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New Pokémon Available
Red Blue Yellow

Fish (around Kanto):
ShellderPokemon 090Shellder.png
Pokemon 060Poliwag.pngPoliwag

Fish (around Kanto):
Pokemon 098Krabby.pngKrabby
GoldeenPokemon 118Goldeen.png
Pokemon 054Psyduck.pngPsyduck
ShellderPokemon 090Shellder.png
Pokemon 120Staryu.pngStaryu
PoliwagPokemon 060Poliwag.png

If not for all the Pokémon trainers waiting around to duel, Routes #14 and #15 might almost be relaxing. Oh well, a trainer's work is never done! Like Route #13, these routes have their fair share of trainers, so be prepared. Every battle you enter makes your team stronger and brings you one step closer to becoming a master trainer.

Route 14
Route #14 & #15 encounters
PidgeyPokemon 016Pidgey.png 15% 15% N/A
Pokemon 017Pidgeotto.pngPidgeotto 5% 5% 10%
VenonatPokemon 048Venonat.png 20% 20% 19%
Pokemon 049Venomoth.pngVenomoth N/A N/A 1%
BellsproutPokemon 069Bellsprout.png N/A 40% 25%
Pokemon 070Weepinbell.pngWeepinbell N/A 5% 5%
OddishPokemon 043Oddish.png 40% N/A 35%
Pokemon 044Gloom.pngGloom 5% N/A 5%
DittoPokemon 132Ditto.png 15% 15% N/A
1 Biker Pokebuck.png580
Koffing LV29
Muk LV29
2 Birdkeeper Pokebuck.png825
Farfetch'd LV33
3 Biker Pokebuck.png560
Grimer LV28
Grimer LV28
Koffing LV28
4 Biker Pokebuck.png580
Koffing LV29
Grimer LV29
5 Biker Pokebuck.png520
Koffing LV26
Koffing LV26
Grimer LV26
Koffing LV26
6 Birdkeeper Pokebuck.png725
Spearow LV29
Fearow LV29
Route 15
1 Jr. Trainer♀ Pokebuck.png580
Pikachu LV29
Raichu LV29
Pidgey LV29
Pidgeotto LV29
2 Beauty Pokebuck.png2030
Pidgeotto LV29
Wigglytuff LV29
3 Biker Pokebuck.png500
Koffing LV25
Koffing LV25
Weezing LV25
Koffing LV25
Grimer LV25
4 Biker Pokebuck.png560
Koffing LV28
Grimer LV28
Weezing LV28
5 Beauty Pokebuck.png2030
Bulbasaur LV29
Ivysaur LV29
6 Jr. Trainer♀ Pokebuck.png560
Gloom LV28
Oddish LV28
Oddish LV28
7 Jr. Trainer♀ Pokebuck.png660
Clefairy LV33
8 Birdkeeper Pokebuck.png725
Dodrio LV28
Doduo LV28
Doduo LV28
9 Birdkeeper Pokebuck.png650
Pidgeotto LV26
Farfetch'd LV26
Doduo LV26
Pidgey LV26
A Jr. Trainer♀ Pokebuck.png580
Bellsprout LV29
Oddish LV29
Tangela LV29
A TM 20

Valuable and Valueless[edit]

While you're in Celadon City to do some surfing, cross the pond in the center of town for TM 41, the Chansey-only Softboiled technique that lets you transfer HP from Chansey to other Pokémon.

The TM 20 near the end of Route #15 just contains not-so-useful Rage skill. But if you speak to Professor Oak's assistant at the lookout station between Route #15 and Fuchsia City, he will give you the EXP. All if you've collected 50 different Pokémon. This rare item allows you to share experience points with Pokémon that don't fight in battle.

Fishing for the Best[edit]

Once you've managed to snag the Super Rod in Route #12 and HM 02 (Fly) in Route #16, you'll be able to fish up pretty much any Water-type Pokémon you want... Even a Gyarados (appearing occasionally in Fuchsia City) in the Yellow version.

Note that you can get a Psyduck in Yellow... Just not by fishing. Use Surf at Route #6, and one will appear. Shellder is one water Pokémon that you won't want to miss, but he's also hard to track down in Yellow. Try Route #18, just outside of Fuchsia.

#132 Ditto #60 Poliwag
Pokemon 132Ditto.png
Ditto is fun as a novelty, but worthless in combat. He only knows one skill, Transform, which he can use to make himself a mirror image of his opponents. The only problem is that he keeps his own low stats, so the original will trounce him nine times out of ten unless you're extremely skilled.
Pokemon 060Poliwag.png
Water-type Poliwags evolve two times: into Poliwhirl at level 25 and into Poliwrath with the aid of a Water Stone. At that third stage of evolution, they gain Fighting-type characteristics, but once again, their inability to learn any Fighting-type techniques makes this more of a liability than an asset. Certainly not one of the better Water-types.
#90 Shellder #120 Staryu
Pokemon 090Shellder.png
Like Poliwags, Shellders evolve into their higher form, Cloyster with the aid of a Water Stone. And like Poliwags, they gain a new type in the process: Ice. But very much unlike Poliwags, Shellders are worth using. They're incredibly strong on Defense and have a high enough Special to make use of their powerful Water and Ice attacks. Just don't use that Water Stone until at least level 30.
Pokemon 120Staryu.png
Staryus also evolve with a Water Stone and also gain a second type, Psychic. The evolved form, Starmie, has a really high Special, so it could make good use of its Psychic abilities... If it had any (besides Light Screen, that is). A great Pokémon, but only if you're willing to use a lot of TMs to teach it the necessary skills. Blue/Red players can catch their own in Routes #19 through #21.