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Many characters and places appear in the game, here is a list of them.



Name Description Locations Other
May Female hero on Ruby and Sapphire (only if you choose the male hero) May's House (Littleroot), Route 103, Route 110, Route 119, Lilycove City, Lavaridge Town, Elite Four If May is your rival you will receive the itemfinder (Route 110) and Go-Googles (Lavaridge Town)
Brendan Male Hero on Ruby and Sapphire (only if you choose the female hero) Brendan's House (Littleroot) Route 103, Route 110, Route 119, Lilycove City, Lavaridge Town, Elite Four If Brendan is your rival you will receive the itemfinder (Route 110) and Go-Googles (Lavaridge Town)
Mrs. Birch The wife of Prof. Birch Littleroot Town None
Caroline The wife of Norman Littleroot Town Gives you the Amulet Coin after you get Surf
Prof. Birch A adult Prof. of Hoenn, owns a lab in Littleroot. And gives you your first Pokémon Littleroot Town, Route 101, Route 103, Pokémon League Gives you your first Pokémon, rates your Pokédex data, and gives you the Pokédex in the first place
Wally A boy who lives in Rustboro City, and wants to become a Pokémon trainer Route 102, Rustboro City, Verdanturf Town, Mauville City, Victory Road You help him catch his first Pokémon, and battle him twice


Name Description Locations Other
Maxie team leader of Team Magma Mt. Chimmney, Team Magma Hideout, Seafloor Cavern, Route 128 Defeat him twice (on Ruby)
Archie team leader of Team Aqua Mt. Chimmney, Team Aqua Hideout, Seafloor Cavern, Route 128 Defeat him twice (on Sapphire)
Shelly Aqua Admin
Matt same
Tabitha Magma Admin
Courtney same


