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Type Effect Strengths Weaknesses
Bug Shoots a gob of webbing at the Pokémon once the stylus has been lifted. Grass/Dark/Psychic Fighting/Flying/Fire/Poison/Ghost/Steel
Dark Doubles the length of your Capture Line, but removes 1/4 of your remaining Styler energy. N/A N/A
Discharge Plusle or Minun release waves of electricity, temporarily stunning Pokémon. Flying/Water Electric/Ground/Grass/Dragon
Electric Recharges damaged Styler. N/A N/A
Fighting Doubles the Capture Line's power against most foes. Normal/Ice/Steel/Rock/Dark Ghost
Fire Makes flames appear wherever you draw a line, disrupting Pokémon. Grass/Bug/Ice/Steel Water/Rock/Fire/Dragon
Flying Launches Pokémon immobilizing whirlwinds in the direction of the line drawn. Fighting/Grass/Bug Rock/Steel/Electric
Ghost When you circle, a ghost will appear in the center of the circle, immobilizing the Pokémon. Ghost/Psychic Normal/Steel/Dark
Grass Makes tall grass grow wherever you draw a line, making the Pokémon get stuck. Water/Ground/Rock Fire/Steel/Flying/Dragon/Grass/Bug/Poison
Psychic Levitates all Pokémon helplessly in the air, making them easy to catch. Fighting/Grass Dark/Ghost