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In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire there are eight basic HMs that can be used outside of battle or in the field to change or manipulate your surroundings. Cut (HM01) can be used after you obtain the Stone Badge, but the actual HM is obtained in Rustboro City.

HM Ability Location
01 Cut Rustboro City
02 Fly Route 119
03 Surf Petalburg City
04 Strength Rusturf Tunnel
05 Flash Granite Cave
06 Rock Smash Mauville City
07 Waterfall Cave of Origin
08 Dive Mossdeep City

Other field moves[edit]

  • Dig (TM28): When used in a cave, returns you to the entrance of the cavern.
  • Secret Power (TM43): Allows you to "open" piles of leaves or holes in walls to create secret bases.
  • Sweet Scent: Lures a Pokémon from the wild to appear.
  • Teleport: Warps you to the last Pokémon Center you visited.