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After winning the Hoenn League you will be back at your house in Littleroot Town. Your Dad will come to meet you and give you an S.S. Ticket that Mr. Briney has sent as a prize. You can now Visit the Battle Tower through the S.S. Tidal waiting in the Slateport City Harbour.


The S.S. Tidal's usual run is between Slateport and Lilycove stations, although it is faster to fly, you can battle quite a few trainers and gain some otherwise unavailable items. Its main purpose is to bring you to the Battle Tower. You will be able to Fly to the Battle Tower after going there for the first time in the S.S. Tidal.

Battle Tower[edit]

The Battle Tower in Emerald.

To get to the Battle Tower the first time you must take the S.S. Tidal. Just like the first available option. This is only in Ruby/Sapphire; in Emerald, this is replaced by the Battle Frontier.


Two items are available on the S.S. Tidal, a leftovers and TM 49 (snatch). The TM is found in the top most east door, step inside and talk to the person to get the TM. To see what Snatch does look in the TM guide. Then to get the leftovers, go downstairs and either avoid or battle the trainers. The top western trash can hold the leftovers. To see what leftovers does look in the hold items section.


Deck 1
Inside the Deck 1 rooms
Below deck

First floor cabins[edit]

Cargo hold[edit]