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Random encounters
Most of the Pokémon encountered in the levels will be from generation 1 games. In later levels generation 4 Pokémon will be added. Most Pokémon from the middle generations are missing.

The objective in Pokémon Rumble is to go through each level befriending Pokémon and defeating all of the enemies. When you have critically hit a Pokémon stars appear overhead and they are stunned. If they are knocked out before recovering from this they will join your party. The Scrappy and Gutsy traits will increase the likeliness of catching a Pokémon with their attacks. However do note that Pokémon can only be effected with only 1 status effect. High chance status effect causing moves will reduce the effectiveness in a high crit range Pokémon gaining new allies.

Every time you play through a level the power range of the Pokémon encountered will become slightly higher. However it is still randomized between a large range of values. There is no real secret to getting stronger Pokémon. Replay levels until you have befriended strong enough ones for the arena. A sad aspect of this game is having a champion Pokémon one minute and then an hour later it is now your weakest one. The Pokémon in this game are little wind up toys and not the real deal. Because of this they can not become stronger and have no potential for growth. The power level is static and the only upgrades you can add is changing its moves.

Name colors[edit]

Color What it means
White Default color.
Pink Has a special trait.
Blue Shiny coloration
Green Pokémon currently in use.

The color of a Pokémon's name reflects what kind it is. Special Pokémon are marked with a color other than the default white. These colors can make skimming through the names to quickly find a new Pokémon to select easier.


Pokémon can only have 2 moves. Most start out with only 1 random move when befriended. When encountering Pokémon in a level every species will always only be able to use the same move. If you are willing to spend the extra money it is possible to buy a chance at a new randomized move when in the main area.