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Major changes[edit]

  • The Sinnoh Pokédex has 60 new Pokémon added to it. As such, there will be more trainers and more Pokémon for you to raise.
  • The Elite Four team lineups have changed to accommodate the new Pokédex, and will level up upon obtaining the National Pokédex.
  • There are two new Characters in the story. Charon, a scientist for Team Galactic, and Looker, an investigator for the International Police.
  • There is a new Wifi Plaza for anyone who wants to play mini games with other players. There is a time limit, however.
  • There is a new area called the Distortion World that plays a part in the story. It is also where you find Giratina at lv. 47.
  • There is a Battle Frontier, and it has these facilities in it: The Battle Hall, Battle Castle, Battle Arcade, Battle Factory, and of course, the Battle Tower.
  • You can have rematches with all of the Gym Leaders and can also battle against the five trainers that helped you at various points in the game.

Legendary Pokémon Changes[edit]

  • Palkia and Dialga are caught after beating the Elite Four. You have to talk to Cynthia's grandmother and find the Adamant and Lustrious orbs in Mt. Coronet. They are at lv. 70 and easier to catch.
  • Giratina is found in the Distortion world at lv. 47.
  • Regigigas is found at the Snowpoint Temple, and instead of it being at level 70, it is found at level 1. That further contributes to the myth that once it had powerful strength, but it was dormant for a millennium. So, moss has started to grow on it (which is why it has green feet), and its strength was crippled. This is also proven by its ability, Slow Start, that halves its Attack and Speed for five turns.
  • Shaymin now has a new change, Sky Forme. If you show a Shaymin to a woman in Floroma town (it doesn't have to be from the game itself, it can be an event), she'll give you the Gracidea. Shaymin gains a new appearance, new base stats, the ability Serene Grace, and it becomes a Grass/Flying type. It is a key item, so you won't lose it. Shaymin reverts back to Land form when it's night, or when it gets frozen status.

Gym Leader rematches[edit]

Unlike in Diamond and Pearl, you can battle the Gym Leaders as many times as you like in a place called the Battleground which is found in the Survival Area beside the Pokemon Centre.



Roark's strategy is almost completely aggressive; only his Probopass knows a move that does not cause direct damage and that move is Stealth Rock. Roark starts with the agile Aerodactyl, who is not only fast but a powerful Physical Attacker, knowing the moves Stone Edge, Earthquake, Aerial Ace and Dragon Claw. A Water type is the best choice against Aerodactyl.

As mentioned above, Probopass has Stealth Rock. His other moves are Discharge, Stone Edge and Earth Power. A Ground or Fighting type is likely knock him out in one blow.

Golem also has two massive weaknesses, Grass and Water types. He knows Stone Edge, Earthquake, Brick Break and Flamethrower. Flamethrower may seem like a danger to Grass types, but Golem has low Special Attack so most Grass types can take it.

Roark's Rampardos is his second strongest Pokemon and has tremendously high Attack power. His signature move is Head Smash, which is extremely powerful but causes recoil damage. He also knows Zen Headbutt, Earthquake and Avalanche. Even if it is used by a very fast Pokemon such as Weavile, Avalanche always strikes second so Grass or Ground types should be able to win, although a Water type is safer since none of Rampardos' moves are super effective against Water types.

Tyranitar is a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon and is therefore powerful. Due to Sand Stream, he will instantly whip up a Sandstorm as soon as he is brought into battle. He has Fire Fang to deal with Steel or Grass types and also knows Aerial Ace, which is ridiculous for such a massive Pokemon but allows him to inflict a lot of damage on Fighting types, his greatest weakness, and it also works well on Grass types. He also knows Crunch and Stone Edge. As long as they are faster or can take a hit from Aerial Ace, Fighting types will cream Tyranitar.



Gardenia really should have a Leafeon on her team, instead of a Jumpluff. Oh well, she doesn't so just deal with her pathetic Jumpluff with Fire or Ice type moves. In fact you can safely use a Rock type against Jumpluff; her moveset consists of Silver Wind, Bounce, Sunny Day and Toxic, none of which are Grass type moves. Sunny Day will activate Jumpluff's Chlorophyll and increase her speed but also leaves her extremely vulnerable to Fire type moves.

Bellossom is slightly stronger since she has three moves that restore energy; Ingrain, Giga Drain and Drain Punch. Like Jumpluff she will use Sunny Day to activate Chlorophyll and increase her speed. A Fire type can easily turn Bellossom's Sunny Day against her, and a Flying type shouldn't have too many problems either.

