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New Pokémon Available
Red Blue Yellow
Pokemon 023Ekans.pngEkans Pokemon 027Sandshrew.pngSandshrew None

After Mt. Moon, Route #4 will seem like a walk in the park. There are no trainers to challenge you and only one area where you can run into wild Pokémon. Be sure to collect Whirlwind (TM04) before you jump the hedge to reach Cerulean City. After you jump it, you won't be able to jump back over it to backtrack...

Route #4

Next stop: Cerulean City[edit]

Route 4 encounters
RattataPokemon 019Rattata.png 45% 45% 15%
Pokemon 021Spearow.pngSpearow 30% 30% 55%
SandshrewPokemon 027Sandshrew.png N/A 25% 15%
Pokemon 023Ekans.pngEkans 25% N/A N/A
MankeyPokemon 056Mankey.png N/A N/A 15%
No Going Back
Once you jump over the ledge, you'll be stuck in Cerulean City. If you need to train your Pokémon further before facing Misty, there's a field just outside of the city that you can reach. This field is home to several species of wild Pokémon. Blue players can pick up a Sandshrew in the wild here.

There's nothing particularly interesting on Route #4. All you'll find at this point is an item ball with TM04 in it, which teaches a Pokémon the Whirlwind skill. However, it can only end wild Pokémon battles if it hits, and using them in a trainer or link battle will do nothing unlike the following generations.

There is a hidden Great Ball (not designated on the map), a powered-up Poké Ball. Look on the first plateau of sorts (formed by the ledges which one can jump on all sides); it will be around the middle of the highest level.

Be careful: When you jump down the wall to the southeast (and you'll have to in order to progress), you won't be able to go back!

#23 Ekans
Pokemon 023Ekans.png
Ekans is interesting, because it comes with Wrap. Use it repeatedly against slower enemies to choke the life out of them while preventing them from ever getting an attack in (even when the opponent switches). On the downside, it doesn't really learn anything particularly interesting as it grows and evolves into Arbok.