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Berries are extremely helpful items in the game. Pokémon can hold them so their effect is used in battle. To pick berries go to a patch of loamy soil and press A button to pluck them. You can also plant them using A button on a patch of soil. Using the Wailmer Pail you can access the grown berries more quickly. Berries can also be blended to give Pokémon special abilities in Pokémon Contests. In FireRed and LeafGreen, berries can also be mixed. In Ruby and Sapphire, a glitch occurs after playing for 100 hours that causes all time events including growing berries to stop. To get rid of this event, trade your game for a newer Pokémon game.

Berry list[edit]

Number Name Size Firmness Taste Description
1 Cheri Berry 0.8 Soft Spicy Blooms with delicate pretty flowers. The bright red berry is very spicy.
2 Chesto Berry 3.1 Super hard Dry The berry's thick skin and fruit are very tough. It is dry-tasting all over.
3 Pecha Berry 1.6 Very soft Sweet Very sweet and delicious. Also very tender - handle with care.
4 Rawst Berry 1.3 Hard Bitter If the leaves grow long and curly, the berry seems to grow very bitter.
5 Aspear Berry 2.0 Super Hard Sour The hard berry is dense with a rich juice. It is quite sour.
6 Leppa Berry 1.1 Very Hard Spicy, Sweet, Bitter, Sour Grows slower than Cheri and others. The smaller the berry, the tastier.
7 Oran Berry 1.4 Firm/Super Hard Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, Sour A peculiar berry with a mix of flavors. Berries grow in half a day.
8 Persim Berry 1.9 Hard Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, Sour Loves sunlight. The berry's color grows vivid when exposed to the sun.
9 Lum Berry 1.3 Super hard Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, Sour Slow to grow. If raised with loving care, it may grow two berries.
10 Sitrus Berry 3.7 Very hard Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, Sour Closely related to Oran. The large berry has a well rounded flavor.
11 Figy Berry 3.9 Soft Spicy The berry, which looks chewed up, brims with spicy substances.
12 Wiki Berry 4.5 Hard Dry The berry is said to have grown lumpy to help Pokémon grip it.
13 Mago Berry 4.7 Very Hard Spicy, Dry The red berry tastes slightly spicy. It grows quickly in just four hours.
14 Aguav Berry 2.5 Super hard Bitter The flower is dainty. It is rare in its ability to grow without light.
15 Iapapa Berry 8.8 Soft Sour The berry is very big and sour. It takes at least a day to grow.
16 Razz Berry 4.7 Very hard Spicy, Dry The red berry tastes slightly spicy. It grows quickly in just four hours.
17 Bluk Berry 4.7 Soft Dry, Sweet The berry is blue on the outside, but it blackens the mouth when eaten.
18 Nanab Berry 3.0 Very hard Sweet, Bitter This berry was the seventh discovered in the world. It is sweet.
19 Wepear Berry 2.9 Super hard Bitter, Sour The flower is small and white. It has a delicate balance of bitter and sour.
20 Pinap Berry 3.1 Hard Spicy, Sour Weak against wind and cold. The fruit is spicy and the skin, sour.
21 Pomeg Berry 5.3 Very hard Spicy, Sweet, Bitter However much it is watered, it only grows up to six berries.
22 Kelpsy Berry 5.9 Hard Dry, Bitter, Sour A rare variety shaped like a root. Grows a very large flower.
23 Qualot Berry 4.3 Hard Spicy, Sweet, Sour Loves water. Grows even in locations with constant rainfall.
24 Hondew Berry 6.4 Hard Spicy, Dry, Bitter A berry that is very valuable and rarely seen. It is very delicious.
25 Grepa Berry 5.9 Soft Dry, Sweet, Sour Despite its tenderness and round shape, the berry is unimaginably sour.
26 Tamato Berry 7.9 Soft Spicy, Dry The berry is lip-bendingly spicy. It takes time to grow.
27 Cornn Berry 3.0 Hard Dry, Sweet A berry from an ancient era. May not grow unless planted in quantity.
28 Magost Berry 5.5 Hard Sweet, Bitter A berry that is widely said to have a finely balanced flavor.
29 Rabuta Berry 8.9 Soft Bitter, Sour A rare variety that is overgrown with hair. It is quite bitter.
30 Nomel Berry 11.2 Super hard Spicy, Sour Quite sour. Just one bite makes to impossible to taste for three days.
31 Spelon Berry 5.2 Soft Spicy, Dry The vividly red berry is very spicy. Its warts secrete a spicy substance.
32 Pamtre Berry 9.6 Very soft Dry, Sweet Drifts on the sea from somewhere. It is thought to grow elsewhere.
33 Watmel Berry 9.8 Soft Sweet, Bitter A huge BERRY, with some over 20 inches discovered. Exceedingly sweet.
34 Durin Berry 11.0 Hard Bitter, Sour Bitter to look at. It is so bitter, no one has ever eaten it as is.
35 Belue Berry 11.8 Very soft Spicy, Sour It is glossy and looks delicious, but it is awfully sour. Takes time to gros.
36 Liechi Berry 4.4 Very hard Spicy, Sweet, Sour A mysterious BERRY. It is rumored to contain the power of the sea.
37 Ganlon Berry 1.3 Very hard Dry, Bitter
38 Salac Berry 3.7 Very hard Sweet, Sour
39 Petaya Berry 9.3 Very hard Spicy, Bitter
40 Apicot Berry 3.0 Hard Dry, Sour
41 Lansat Berry 3.8 Soft Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, Sour
42 Starf Berry 6.0 Super hard Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, Sour
43 Enigma Berry ?? ?? Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, Sour
44 Pumkin Berry
45 Drash Berry
46 Eggant Berry
47 Strib Berry
48 Chilan Berry
49 Nutpea Berry
50 Ginema Berry
51 Kuo Berry
52 Yago Berry
53 Touga Berry
54 Niniku Berry
55 Topo Berry