Cherrim is no stronger, although she does have a unique ability called Flower Gift which raises her Attack and Special Defence and causes her to change her form when the sunlight is strong. In order to activate her ability she has Sunny Day, and she also uses Solarbeam which charges instantly after Sunny Day. He last two moves are Leech Seed and Toxic.

Three of Gardenia's Pokemon are rather pitiful, but the last two are very strong. Torterra, the only male member of her team, is bulky, being able to take quite a lot of damage. He is a Physical Attacker, using Stone Edge, Earthquake, Crunch and Wood Hammer. Wood Hammer is a very rare move that is powerful but causes recoil damage. This also means that Torterra's Overgrow ability can be used against him; Wood Hammer will become more powerful when he's tired but that means it will also cause more recoil damage.

Roserade is a Special Attacker and is obviously the daughter of the Roserade Gardenia used during your first battle with her, since she can only learn Leaf Storm by breeding. Although Leaf Storm is a very strong move, is lowers Roserade's Special Attack by two levels so after she uses it she will be much less threatening. She also uses Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball and Hyper Beam. If she is not the last Pokemon Gardenia is using, she will recall Roserade if you cause a status condition. This will activate Natural Cure, healing Roserade of any status condition. It also recharges Leaf Storm for when Gardenia sends her out again.



Fantina starts with Banette, who can use Will-O-Wisp to burn your Pokemon and lower their Attack. Banette has decent Attack power and uses Shadow Claw and Faint Attack to prove it. Her final move is Thunderbolt. A Pokemon with Guts is very useful if Banette uses Will-O-Wisp, although of course you need to make sure that they can actually cause damage, since Banette is a Ghost type. Banette is immune to sleep because of Insomnia.

Drifblim uses both Ominous Wind and Silver Wind, both of which have a chance of raising five of Drifblim's stats at once. She also knows Psychic. Her last move is Baton Pass which she can use to pass the unlikely but possible stat changes she can recieve from Ominous Wind or Silver Wind. Even if these moves do power her up however, Drifblim almost never uses Baton Pass. Electric or Ice types are the best choices against Drifblim and don't attack her physically when performing the final blow unless you don't mind your Pokemon loosing a quarter of its HP due to Aftermath.

Dusknoir is a Pokemon that is capable of stalling quite well since she knows both Double Team and Protect. Her special ability is Pressure, which causes your Pokemon to lose 2 PP instead of one. Pressure works even when Dusknoir is blocking your attacks with Protect. Her aggressive moves are Shadow Punch, which can't miss, and Rock Slide. Dark types, especially ones that know Faint Attack which makes Double Team useless, are the best choices.

Mismagius and Gengar both have Levitate and are immune to Ground type moves. Mismagius uses Shadow Ball, Psychic, Thunderbolt and Magical Leaf and since she is a strong Special Attacker all of these moves can hurt, unless your Pokemon resists or is immune to them. A Dark type should be able to deal with her.

Gengar is extremely dangerous, although she does have two moves that have a good chance of missing, Focus Blast and Thunder. Obviously Focus Blast is there to deal with Dark types; Thunder seems to only be there to fill a moveslot. Gengar also knows Shadow Ball and Psychic. Although she can inflict super effective damage on Psychic, Dark and Ghost types they can also inflict super effective damage on her. Gengar covers all of her weaknesses so no Pokemon is safe against her; you just need to hit her hard and fast before she decimates you with her high Special Attack.



Why Maylene is the only person in the Battleground who has Pokemon that go up to level 66 is unknown. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that her main Pokemon, Lucario, is also the main Pokemon of Riley although Riley is by far the stronger trainer, despite his Pokemon being lower levelled. Anyway, Maylene starts with Hitmontop who normally starts the battle with Fake Out so a Pokemon with Inner Focus or Steadfast would be useful. Hitmontop also knows Triple Kick, Aerial Ace and Quick Attack. He will use Intimidate to lower your Pokemon's Attack as soon as he is brought into battle.

Breloom is very vulnerable to Flying type moves, but she has Stone Edge to hit them super effectively and this also covers her weakness to Fire types. She also has Spore, which is the best sleep causing move in any of the games since it has 100% accuracy. Because it only misses if moves like Double Team, Fly, Dig, Shadow Force, Safeguard or Protect are used (and in Protect and Safeguard's case it doesn't actually miss it is just blocked) it is even better than Dark Void, despite the fact that Dark Void can hit two Pokemon at the same time. Breloom also has Seed Bomb and Mach Punch. Her special ability is Effect Spore so hitting her with Physical Attacks is risky because her ability can sometimes cause poison, paralysis or sleep.

