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Pokéblocks are square candies given to Pokémon to raise their condition and help a lot when participating in Pokémon Contests. Pokéblocks raise your Pokémon's luster, increasing points received in the first round of judging. The first time you make Pokéblocks is in Slateport City after receiving the PokéBlock Case.

A Pokémon's Nature will effect how much its luster will improve when eating a Pokéblock. The condition will improve more if the flavor is favored by the Pokémon and it will decrease if unfavored.

Making Pokéblocks[edit]

You make a Pokéblock by selecting the berry you want to use from your pack and tossing it into the blender. When the blender is on there is a wheel that spins on the screen. When an arrow lines up with yours you need to press A button. The game will judge you on how accurately the 2 arrows were lined up. Close and perfect hits will make the wheel spin faster thus producing a better Pokéblock. Misses will make it go slower.

There are many factors in making Pokéblocks. The most important factor being the berry you use and where. Different berries produce different colors of Pokéblocks at different Contest Halls. The other 2 major factors are How many people are making Pokéblocks together at once and how well they each perform.


The amount and variety of berries used will decide what Pokéblock is produced.

Color Description
Black Blend this Pokéblock by mixing 2 or more of the same colored berry. This Pokéblock has a thin flavor and a low level.
Blue This dry tasting Pokéblock raises the Beauty condition.
Brown The strong, sweet tasting Pokéblock increases the Cute condition.
Gold This Pokéblock is level 50 and above. It raises 1 to 2 conditions.
Gray This Pokéblock raises three conditions.
Green This bitter tasting Pokéblock raises the Smart condition.
Indigo This strong, dry tasting Pokéblock increases the Beauty condition.
LiteBlue This strong, bitter tasting Pokéblock increases the Smart condition.
Olive This strong, sour tasting Pokéblock increases the Tough condition.
Pink This sweet tasting Pokéblock raises the Cute condition.
Purple This strong spicy tasting Pokéblock increases the Cool condition.
Red This spicy tasting Pokéblock raises the Cool condition.
White This Pokéblocks raises four conditions. It is made by blending 4 different berries.
Yellow This sour tasting Pokéblock increases Tough condition.