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New Pokémon Available
Red Blue Yellow

Pokemon 114Tangela.pngTangela
StaryuPokemon 120Staryu.png


What was once fantasy is now amazing reality. Scientists on Cinnabar Island confirm that they can, indeed, clone Pokémon from fossils! To reach Cinnabar Island, Fly to Pallet Town and Surf to the south. You'll contend with plenty of waterborne trainers along the way, so be sure to replenish your Pokémon for the journey. Once you make it back onto dry land, you'll be on Cinnabar Island, home to the mysterious Pokémon Mansion.

Route 21

So Many Choices![edit]

There are only two other Gym Leaders to defeat: Blaine in Cinnabar, and Giovanni back in Viridian City. But your new Surf skill has opened up a couple of other new options. You can head back to Route #9 (past Cerulean City) and get yourself a powerful Zapdos in the optional Power Plant dungeon, or head south from Fuchsia to get an Articuno in the Seafoam Islands.

However, this walkthrough recommends that you head to Cinnabar Island first, to defeat Blaine and turn your fossils into Pokémon that may aid you on your other quests. Still, the choice is yours, and you can go straight to the Power Plant or Seafoam Islands, and return to this page when you're ready.

Cinnabar Island is just south of Pallet Town, so Fly back there and jump in the little pond to Route #21. Blue and Red players, who couldn't get one in the Safari Zone, can pick up a Tangela in the grassy area directly south of Pallet Town.

1 Fisherman Pokebuck.png980
Seaking LV28
Goldeen LV28
Seaking LV28
Seaking LV28
2 Fisherman Pokebuck.png945
Magikarp LV27
Magikarp LV27
Magikarp LV27
Magikarp LV27
Magikarp LV27
Magikarp LV27
3 Cue Ball Pokebuck.png775
Tentacool LV31
Tentacool LV31
Tentacruel LV31
4 Swimmer Pokebuck.png165
Seadra LV33
Tentacruel LV33
5 Fisherman Pokebuck.png1085
Shellder LV31
Cloyster LV31
6 Fisherman Pokebuck.png1155
Seaking LV33
Goldeen LV33
7 Swimmer Pokebuck.png185
Starmie LV37
8 Swimmer Pokebuck.png160
Poliwhirl LV32
Tentacool LV32
Seadra LV32
9 Swimmer Pokebuck.png165
Staryu LV33
Wartortle LV33
Route #21 encounters
RattataPokemon 019Rattata.png 35% 35% 25%
Pokemon 020Raticate.pngRaticate 15% 15% 5%
PidgeyPokemon 016Pidgey.png 25% 25% 60%
Pokemon 017Pidgeotto.pngPidgeotto 15% 15% 10%
TangelaPokemon 114Tangela.png 10% 10% N/A
Pokemon 072Tentacool.pngTentacool 100% 100% 100%
Route #21 Fishing
(Super Rod)
TentacoolPokemon 072Tentacool.png N/A N/A 60%
Pokemon 073Tentacruel.pngTentacruel N/A N/A 10%
GoldeenPokemon 118Goldeen.png 25% 25% N/A
Pokemon 116Horsea.pngHorsea 25% 25% N/A
ShellderPokemon 090Shellder.png 25% 25% N/A
Pokemon 120Staryu.pngStaryu 25% 25% 30%