Maylene's Machamp does not have No Guard, instead having Guts, which means that his attacks can miss you and your attacks can miss him. However if you cause paralysis, burning or poison, Guts will increase Machamps Attack power. He has Stone Edge to hit Flying types super effectively so Psychic types are the best choice. He also knows Cross Chop, Earthquake and Rock Climb. Rock Climb is very rarely used in battle so you might be unaware of its unlikely but dangerous side effect which is confusion.

Medicham has all three of the Elemental Punches, Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Thunder Punch. She also knows Hi Jump Kick which is powerful but if it misses or doesn't affect the Pokemon it's used against, Medicham will cause damage to herself. Ghost types are good choices against Medicham.

As mentioned above, Maylene is weaker than Riley and her Lucario proves it since he is completely useless against any levitating Ghost type in addition to Drifloon, Drifblim and Shedinja. His moveset is Close Combat, Drain Punch, Extremespeed and Bone Rush.

Crasher Wake[edit]


Crasher Wake starts with Sharpedo, who is a strong Physical Attacker and can strike quickly with its decent Speed as well as Aqua Jet. However Sharpedo is extremely frail and almost any super effective attack will knock him out. However if you attack Sharpedo physically your Pokemon will be hurt by his Rough Skin ability. In addition to Aqua Jet, Sharpedo knows Night Slash, Slash and Endure the last move being used to leave him with one HP even if he is hit by a OHKO move. Endure is less likely to work if used twice in a row.

Gyarados has high Attack but an immense weakness to Electic types although his species really should be Dragon types instead of Flying types. His moveset is Aqua Tail, Bite, Avalanche and Giga Impact. Like all Gyarados, his special ability is Intimidate.

Quagsire is very weak against Grass types. His special ability is the useless Damp, which only prevents Explosion and Selfdestruct. He knows Surf, Earthquake, Stone Edge and Yawn.

Floatzel is fast and quite strong knowing the moves Aqua Jet, Brine, Crunch and Ice Fang. An Electric type should be able to deal with him.

Ludicolo is part Grass type which protects him from all of a Water types usual weaknesses, although one can still target most of his Grass type weaknesses the only exception being Fire. Ludicolo knows Energy Ball, Surf, Ice Beam and Focus Blast. Shedinja is brilliant against Ludicolo since it is immune to all of its moves.



Three out of five of Byron's Pokemon have a massive weakness to Ground types and two of them have a massive weakness to Fighting types. He starts with Skarmory, who uses Stealth Rock to hurt any Pokemon that switches in. He knows Rock Tomb to hit Fire types super effectively so Electric types are a safer option. Rock Tomb also lowers a Pokemon's Speed unless they are protected by Mist or have the Clear Body ability. Skarmory also knows Night Slash and Drill Peck.

Steelix has a terrible moveset and is the weakest member of Byron's team. He has Ice Fang to deal with Ground types and Gyro Ball to take advantage of his lousy Speed. Dragonbreath is pathetic but can cause paralysis and Sandstorm is just a waste of a moveslot. Fire or Water types can deal with him easily.

Magnezone can confuse your Pokemon with Supersonic although this is very inaccurate. It also knows Thunder Wave to cause paralysis and Thunderbolt and Flash Cannon to attack. Ground type moves are likely to knock it out with one blow.

Bastiodon has very high Defence but is very vulnerable to Fighting and Ground types. He will try to cover these weaknesses with Iron Defence. He also knows Metal Burst, so if he manages to endure a powerful blow, Metal Burst will act like Counter and Mirror Coat rolled into one. Ancient Power is weak but can raise all his stats at once. He also knows Rest to restore all of his energy but will have to sleep for two turns afterwards.

Aggron has the same weaknesses as Bastiodon. Unlike Bastiodon, a defensive Pokemon, Aggron is offensive. He knows Stone Edge, Earthquake and Avalanche. Like Bastiodon he also has Metal Burst.



Candice starts with Weavile, who is fast but if she uses Avalanche she will always hit second. Weavile uses Taunt to pursuade your Pokemon to attack her directly. She also knows Slash and Faint Attack.

