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New Pokémon Available
Red Blue Yellow

Clone in Cinnabar Lab
Pokemon 142Aerodactyl.pngAerodactyl
KabutoPokemon 140Kabuto.png
Pokemon 138Omanyte.pngOmanyte

One of the Pokémon research centers on Cinnabar Island has been destroyed. A genetically engineered Pokémon broke free of its cage and escaped, demolishing the lab in the process. Luckily for you, the cloning facility is safe and sound. You'd better be careful as you walk the creature's back trail—be sure to read any literature you might find to learn about this doomed experiment.

Cinnabar Island
Poké Mart
Ultra Ball Pokebuck.png1200
Great Ball Pokebuck.png600
Hyper Potion Pokebuck.png1500
Max Repel Pokebuck.png700
Escape Rope Pokebuck.png550
Full Heal Pokebuck.png600
Revive Pokebuck.png1500
Route #21 Fishing
(Super Rod)
TentacoolPokemon 072Tentacool.png N/A N/A 40%
Pokemon 090Shellder.pngShellder 25% 25% N/A
GoldeenPokemon 118Goldeen.png 25% 25% N/A
Pokemon 116Horsea.pngHorsea 25% 25% N/A
StaryuPokemon 120Staryu.png 25% 25% 60%

Pokémon Lab[edit]

Don't let its small size trick you—there are loads of opportunities in Cinnabar Island.

The free TM 35 (Metronome) offered by a scientist is fun but terribly unreliable. More important are the traders in the Lab that can really bolster your team:

Rhydon is ok, but the real gems here are Dewgong (Yellow) and Seel (Red/Blue). Growlithe and Ponyta respectively, are readily available at a good level at the Old Mansion, making these trades a real snap. Thanks to their boosted experience from being traded, access to Surf, and all the Fire-type opponents on Cinnabar, Dewgong or Seel will quickly catch up with the rest of your team. With its good stats, boosted experience, and the effectiveness of Water- and Ice-type attacks against all major opponents in the last leg of the game, you might find yourself having a hard time using anything but Dewgong! A must-have for any player who did not pick Squirtle, and worth considering even if you did.

The scientist in the last room will take your fossils and turn them into Pokémon. Give your fossil and the Old Amber to the scientists here. He claims the process will take a while, but if you simply leave the building and come right back, he'll be finished. You will receive living examples of prehistoric Pokémon.

An Island Paradise?[edit]

Not quite. The Gym is locked up tight. The key to the front door is in a nearby building. Once you've found a way in, it's possible to avoid confrontation, but it'd be wise to fight all of Blaine's underlings to gain experience. So where to look? Rumors say that the genetically engineered Pokémon known as Mewtwo was created in a facility on the island, the mansion should be a good place to start. The mansion is filled with fire types like Growlithe and poison types like Koffing, so if you don't want a lot of encounters use a repel.

Gym Battle 7: Blaine Pokemon Portrait Blaine.png[edit]

Blaine's Gym
Blaine's Gym
BLAINE Pokebuck.png4653
Growlithe LV42
Ponyta LV40
Rapidash LV42
Arcanine LV47
BLAINE Pokebuck.png5346
Ninetales LV48
Rapidash LV50
Arcanine LV54
1 Supernerd Pokebuck.png900
Vulpix LV36
Vulpix LV36
Ninetales LV36
2 Burglar Pokebuck.png3240
Growlithe LV36
Vulpix LV36
Ninetales LV36
3 Supernerd Pokebuck.png850
Ponyta LV34
Charmander LV34
Vulpix LV34
Growlithe LV34
4 Burglar Pokebuck.png3690
Ponyta LV41
5 Supernerd Pokebuck.png1025
Rapidash LV41
6 Burglar Pokebuck.png3330
Vulpix LV37
Growlithe LV37
7 Supernerd Pokebuck.png925
Growlithe LV37
Vulpix LV37

Blaine is not just blowing smoke when he says his Pokémon are hot stuff. In order to snuff out his threat, attack with Water, Rock, or Ground-type Pokémon. Your creatures may sustain burns during the battle, so keep a supply of Burn Heal on hand just in case.

You can avoid most of the trainer battles by answering a few simple questions. Check the Spoiler box below for the answers, but it's better to fight them for the cash and free EXP. Not that you'll really need it for Blaine; he has some fairly tough Pokémon on his side, but Water-type Pokémon are plentiful, and you can teach the Fire-soaking Surf attack to each and every one of them.

He's a bit tougher in Yellow, so it's recommended to use Rock-types like Aerodactyl and Golem, since they're better at surviving Arcanine and Rapidash's brutal Take Down attacks. That said, if you teach Earthquake (TM 26) and/or Rock Slide (TM 48) to a Rhyhorn or Graveler, you can quickly defeat Blaine and his associates, even when at a lower level (25-30). If you manage to put a damper on Blaine's fiery team, he'll reward you with the Volcano Badge and TM 38, which contains Fire Blast. The badge will boost of all your Pokémon's special attacks.

Blaine's Gym answers
In order, YES, NO, NO, NO, YES, NO.
#141 Kabutops #139 Omastar
Pokemon 141Kabutops.png
Pokemon 140Kabuto.png

The scientist in the Pokémon Lab will turn the Dome Fossil into a level 30 Kabuto, which evolves into a hardcore Kabutops at level 40. If only Kabutops was half as cool as he looked! Stats-wise, this guy's tough. But except for Slash (level 39) and Hydro Pump (level 53), he doesn't have much in the way of skills. And Rock/Water is a kind of lame mix of types, especially since he doesn't actually learn any Rock techniques.

Pokemon 138Omanyte.png
Pokemon 139Omastar.png

If you took the Helix Fossil in Mt. Moon, you'll get an Omanyte, which will evolve into Omastar at level 40. Like Kabutops, Omastar is a mix of Water and Rock-types, without many good skills. Omastar's Special and Defense stats are a bit higher (Kabutops excels in Attack), but both are equally unexciting in most respects.

#142 Aerodactyl
Pokemon 142Aerodactyl.png

If you didn't get the Old Amber by entering the Pewter City museum through the back door, Fly there and do it now. The scientist in the Pokémon Lab can clone your amber into a new Aerodactyl, a very fast Rock/Flying Pokémon. Aerodactyl's only useful stat is his incredibly high Speed. He has great Attack, but he gets few STAB moves to use it with. His other stats are relatively low and he has many weaknesses.

At level 54 Aerodactyl learns Hyperbeam, but until then, its best to teach him a move like Fly (STAB; using HM02) or Fire Blast (TM38). Aerodactyl can also learn Sky Attack (TM43), but since it is a charge move, its better to wait for Hyperbeam and not waste a TM. Most of the attacks that Aerodactyl can learn either require Aerodactyl to charge up for a turn, or have recoil damage associated with it.

He's decent against Blaine's Fire beasts, but being weak to Ice, Water and Electric attacks, you may not want to bring him to the Seafoam Islands or the Power Plant.