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South area of Route 104

When you're done babysitting Wally in Petalburg City, head West to reach the Southern half of Route 104. The Route is split in two by Petalburg Woods, so we'll guide you through the North side after it. To see the entirety of Route 104, see Route 104 (North).

New Pokémon Available
Ruby Sapphire Emerald
TaillowPokemon 276Taillow.png TaillowPokemon 276Taillow.png

Pokemon 183Marill.pngMarill

Mr. Briney's House[edit]

The house you'll notice just north of the beach belongs to the retired sailor Mr. Briney. Unfortunately, he isn't home right now. Remember this location, as later on, when you are heading to Dewford Town, you'll need his services. Dewford Town is on an island, so you can't get there by yourself until you have Surf. Talk to Mr. Briney after clearing the Rusturf Tunnel and he will take you there by boat.


Ruby and Sapphire
PKMN Emerald Youngster.png
Youngster Billy
Pokemon 273Seedot.png Seedot (lvl. 6)
Pokemon 276Taillow.png Taillow (lvl. 8)
PKMN Emerald RichBoy.png
Rich Boy Winston
Pokemon 263Zigzagoon.png Zigzagoon (lvl. 7)Pokebuck.png1400
PKMN Emerald Youngster.png
Youngster Billy
Pokemon 263Zigzagoon.png Zigzagoon (lvl. 5)
Pokemon 273Seedot.png Seedot (lvl. 7)
PKMN Emerald Lady.png
Lady Cindy
Pokemon 263Zigzagoon.png Zigzagoon (lvl. 7)Pokebuck.png1400
PKMN Emerald Fisherman.png
Fisherman Darian
Pokemon 129Magikarp.png Magikarp (lvl. 9)Pokebuck.png360

As you move north, you'll be in Petalburg Woods.

Pokémon found[edit]

Ruby & Sapphire Level Encounter Rate Emerald Level Encounter Rate
Pokemon 263Zigzagoon.png Zigzagoon 4-5 50% Pokemon 261Poochyena.png Poochyena 4-5 40%
Pokemon 265Wurmple.png Wurmple 4-5 30% Pokemon 265Wurmple.png Wurmple 4-5 20%
Pokemon 276Taillow.png Taillow 4-5 10% Pokemon 276Taillow.png Taillow 4-5 10%
Pokemon 278Wingull.png Wingull 3-5 10% Pokemon 278Wingull.png Wingull 3-5 10%
Pokemon 183Marill.png Marill 4-5 20%
Pokemon 278Wingull.png Wingull 10-30 95%
Pokemon 279Pelipper.png Pelipper 25-30 5%
Old Rod, Good Rod, & Super Rod
Pokemon 129Magikarp.png Magikarp 5-10 100%


  • Heart Scale (Hidden) - On the beach, Southwest of the patch of grass
  • Antidote (Hidden) - On the beach, in the left corner.
  • Potion (Hidden) - On the beach, near Mr. Briney's house.
  • Pecha Berry ×2 - soft soil near Petalburg Woods
  • Oran Berry ×2 - soft soil near Petalburg Woods
  • Pokéball - on the eastern ledge accessed from Petalburg Woods

The three items that are hidden in the sand that can be found by pressing A button in front of the last squares on the beach (squares meaning steps). These can be very useful if you can find them all.

New Pokémon[edit]

#183 Marill #276 Taillow
Pokemon 183Marill.png
For Emerald Players, this is the first Pokémon from the Previous generations that you will encounter, having the edge over Ruby and Sapphire players, who have to wait until Route 116 to catch any. Unlike the Johto Marill, these Hoenn variety have a Pre-evolved form called Azurill, which requires special breeding to get hold of. This mouse is a Water type, and he has the addition of Hydro Pump at Level 45, lacking from his GSC Predecessors. He has Water Gun at Level 10, so he can help you out in the first gym. He also has the Powerful Rock move, Rollout at Level 15, so training him a little can make him even more useful. He's a bit rare, you might need to wait a bit before you find him. Good use if you want to train him. and for Ruby and Sapphire users, you can catch it in Route 117, which won't be too long from now.
Pokemon 276Taillow.png
This is the first Normal/Flying Pokémon that you'll find in the game, reminiscent of Pidgey and Spearow from Firered and Leafgreen and the Red and Blue versions, but this guy takes its roots more from Spearow. It's an aggressive little fighter, with the ability Guts, which increases attack when there is a status problem, adding to its good attack, moves like Wing Attack can do loads of damage. Unlike Marill, this bird is available in all versions, so everyone can get it, despite it also being a bit uncommon. Be sure to catch this, as it will eventually become a powerful Swellow.