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Speed runs are attempts at completing the game in the shortest amount of time possible. This page attempts to offer insights into ways to minimize the amount of time spent through the first generation (Generation I) games: Pokémon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

Tips and Tactics[edit]


  • If you want to start a new game but there is a existing file already, go to the menu and press B button, Up dpad, and Select button. When asking to erase the game file, obviously select "YES."
  • Before you start a speedrun (NEW GAME), go to OPTIONS on the menu and set the Text Speed to FAST, Battle Animations to OFF, and Battle Style to SET. This is so that the text can flow as fast as possible, there won't be any animations in battle to waste your time, and the game won't ask you if you would like to switch when an opponent is about to send out his/her next Pokémon.
  • Nicknames for your player, rival, and your Pokémon can be of your choice but it is recommended that the names should be as short as possible so you can finish dialogue faster, so choose one character names for them.
  • You generally want to stick with only a single Pokémon to do battles throughout the entire/most of this run. Hope the Pokémon you stick with is a good choice!
  • Not too important but for YES or NO boxes, if you want to say NO, it saves a little more frames to just press B button for it instead of going Down dpad and pressing A button when the cursor is on NO.


  • X items are useful when it comes to important battles, since it can increase a Pokémon's stats for that said battle.
    • An X accuracy (which raises your Pokémon's accuracy to 100% no matter how low a move is in Generation I) can be especially useful when you are spamming an inaccurate move at your opponent's Pokémon.
  • When speedrunning with Nidoking, his Thrash attack makes good use for a faster battle. Thrash is a powerful multi-hitting attack that does damage to any opponent Pokémon sent out for 3-4 turns, and what's useful about it is that it can skip the turn selection bar when its going to attack again so you don't have to reselect it again.
  • Having your main Pokémon have a health bar go down to red color (also known as "Redbar") when the game starts making beeping noises due to the low health may put your speedrun at risk of failure since opponents can easily finish you off there but it can however save a little time. This can be useful when your Pokémon levels up, as the level up process can take a while to pass by while not at redbar but while it is, you can easily skim through the text really fast and the opponent will instantly send out their next Pokémon with you already on the turn selection bar while at the same time the opponent's Pokémon is making it's cry. You can see that many speedrunners may intentionally put their Pokémon in redbar when they can safely get the chance too.


While how your battles go is important in speedruns, movement is also important if you want to save time. The less time you spend on travelling the better, and mistakes in movement can often lead to having added time. Here are some tips to have a good and short travel:

  • Minimize walking steps, obviously you want to take fewer steps, walking more steps is just wasting your time.
  • Once you have the Bike, always use it as much as possible, since it has a much faster movement speed than walking.
    • Sometimes there is an exception to this rule. If you're just travelling a place with a short distance, you may not need the bike.
  • Try to avoid doing optional trainer battles as well as to minimize the number of battles in general. Since only in Red, Blue, and Yellow is where trainers don't have the "spinner" behavior like they do in future Pokémon generations, it's your fault if you happened to run into a battle with an optional trainer, since they can be all avoided.
  • If you want to battle trainers, talk to them instead of going into their sight. Unless you have no choice but to cross them, you should always go up to them, go to their side or behind them and talk. Getting into their sight will trigger a "!" above them and will walk to you slowly which takes a chunk of time.
  • Minimize ledge jumps, it's cool but it also takes some frames away compared to a regular step across it.
  • Don't turn as often, you can lose a few frames for turning. Walking straight as often possible is preferred.

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