Name Type of Trainer Locations Strategy Pokémon Description of Pokémon Self-Intro
Rose Aroma Lady Route 118 Becalm fighting emotions Breloom Lv.34,
Gloom Lv.34,
Roselia Lv.34
Fragrant grass Pokémon Soothing aromas make the body and mind healthy
Dusty Ruin Maniac Route 111 Overwhelm with power Sandslash Lv.36 Craggy rock Pokémon In search of ancient lore, I travel the world.
Lola Tuber Route 109 I'm going to try hard! Azumarill Lv.35,
Azumarill Lv.35
Good Swimmer Pokémon. I wish I could swim without using an inner tube.
Ricky Tuber Route 109 I don't know. I'll try hard. Linoone Lv.36 Water Pokémon ar buddies It's not like I can't swim, I just like my intertube.
Rita & Sam Sis and Bro Route 124 We split our duties. Lanturn Lv.51 &
Sharpedo Lv.49
We like friendly Pokémon We enjoy Pokémon together as sister and brother
Brooke Cooltrainer Route 111 Exploit the foe's weaknesses Pelipper Lv.34,
Camerput Lv.34,
Roselia Lv.34
Balance is crucial My goal is to become Pokémon champion
Wilson Cooltrainer Route 111 Upset the opponent Magnectric Lv.35,
Wailmer Lv.35,
Hariyama Lv.35
Type doesn't matter I'm a top student at Pokémon school
Valerie Hex Maniac Mt. Pyre Slow, steady suffering Duskull Lv.42,
Sableye Lv.42,
Grumpig Lv.42
Scary to meet at night I see things that others can't see...
Cindy Lady Route 104 Anything to win Linoone Lv.36 Gorgeoous type I have a pool specially for my Pokémon at home
Jessica Beauty Route 121 I'll lead you astray Kecleon Lv.42,
Seviper Lv.42
Cute, of course I love the Safari Zone. I seem to end up there
Winston Rich Boy Route 104 Strategy? Who needs it? Linoone Lv.36 I spent big money on it! I, being rich sleep in a custom Pokémon bed
Steve Pokémaniac Route 114 Wrestle down with power Aggron Lv.35,
Rhydon Lv.35
Took all night to catch... Big, burly and buff Pokémon are the best
Tony Swimmer Route 107 Ram at full speed! Starmie Lv.37,
Sharpedo Lv.39
Funky water Pokémon If I can't be out swimming, I'll be out pumping weights
Nob Black Belt Route 115 Grand slam pummeling! Machpo Lv.33,
Machoke Lv.33,
Machoke Lv.33,
Machamp Lv.33
Fighting type Not to brag, but I can bust ten roof tiles!
Dalton Guitarist Route 118 I'll electrify you Magneton Lv.34,
Magneton, Lv.34,
Exploud Lv.34
They're electric! I want to make people cry with songs from my heart
Bernie Kindler Route 114 Burn it all down! Magcargo Lv.35,
Pelipper Lv.35
Burn-inducing Pokémon When you light a campfire, be sure there's some water
Ethan Camper Jagged Pass Hang in and be tenacious! Swellow Lv.34,
Sandslash Lv.34,
Linoone Lv.34
I'll raise any Pokémon Pokémon raised in the wild grow strong!
John & Jay Old Couple Meteor Falls Our love lets us prevail Medicham Lv.52 &
Hariyama Lv.52
We've had
them for years
Married 50 years, we've devotedly raised our Pokémon
Brandon Bug Maniac Route 120 Attack in waves! Surskit Lv.38,
Surskit Lv.38,
Dustox Lv.38,
Masquerain Lv.38,
Beautifly Lv.38
Bug Pokémon are cool I go into the forest every day to catch bug Pokémon
Cameron Psychic Route 123 Daze and confuse Solrock Lv.43,
Alakazam Lv.43
Ones with weird powers I can see through what you're thinking
Jacki Psychic Route 123 Battle at full power Lunatone Lv.43,
Alakazam Lv.43
Pokémon of many mysteries When we spoke, I was really using telepathy
Walter Gentleman Route 121 Calm and collected Linoone Lv.41,
Golduck Lv.41,
Magnectric Lv.41
Pokémon of distinction We enjoy a spot of tea every day. It's imported
Karen School kid Route 116 I use my head to battle Breloom Lv.35,
Exploud Lv.35
I love any kind of Pokémon My daddy gives me spending money if I pass a test
Jerry School Kid Route 116 My knowledge rules! Kirlia Lv.34,
Medicham Lv.34,
Banette Lv.34
Any smart Pokémon! I want to be a Pokémon researcher in the future
Anna & Meg Sr. and Jr. Route 117 We talk it over first Linoone Lv.35 &
Hariyama Lv.37
Pokémon that we both like We're senior and junior students in Pokémon!
Isabel Pokéfan Route 110 Go for it, my dears! Plusle Lv.35,
Minun Lv.35
I have no likes or dislikes While out shopping for supper, I battle too
Miguel Pokéfan Route 103 I battle with love! Delcatty Lv.36 A Pokémon raised with love! It's important to build trust with your Pokémon
Timothy Expert Route 115 I see through your moves! Hariyama Lv.40 The essence of fighting I'm not ready to give way to the young yet!
Shelby Expert Mt.Chimney Attack while defending Medicham Lv.39,
Hariyama Lv.39
The fighting type Being old, i have my own style of battling
Calvin Youngster Route 102 I do what I can Swellow Lv.34,
Vigroth Lv.32,
Linoone Lv.36
I use different types I'm going to keep working until I beat a Gym Leader
Elliot Fisherman Route 106 I battle patiently Gyarados Lv.33,
Sharpedo Lv.33,
Gyarados Lv.33,
Tentacruel Lv.35
Water Pokémon to battle! I'm the world's only guy to catch a huge Pokémon!
Abigail Triathlete Route 110 Defense is crucial Magneton Lv.37 My Pokémon is solid I started this for dieting, but I got right into it
Benjamin Triathlete Route 110 Push and push again! Magneton Lv.37 The strength of steel If you're sweating, get fluids into you regularly
Isaiah Triathlete Route 128 Exploit the environment! Starmie Lv.48 All hail the water type! I won't be beaten by some beach bum swimmer!
Katelyn Triathlete Route 128 All-out offensive! Starmie Lv.48 Water Pokémon rule! I must swim 6 miles every day
Maria Triathlete Route 117 Speed above all! Dodrio Lv.37 I use a speedy Pokémon A marathon is a challenge against your own self
Dylan Triathlete Route 117 Strike before stricken! Dodrio Lv.37 A fast-running Pokémon! If yu ran, you'd become one with the wind
Nicholas Dragon Tamer Meteor Falls It's about Pokémon power! Altaria Lv.49,
Altaria Lv.49,
Shelgon Lv.49
See the power of dragons! I'll become legendary as the strongest one day!
Robert Bird Keeper Route 120 I'll show you my techniques! Altaria Lv.41,
Xatu Lv.41
Elegantly wheeling birds My bird Pokémon, deliver my love to that girl!
Lao Ninja Boy Route 113 You'll suffer from poison! Koffing Lv.33,
Koffing Lv.33,
Koffing Lv.33,
Weezing Lv.35
Poisonous Pokémon I undertake training so that I may become a ninja
Cyndy Battle Girl Route 115 The first strike wins! Medicham Lv.35,
Hariyama Lv.35
Speedy fighting type If my Pokémon lose, I'll carry on the fight!
Madeline Parasol Lady Route 113 Go, go, my Pokémon! Roselia Lv.35,
Camerput Lv.35
I'll raise anything UV rays are your skin's enemy. Get protected
Jenny Swimmer Route 124 No mercy! Luvdisc Lv.45,
Wailmer Lv.45,
Starmie Lv.45
Cute water Pokémon I have too many fans. I was interviewed on T.V.
Diana Picknicker Jagged Pass I think about this & that. Breloom Lv.40,
Vileplume Lv.40,
Altaria Lv.40,
I like all Pokémon. What lies beyond that yonder hill?
Amy & Liv Twins Route 103 We battle together! Plusle Lv.36 & Minun Lv.36 We train together! We like the same Pokémon but different desserts.
Ernest Sailor Route 125 I force things with power! Pelipper Lv.45,
Machoke Lv.45,
Tentacruel Lv.45
Water and fighting types Seamen are rough spirits! Any complaints?
Edwin Collector Route 110 Protect Pokémon from harm. Ludicolo Lv.35,
Shiftry Lv.35
I love rare Pokémon. I want to collect all of the world's rare Pokémon.
Lydia Pokémon Breeder Route 117 I count on power. Pelipper Lv.31,
Breloom Lv.31,
Azumarill Lv.31,
Roselia Lv.31,
Delcatty Lv.31,
Seaking Lv.31
Pokémon are my children. it takes knowledge and love to raise Pokémon.
Isaac Pokémon Breeder Route 117 Full-on attack! Loudred Lv.31,
Linoone Lv.31,
Lairon Lv.31,
Mightyena Lv.31, Swellow Lv.31,
Hariyama Lv.31
Anything. I'll raise it. I give them Pokéblocks for going after contest titles.
Catherine Pokémon Ranger Route 119 I believe in my Pokémon. Bellossom Lv.39,
Roselia Lv.39
I like strong Pokémon. I'm training for rescue work with my Pokémon.
Jackson Pokémon Ranger Route 119 I attack in waves. Kecleon Lv.39,
Breloom Lv.39
Different types Those who destroy nature must never be forgiven!
Haley Lass Route 104 I'll show you some guts! Swellow Lv.34,
Lombre Lv.34,
Breloom Lv.34
Cute Pokémon are my faves! After a batttle, I always bathe with my Pokémon.
James Bug Catcher Petalburg Woods Lightning-fast attack! Surskit Lv.33,
Ninjask Lv.33,
Dustox Lv.33,
Ninjask Lv.33
Bug Pokémon are number 1! If you want to catch bug Pokémon, wake up early.
Trent Hiker Route 112 I battle with power. Graveler Lv.33,
Graveler Lv.33,
Graveler Lv.33,
Golem Lv.33
Hard-bodied Pokémon I've been planning a month for today's hike.
Lois & Hal Young Couple Abandoned Ship Lovey-dovey strategy! Volebeat Lv.39 &
Illumise Lv.39
Lovey-dovey Pokémon! We're lovey-dovey! Forever lovey-dovey!
Wally Pokémon Trainer Victory Road We let it all hang out. The 1st Pokémon I caught. Pokémon and I have grown stronger together