Abomasnow will whip up a hailstorm with Snow Warning as soon as she is brought into battle. This hailstorm will last for the rest of the battle unless you change the weather. She knows Grasswhistle which is very inaccurate but if it hits your Pokemon will fall asleep. She also uses Ingrain to continuously restore energy, Wood Hammer to strike hard at the cost of some of her own HP, and Avalanche to take advantage of being half Ice type. She is useless against Fire types.

Mamoswine is one of Candice's lowest levelled Pokemon but despite this she is one of her deadliest. Fire types are not safe because of Earthquake and Ancient Power. Mamoswine has Hail and her final move is Avalanche. Fortunately she does not have Snow Cloak, instead having Oblivious which makes her immune to Attract and Captivate.

Frosslass does have the Snow Cloak ability and she also knows Hail to activate it, making her harder to hit until the Hail wears off. Confuse Ray can be frustrating, Blizzard will never miss while it is hailing, and Ominous Wind has a chance of raising all Froslass' stats at once.

Glaceon also has Snow Cloak but does not have Hail and therefore has to rely on the other members of his team in order to activate it. He has Blizzard which is very strong, Water Pulse to deal with Fire or Rock types and Mirror Coat to send Special Attacks back at your Pokemon with double the power. He also knows Shadow Ball which does not cover any of his weaknesses but is a strong move that sometimes lowers the targets Special Defence. A strong Physical Fighter should be used against Glaceon and it should be a Fighting type.



Volkner uses the speedy Jolteon as his first Pokemon. Although Jolteon is already extremely fast, he knows Quick Attack. He also has Double Kick, Pin Missile and Charge Beam. Charge Beam sometimes misses but when it does hit it has a high chance of raising Jolteon's Special Attack. Almost any Ground type can defeat Jolteon. Only an idiot would attack Jolteon with Electric type moves since even if he didn't have Volt Absorb to restore energy, they would hardly bother him anyway; Volt Absorb even works on Thunder Wave.

Raichu also has Charge Beam and has two ways of paralyzing your Pokemon. He can either use Thunder Wave or, if you hit him physically, activate Static. Raichu also has Light Screen to weaken the power of Special Attacks for five turns and Brick Break which can smash your Light Screen if you decide to use it, as well as shattering Reflect.

Lanturn's only weakness is Grass types (Ground types can hit him super effectively but he is part Water type) and he has two moves that hit Grass types super effectively. These moves are Ice Beam and Signal Beam. Lanturn also knows Surf and Discharge. Three of his moves have a possible side effect; Ice Beam can freeze, Signal Beam can confuse and Discharge can paralyze. He is part Water type but if he is hit by an Electric type move, Lanturn will restore energy with Volt Absorb.

Luxray has obviously been bred and has the exact same moveset he had the first time you challenged Volkner; Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang and Crunch. Luxray's ability is Rivalry, which makes his attacks more powerful if he is facing a male Pokemon and less powerful if he is facing a female. A female Ground type is the best choice.

Electivire is Volkner's highest levelled Pokemon and is a powerful Physical Attacker. He knows two of the Elemental Punches, Thunder Punch and Fire Punch, in addition to Brick Break and Giga Impact. Giga Impact forces him to recharge. Electric type moves do not cause any damage, or in Thunder Wave's case paralysis and instead increase his Speed because of Motor Drive.

Stat trainers[edit]

Stat trainers are five trainers that you meet at various points in the game who will later challenge you in the Battleground. Each specialises in a specific stat. Although there is not really a trainer who specialises in Special Defence, most of Buck's Pokemon have strong Special Defence so arguably he could be seen as a trainer who specialises in two stats.



All of Riley's Pokemon are powerful Physical Attackers. He starts with Absol who can raise his already high Attack power by two levels with Swords Dance. He has Night Slash and Psycho Cut and when your Pokemon get's tired he will finish them off with Quick Attack. Since Psycho Cut is super effective against Fighting types, a Bug type should be used.

Ursaring is weak against Fighting types but has Aerial Ace to cover this weakness. He also knows Slash, Shadow Claw and Avalanche. If you inflict a status condition his Guts ability will activate and his attacks will become even more powerful.

Riley is notably the only person in the Battleground who uses two Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon. He uses Metagross, who has its signature move, Meteor Mash, which sometimes misses but usually doesn't and it has a chance of raising Metagross' Attack. It can strike swiftly with Bullet Punch and this also makes up for the loss of Speed it will suffer whenever it lands a blow with Hammer Arm. Metagross' final move is Zen Headbutt. A Fire or Ground type should be used against it.

Salamence is Riley's other Pseudo-Legendary. Although he has a great weakness to Ice types, he knows Fire Fang to hit them super effectively. If you send out an Ice type that is also part Water type, Salamence will use Thunder Fang instead. He also has Dragon Claw and Crunch. Because of Intimidate he will lower Attack power as soon as he is summoned into battle.

Although not as high levelled as Maylene's Lucario, Riley's Lucario is a far stronger fighter since he knows how to use Blaze Kick, a move that he can only learn through breeding (which is very difficult for Lucario's species since female Lucario are rare). Like Maylene's Lucario he also knows Close Combat, Bone Rush and ExtremeSpeed. Close Combat will lower his Defence and Special Defence which can make things easier but it will really hurt unless your Pokemon can resist or is immune to it. Bone Rush can strike 2 to 5 times in a row and ExtremeSpeed is a stronger version of Quick Attack.



All of Cheryl's Pokemon have a massive amount of HP although this doesn't mean that all of them are resilient. Wobbuffet is the most resilient member of her team. She knows Counter and Mirror Coat to cause double the damage when you hit her with Physical or Special Attacks respectively. Although she rarely uses it, Wobbuffet also knows Encore which will force your Pokemon to use the same move for a few turns. She can also block status problems with Safeguard. Due to Shadow Tag, you cannot recall a Pokemon that faces Wobbuffet. A OHKO move is a good strategy but you can also use Wobbuffet to increase your Pokemon's stats as high as you like since Wobbuffet can only hurt you when you attack her.

Hariyama is weak against Flying types but he knows Stone Edge to hit them super effectivly. He also has Earthquake, Close Combat and the Steel type version of Quick Attack, Bullet Punch, which he can only learn through breeding. A Psychic type is a good choice but a Levitating Ghost is also an option.

Drifblim is a Pokemon who prefers to wait for your Pokemon to lose most of their energy before finishing them off. She knows Toxic which will cause steadily increasing damage if it affects the Pokemon it is used against. Drifblim also has Protect to block blows, Fly to avoid attacks and then strike on the next turn, and Ominous Wind which sometimes raises five of her stats at once.

Wailord is weak against Electric and Grass types but can cover both of these weaknesses with Earthquake and Avalanche. She knows Brine, which causes more damage when your Pokemon has lost about half of their HP, and Water Spout, which gets weaker as Wailord loses HP, although like all of Cheryl's Pokemon she has a lot of HP. Fortunately she does not have the Defence or Special Defence to back up her high HP.

Blissey has tremendous Special Defence but her Defence is terrible. However she knows Counter so using Physical Attacks is not safe. She can restore energy with her signature move, Softboiled, and she also knows Toxic and Psychic. Drapion or Skuntank get a special mention here since they are immune to both Psychic and Toxic, making Counter the only real threat. A strong Fighting type should be able to knock out Blissey before she can use Counter or Psychic but if it doesn't then she will probably destroy it.



All of Buck's Pokemon have high Defence and four of them have high Special Defence, making him the only stat trainer who relies on two stats. He starts with Shuckle who cannot attack you directly, instead using Toxic and Sandstorm to slowly force your Pokemon to lose HP. He also has Protect to block damage and Rest to restore energy although he will have to sleep for two turns, waking up on the third. A Steel type that can prevent Shuckle from being recalled by using Block is a good choice. Another option is a Pokemon who knows both Safeguard and Aqua Ring.

Unlike Fantina's defensive Dusknoir, Buck's Dusknoir has an aggressive moveset which is slightly strange considering Buck is a defensive trainer. Dusknoir knows all three of the Elemental Punches in addition to Shadow Ball. A Dark type should be able to deal with him.

Torkoal is the only member of Buck's team that has low Special Defence. He knows Will-O-Wisp and can then stall with Protect while Will-O-Wisp causes your Pokemon to lose energy. For some reason, Torkoal also knows Eruption, which is more powerful when Torkoal has full HP. Considering how slow Torkoal is, Eruption is a very poor choice of move. Earthquake is his last move. A Rock or Ground type can deal with him but due to Will-O-Wisp and Torkoal's high Defence a Water type is the best choice.

