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A New Adventure![edit]

After starting up your new save file and choosing whether you want to play as a male or female, the game will begin with your character getting off a cruise ship in Fall Town. You can move east here to see a man talking about how nice it is to travel on his Lapras during the summer, but there isn't much else to do besides going up the stairs. Moving right up north, a man will explain to you that you can do movement both using the Stylus or your DS's DPad.

As you walk through this area, you will see a bunch of different Pokémon, all of which you can interact with by tapping them with your stylus or, if you can get close to them, by pressing the A button. Of course, you cannot capture any of these right now, as you don't have any means to, but you will be able to later.

Keep going up and you'll see a kid looking at a moving box. The kid will call out to you, asking you to tap the box with your stylus to see what's in it. Tapping the box will reveal a Minun (male character) or Plusle (female character), which will then run away.

If you attempt to leave to the north, a woman will stop you, telling you to speak to everyone while you wait for someone to arrive. Go around speaking to every NPC by tapping them with the stylus or by pressing the A button while near them (this includes people in the building on the left). Once you've done this, try going north again, and this time you will be met with Spenser, leader of Ringtown's Ranger base, and the one who read your letters to the Rangers. As he tells you a bit about Ringtown, a sound interrupts your conversation.

Capture Tutorial[edit]

You will find that the sound you heard was a Houndoom, seemingly mad at the Minun you saw earlier. Spenser assumes that Houndoom was angry because of some kind of prank that Minun tried to play on it. He requests that you help him calm the Pokémon down, and hands you a Capture Styler. After a short tutorial on how capture works, it's time for your first capture!

Pokémon Assist Field Move Loops
Pokémon Ranger Minun.pngMinun Paralyze None 4

Officially a Ranger![edit]

After completing the capture, you will be forced to release the Minun back into the wild, as Spenser does the same for Houndoom. He will then go on to give you a certificate, and you will be able to insert your name. Congratulations, you are now officially a Pokémon Ranger! Spenser says he will take you to Ringtown, calling on his Fearow to take you there, but not before the Minun from previously can come with you. And so ends the prologue!