Name Type of Trainer Locations Strategy Pokémon Description of Pokémon Self-Intro
Roxanne Leader Rustoboro Rock-type power attack Geodude Lv.14, Nosepass Lv.15 Rock solid types are good. Through battling, I want to learn all about Pokémon
Brawly Leader Dewford Direct physical action! Machop Lv.17, Makuhita Lv.18 Fighting Pokémon rule! The world awaits me as the next big wave!
Wattson Leader Mauville I choose to electrify. Magnemite Lv.22, Voltorb Lv.20, Magneton Lv.23 Get shocked by electricity! Wahahahaha! The secret to health is laughter!
Flannery Leader Lavaridge Battle aggressively. Slugma Lv.26, Torkoal Lv.28, Slugma Lv.26 Burn with passion! Wash away daily fatigue in hot springs completely!
Norman Leader Petalburg I flexibly adapt my style. Slaking Lv.28, Vigoroth Lv.30, Slaking Lv.31 Grown in a balanced manner. Pokémon are my life. My chosen path is harsh...
Winona Leader Fortree I take advantage of speed. Swellow Lv.31, Pelliper Lv.30, Skarmory Lv.32, Alataria Lv.33 Graceful sky dancers. I can see the ebb and flow of the winds.
Tate & Liza Leader Mossdeep We battle in cooperation. Lunatone Lv.42, Solrock Lv.42 Always friendly Pokémon. We understand each other, and we understand others.
Wallace Leader Sootopolis Dignity and respect. Luvdisc Lv.40, Whiscash Lv.42, Sealeo Lv.40, Seaking Lv.42, Milotic Lv.43 I prefer Pokémon of grace Aquatic illusions best suit my distinctive elegance.


Name Description Locations Other
??? a researcher Oldale Town a PKMN researcher who found rare Pokémon footprints. After the league he'll tell you what made the footprints.
??? a Poké Mart Representative Oldale Town At the beginning of the game he shows you the basics of centers and marts, he also gives you a free potion.
Mr. Briney a sailor that takes people to places that are usually unreachable Route 104, Petalburg Woods, Rusturf Tunnel, Dewford Town, Route 109, S.S. Tidal A sailor who rides the S.S. Tidal and takes you to Slateport and Dewford.


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