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The Gym Leader Castle lets you battle eight gyms taken directly from the Game Boy games, before you face the Elite Four and your Rival. To access a gym directly, select from the map.

PKMN-Stadium-Gyms Map.jpg
  • Brock: Pewter City
  • Misty: Cerulean City
  • Surge: Vermilion City
  • Erika: Celadon City
  • Koga: Fuchsia City
  • Sabrina: Saffron City
  • Blaine: Cinnabar Island
  • Giovanni: Viridian City
  • Elite Four: Indigo Plateau
  • Rival: Indigo Plateau


  • Open to all Pokémon, but you can only bring one of a type.
  • Enter with six Pokémon.
  • Choose three out of the six for each battle.
  • Gym Leaders normally use level 50 Pokémon. If you use any Pokémon over level 50, their Pokémon will be of the same level as your highest level Pokémon.
  • No two Pokémon asleep or frozen.
  • No selfdestruct move with last Pokémon.


Eight Pokémon can be won by beating each Gym.