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New Pokémon
Ruby Sapphire Emerald

Pokemon 072Tentacool.pngTentacool
Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp

Dewford Town in Ruby & Sapphire.
Dewford Town in Emerald.

Dewford is a small seaside town on a small island accessible only through two water routes. Before getting Surf, you can only go here by asking Mr. Briney to take you here on his boat. Just north of Dewford is Granite Cave. This town doesn't have a Pokémart, so you'll want to stock up on items before you come here.

Despite the size of Dewford Town, there are a couple of things to do.

Dewford Hall[edit]

Dewford Hall is the center of Dewford Town's community. If someone says something "trendy" here, it quickly spreads around the rest of Hoenn. The player can influence what this trend is by talking to the boy outside the Hall. The trend affects where Feebas appears on Route 119, so there is actual use in changing it. Additionally, if the player returns after collecting the Balance Badge from Petalburg Gym, then a man inside will give them TM36 (Sludge Bomb).

Other Dewford Goodies[edit]

In the house nearest the dock, there is a man obsessed with fashion. Talking to him will result in the player gaining the Silk Scarf , which increases the power of Normal type moves.

In between the southwest house and the Gym, there is a fisherman. Talking to him will result in the fisherman giving the player the Old Rod , which allows them to fish from any water source in Hoenn, and find new Pokémon!

Dewford Gym[edit]

  • Gym Leader: Brawly
  • Badge: Knuckle Badge

When you enter this gym, it will be pitch black. As you beat more of the trainers in this gym, the illuminated area around you will expand.

This Gym's speciality is Fighting Pokémon. It's weak to Psychic and Flying moves, though some trainers have a Meditite to negate this weakness. Any Flying type or Psychic type would do. Ghost type's immunity to fighting moves may also serve you well, and you can pick up a Sableye just ahead in Granite Cave. Avoid Normal, Rock and Dark types. If you have a Combusken, it would have learned the Flying move Peck before evolving; this move will be useful here. Surprisingly, both of Wurmple's final evolutions are effective here, as they are Bug type which resist fighting moves while they both learn Gust, a Flying Type move, at level 13, which is the ideal level to challenge this gym.

The layout in Ruby and Sapphire.
The layout in Emerald.
Ruby and Sapphire
Picture Pokémon Reward
Pokemon RS Battle Girl.png
Battle Girl Laura
Pokemon 307Meditite.pngMeditite (lvl. 14)Pokebuck.png336
PKMN Emerald BlackBelt.png
Black Belt Hideki
Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop (lvl. 14)Pokebuck.png448
Pokemon RS Battle Girl.png
Battle Girl Tessa
Pokemon 307Meditite.pngMeditite (lvl. 12)
Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop (lvl. 12)
Pokemon 307Meditite.pngMeditite (lvl. 12)
Picture Pokémon Reward
Pokemon RS Battle Girl.png
Battle Girl Laura
Pokemon 307Meditite.pngMeditite (lvl. 13)Pokebuck.png312
Pokemon RS Battle Girl.png
Battle Girl Lilith
Pokemon 307Meditite.pngMeditite (lvl. 13)Pokebuck.png312
PKMN Emerald Sailor.png
Sailor Brenden
Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop (lvl. 13)Pokebuck.png416
PKMN Emerald BlackBelt.png
Black Belt Takao
Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop (lvl. 13)Pokebuck.png416
PKMN Emerald BlackBelt.png
Black Belt Christian
Pokemon 296Makuhita.pngMakuhita (lvl. 13)Pokebuck.png416
Pokemon RS Battle Girl.png
Battle Girl Jocelyn
Pokemon 307Meditite.pngMeditite (lvl. 13)Pokebuck.png312

Brawly in Ruby and Sapphire[edit]

Brawly 1st 2nd Reward
PKMN Emerald GymLeaderBrawly.png Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop (lvl. 17) Pokemon 296Makuhita.pngMakuhita (lvl. 18) Pokebuck.png1800, TM39 Bulk Up

Most of the danger you'll face from Brawly is from one move: TM39 (Bulk Up). It raises the DEF and ATK stats of its user by one level, which, combined with his Pokémon's naturally high ATK stats and high-power physical moves (for example, Arm Thrust), can easily make it so that he OHKOs you. Luckily, like the rest of the gym, his Pokémon are weak to psychic and flying type moves, so catching Pokémon like Abra, Ralts, or Taillow beforehand should make the battle easy.

Brawly in Emerald[edit]

Brawly 1st 2nd 3rd Reward
PKMN Emerald GymLeaderBrawly.png Pokemon 066Machop.pngMachop (lvl. 16) Pokemon 307Meditite.pngMeditite (lvl. 16) Pokemon 296Makuhita.pngMakuhita (lvl. 19) Pokebuck.png1900, TM08 Bulk Up

In Emerald, Brawly gains a third Pokémon to his team in the form of Meditite. It's Fighting and Psychic type, so the best way to defeat it is with a Flying or Ghost type move.

Defeat Brawly and he'll award you with the Knuckle Badge, which makes any Pokémon up to level 30 obey you and lets you use HM05 outside of battle. You also get TM08 Bulk Up, which is a great move to teach to physically oriented Pokémon such as Fighting and Flying types.

After the Gym[edit]

Once you're done with the gym, there's not much else to do but head out to Granite Cave to deliver the letter to Steven if you haven't done so. If you did, talk to Mr. Briney to go to your next destination: Slateport City.


  • Silk Scarf - obtained from the Ace Trainer in the house directly north of the dock
  • Old Rod - from the fisherman near the gym
  • TM36 (Sludge Bomb) - from a man inside Dewford Hall after you get five badges
  • Stardust - found on the eastmost rock close to the water outside Granite Cave (Hidden)
  • Pokéball - at the very end of the sand path behind the cave (Hidden)
  • Heart Scale - in a northeast tile of the beach next to the water (Hidden)

Pokémon found[edit]

Ruby, Sapphire, & Emerald Level Encounter Rate
Old Rod
Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 5-10 70%
Pokemon 072Tentacool.pngTentacool 5-10 30%
Good Rod
Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 10-30 60%
Pokemon 072Tentacool.pngTentacool 10-30 20%
Pokemon 320Wailmer.pngWailmer 10-30 20%
Super Rod
Pokemon 320Wailmer.pngWailmer 20-45 100%

New Pokémon[edit]

#129 Magikarp
Pokemon 129Magikarp.png
After getting the Old Rod, the most common Pokémon you can fish is Magikarp. Now anyone who's familiar with Magikarp knows that it is absolutely useless. It's first move, Splash, does no damage at all, it can't learn TMs or HMs and it only learns Tackle at level 15. Even battling it isn't worth the trouble since it gives so little experience.

If you're patient and manage to train one to level 20 however, it evolves into Gyarados, a powerful Water and Flying type with some useful moves, including the powerful Hydro Pump and Hyper Beam.

#72 Tentacool
Pokemon 072Tentacool.png
The other Pokémon that you can catch with the Old Rod is Tentacool. As a Water and Poison type, it can learn moves of both types. Just by leveling up it can learn moves like Constrict, Acid and eventually Hydro Pump. Tentacool's strength isn't in how powerful it's attacks are though, it's in its high Special Defense, letting it survive against common Water type, Fire type and Dark Type attacks. It evolves into Tentacruel at level 30.