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There are two types of trainers in the game: normal and required. Normal trainers are found throughout the game on the various routes and in dungeons. They are usually themed and similar to one another, depending on the route or if they are on land or in the water. Required trainers are usually considered bosses, such as gymn leaders, your rival, and the Elite Four.


Your Rival[edit]

  • If your character is male then your rival will be a girl named May.
  • If your character is female then your rival will be a boy named Brendan.

Which Pokémon you choose will decide which Pokémon your rival uses throughout the game:

If you pick Your rival will pick
Torchic Mudkip
Mudkip Treecko
Treecko Torchic


Wally is a young boy living in Petalburg City. when you arrive at the gym you will assist Wally in catching his first Pokémon which is a psychic type called Ralts. He will then move to Verdanturf City with his aunt and uncle. later in the story he will be outside Mauville City gym with his uncle. He will only have his Ralts with him this time. After this he will stay in his house in Verdanturf. However, you will challenge him considerably later in the story. He will be at the end of victory road but this time he has a whole arsenal of Pokémon including his evolved Ralts, which is now a Gardevoir (Psychic), Altaria (Dragon and Flying), Delcatty (Normal), Magneton (Steel and Electric), and Roselia (Grass and Poison)

Normal trainer types[edit]

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Swimmers are found in water, and usually have water-type Pokémon. They can be found in the following routes: