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After arriving at Ringtown, Spenser will notice the Minun/Plusle followed you, and it will run away out of fear of this unknown place. Another Ranger along with Plusle/Minun (the opposite of the one you captured earlier) will come out of the Ranger Base to greet you. Their name is Solana(female)/Lunick(male). You will then go into the Ranger Base.

Ringtown's Ranger Base[edit]

You will be introduced to Murph and his partner, Slowpoke. Spenser will round you all up, and will inform you that, from now on, you are assigned to this Base. You'll have to work hard and learn a lot if you want to be a good Ranger. Just then, a man comes in screaming for help.

First Mission[edit]

The man, named Larry, claims to have lost his Pokémon in Lyra Forest, and begs that Spenser go capture it and bring it back. Spenser believes that this would be a perfect first mission for you, and sends you to go capture the Larry's Pokémon, despite how unamused he may seem by this idea. However, before you can go, Solana/Lunick teaches you how to use your Styler's menu.

Styler Menu[edit]

By touching the top left of the screen that says 4/4 (your Styler's health) or by pressing the Start button, you can access the Styler's menu. Here you can see a few different things:

On the top screen you can see a bunch of information, such as your Ranger ID, your Name, your Status (right now it reads Mission as you are on a mission), your Styler level along with how much experience you need to level up, your line length and, last but not least, your Ranger Rank, represented by the diamonds at the bottom of the top screen.

On the bottom screen, there are a few different buttons you can press:

  1. Mission: Tapping this button will show you details of your current mission on the top screen;
  2. Map: This will show you a map of the region of Fiore;
  3. Options: This will allow you to change text speed and the style of the windows;
  4. Release: This allows you to release any Pokémon you have captured;
  5. Glossary: Allows you to see definitions for a bunch of different things allowing you to better understand the game;
  6. Browser: Allows you to see the Pokémon Browser, so you can check what Pokémon you've seen and captured.

After exiting the menu, you can also see your top screen has changed, as it now shows a map of the region you are currently in (this map includes details like Pokémon locations as well as Save Machine locations and places that allow you to exit the area you're in), as well as showing you what Pokémon are currently with you (you can see a 5th, 6th and 7th bar that are currently locked, as your Ranger Rank goes up you can have more Pokémon with you).

After all the explaining is done, go out of the Ranger Base and north of Ringtown to Lyra Forest.

Don't Fear Failure![edit]

As you enter Lyra Forest, the mission officially starts! However, Larry can't seem to remember the name of his Pokémon, probably out of distress, so you'll have to go around catching every Pokémon you can find and checking if it's the one he's looking for.

Pokémon Assist Field Move Loops
Pokémon Ranger Chikorita.pngChikorita Grass None 3
Pokémon Ranger Zigzagoon.pngZigzagoon None None 2

After capturing Chikorita and Zigzagoon, go back to Larry. He will tell you that neither of these are his Pokémon. After this, if you go back up, you will find that a new Pokémon has spawned: Taillow.

Pokémon Assist Field Move Loops
Pokémon Ranger Taillow.pngTaillow Flying Pokémon Ranger Gust Icon.png 4

After capturing the Taillow, Spenser will come out and tell you that that's the Pokémon Larry was looking for. He had known all along, but kept it a secret to see how you'd face the situation. Go back to Larry to return his Taillow to its respectful owner. Solana/Lunick will reveal that their first mission was the same as yours.

Just like that, it's mission complete! Or is it? A boy comes up to you, asking for help as there are trees on fire! You'll have a short tutorial on how Field Moves work (you can refer to the Field Moves page for more info), and you'll see Spenser putting out one of the trees using a Mudkip's Field Move. After that, it's your turn to put out the other tree. Go north of the trees into the tall grass and you'll find 2 Mudkips.

Pokémon Assist Field Move Loops
Pokémon Ranger Mudkip.pngMudkip Water Pokémon Ranger Soak Icon.png 4

After you've captured at least one Mudkip, go back and put the tree out by tapping on Mudkip then dragging your stylus onto the tree as you were taught earlier.

This time for real, it's your first Mission Completed!

The kid apologizes for accidentally setting the trees on fire, and you will return to the Ranger Base.