Umbreon can be a very frustrating opponent since he can confuse you with Confuse Ray and dodge attacks with Double Team. He also knows Dark Pulse and Psychic, the latter of which is obviously used to deal with Fighting types so it is best to use a Bug type.

Claydol is Buck's strongest Pokemon and uses Calm Mind to raise its Special Attack and Special Defence. After it has powered up it will bombard you with Earth Power, Psychic and Ancient Power. If Claydol get's lucky and Ancient Power increases all its stats in addition to power boosts from Calm Mind then you're probably doomed. Fortunately Claydol has a lot of weaknesses; Grass, Water, Ice, Bug, Ghost and Dark. It has Levitate to avoid Ground type moves but you probably won't use them anyway.



Mira relies on Special Attack power and all of her Pokemon are strong. Porygon-Z is lethal since it can hit almost any Pokemon for at least decent damage by using Tri Attack, Dark Pulse, Psychic and Thunderbolt. The only Pokemon that can resist, or is immune to, all of its attacks is Steelix. Mirror Coat or Metal Burst can also be lifesavers against Porygon-Z. Despite being one of Mira's lowest levelled Pokemon it is probably her most powerful.

Although not as powerful as Fantina's Gengar, Mira's Gengar is still dangerous, knowing Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball and Psychic. She has legs but despite this she can Levitate to avoid Ground type moves. Unlike Fantina's Gengar she does not have any moves that are super effective against a pure Dark type.

Magnezone can use Flash Cannon and Thunder Wave like Byron's Magnezone. While Byron's Magnezone knows Thunderbolt, Mira's Magnezone knows the more powerful but less accurate Thunder. Although it rarely uses it, since it has to recharge if it does, Magnezone also knows Hyper Beam.

Togekiss is the only member of Mira's team that knows a Physical Attack, knowing ExtremeSpeed. This allows him to strike first and also takes advantage of the Attack boost he gets from his Hustle ability. However Hustle also lowers Togekiss' accuracy so there is a chance that three out of four of Togekiss' moves will miss. Aura Sphere is the only move Togekiss has that will always hit and it is super effective against Ice and Rock types. His other moves are Air Slash and Psychic. Use an Electric type on Togekiss.

Alakazam is Mira's highest levelled Pokemon but not her most powerful since he is completely useless against Shedinja, Sableye and Spiritomb. His moveset is Psychic, Calm Mind, Focus Blast and Hyper Beam. His special ability is Synchronize so don't inflict burning, paralysis or poison unless your Pokemon is immune to them.



Marley relies on Speed in battle, starting with the worlds second fastest Pokemon, Ninjask, whose Speed is exceeded only by the Speed form of Deoxys and even Deoxys' Speed Form would become slower since Ninjask constantly increases her Speed with Speed Boost. She knows Swords Dance, Slash, Aerial Ace and X-Scissor. However Ninjask is frail so a powerful and/or super effective attack should finish her quickly. Rock type moves are the most effective.

Marley's Weavile is far stronger than Candice's Weavile, knowing Night Slash, Ice Punch, Ice Shard and Aerial Ace. Aerial Ace allows Weavile to hit Fighting and Bug types super effectively and because of her high Attack she can hit them hard. Fire types are safer since none of Weavile's moves are super effective against them. Her special ability is Pressure, just like all other members of her species, so your Pokemon will lose 2 PP instead of one whenever they attack her.

Electrode will often use Double Team to avoid attacks. Although it is unlikely you'll have a Pokemon faster than Electrode, Marley gave it Thunder Wave just in case. It also knows Thunder and Hyper Beam. If you're using a Ground type, Electrode can only hurt them with Hyper Beam but after a few Double Teams it might keep dodging your Pokemon's blows. Finish it as fast as possible.

Crobat also has Double Team and uses Confuse Ray to give her a better chance of being able to use it. She also has Air Slash, which sometimes causes flinching, and Poison Fang, which can do the same and also has a chance of seriously poisoning the target. A Rock, Electric, Ice or Psychic type should be used here.

Finally there is Arcanine who will Intimidate your Pokemon when he is brought into battle. Although not as fast as Marley's other Pokemon, he has ExtremeSpeed to make up for this. He also has Thunder Fang to deal with Water types. Crunch is just there, not covering any of Arcanine's weaknesses although it can sometimes lower your Pokemon's Defence. Flare Blitz is Arcanine's most dangerous move but it will cause Arcanine to hurt himself whenever he uses it. A Rock or Ground type should be used to defeat Arcanine.