt Moon: Zubat, Paras, and Clefairy
  • Cerulean City: Bellsprout, Meowth, Jynx, and Abra
  • Vermilion City: Streets Shellder, Krabby, Farfetch'd, and Sandshrew
  • Rock Mountain: Diglett, Voltorb, and Mr. Mime
  • Celadon City: Mankey, Meowth, Eevee, and Porygon
  • Fuchsia City: Magikarp, Goldeen, Kangaskhan, and Exeggcute
  • Safari Zone: Doduo, Nidoran♀, and Chansey
  • Saffron City: Ekans, Sandshrew, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee
  • Cinnabar Island: Ponyta, Koffing, Aerodactyl, and Magmar
  • Indigo Plateau: Geodude, Ditto, Onix, Moltres, and Mewtwo