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New Pokémon Available
Red Blue Yellow

Your final challenge is to prove your skill as a trainer by defeating the Pokémon League's Elite Four. You won't be seeing a Pokémon Center or a Pokémon Mart for a while, so stock up on items before you leave Viridian City. Head west out of the city and follow Routes #22 and #23 to the Pokémon League headquarters.

Onward to Victory (Road)[edit]

With the Earth Badge in your possession, nothing's stopping you from entering the Indigo Plateau, the challenge grounds of the greatest trainers of all, the Elite Four. The path there is through Routes #22 and #23, but first you'll have to fight your other nemesis: Gary.

Gary's not going to let you just march up and challenge the Pokémon League without a test. His team is wildly varied in all versions, so you'll have to match each of them with effective Pokémon. If possible, bring a team of high-level Pokémon from each of the following types: Fire, Water, Electric, Ground, and Ice. After you defeat him, go back to the Viridian City Poké Center to heal. You'll need all of your strength for Victory Road.

Gary awaits you on Route #22
Rival Battle #7
Pokemon 018Pidgeot.png Pidgeot
Level 47
Pokemon 028Sandslash.png Sandslash
Level 47
Pokemon 111Rhyhorn.png Rhyhorn
Level 45
Pokemon 102Exeggcute.png Exeggcute
Level 45
Pokemon 130Gyarados.png/Pokemon 102Exeggcute.png/Pokemon 058Growlithe.png Gyarados /
Exeggcute /
Level 45
Pokemon 091Cloyster.png/Pokemon 082Magneton.png/Pokemon 038Ninetales.png Cloyster /
Magneton /
Level 45
Pokemon 058Growlithe.png/Pokemon 130Gyarados.png/Pokemon 102Exeggcute.png Growlithe /
Gyarados /
Level 47
Pokemon 038Ninetales.png/Pokemon 091Cloyster.png/Pokemon 082Magneton.png Ninetales /
Cloyster /
Level 47
Pokemon 065Alakazam.png Alakazam
Level 50
Pokemon 064Kadabra.png Kadabra
Level 50
Pokeball.png Stage 3 Starter
Level 53
Pokeball.png Evolved Eevee
Level 53
Route #23

One final route[edit]

There isn't a whole lot to say about the very last route in the game. Route #23 is long, and you begin at the very bottom. You will need to bring a Pokémon that knows Surf. Except for Ditto in Red and Blue, you won't encounter any Pokémon that you didn't encounter early in the game. So if you missed Ditto before, now's a good time to catch one. Otherwise, make sure that you're fully equipped and don't forget to bring plenty of Ultra Balls that you will need in order to capture the final Legendary Bird. Victory Road is next.

There are three hidden items on Route 23: A Max Ether on the top ledge of the island in the middle of the water (must be in the water to find it), an Ultra Ball on the rightmost bush sticking out just after you reach land again, and a Full Restore to the left of the very last patch of grass.

Route #23 encounters
Pokemon 021Spearow.pngSpearow 15% 15% N/A
FearowPokemon 022Fearow.png 25% 25% 15%
Pokemon 023Ekans.pngEkans 25% N/A N/A
ArbokPokemon 024Arbok.png 5% N/A N/A
Pokemon 027Sandshrew.pngSandshrew N/A 25% N/A
SandslashPokemon 028Sandslash.png N/A 5% N/A
Pokemon 030Nidorina.pngNidorina N/A N/A 25%
NidorinoPokemon 033Nidorino.png N/A N/A 35%
Pokemon 056Mankey.pngMankey N/A N/A 20%
PrimeapePokemon 057Primeape.png N/A N/A 5%
Pokemon 132Ditto.pngDitto 30% 30% N/A
Route #23 Fishing
(Super Rod)
SlowbroPokemon 080Slowbro.png 25% 25% N/A
Pokemon 099Kingler.pngKingler 25% 25% N/A
SeadraPokemon 117Seadra.png 25% 25% N/A
Pokemon 119Seaking.pngSeaking 25% 25% N/A
PoliwagPokemon 060Poliwag.png N/A N/A 70%
Pokemon 061Poliwhirl.pngPoliwhirl N/A N/A 30%